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of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
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Volume 76

Volume 76, Number 1 (January-February, 2003)
Volume 76, Number 2 (March-April, 2003)
Volume 76, Number 3 (May-June, 2003)
Volume 76, Number 4 (July-August, 2003)
Volume 76, Number 5 (September-October, 2003)
Volume 76, Number 6 (November-December, 2003)

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Scientific-engineering and theoretical developments (Rus in KOI8-R) in the field of heat and mass transfer
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Volume 76, Number 1

January-February, 2003


Application of a Heat Hydraulic Accumulator to Thermal 
Stabilization of the Evaporation Zone of a Heat Pipe - 
N. N. Maklakov and S. M. Khramov ... 1         3

Extraction of Water from a Capillary Sample in an 
Acoustic Field - Yu. G. Korobeinikov and
A. V. Fedorov ... 6         7

Heating of a Liquid-Saturated Porous Medium by an 
Acoustic Field - V. Sh. Shagapov,
I. G. Khusainov, and A. G. Yumaguzina ... 10       11

Mathematical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in 
Evaporation of a Substance from a Porous Body in Vacuum - 
V. A. Sychevskii, N. V. Pavlyukevich, L. L. Vasil'ev, Jr., and S. Rozin ... 18       17

Analysis of the Main Regularities of Obtaining Frozen 
Granules of Products as Applied to Sublimation Drying - V. 
I. Novikova, L. L. Vasil'ev, and G. L. Malenko ... 28       25

Chaotic Homogeneous Porous Media. 3. Basic Parameters 
of Macrodispersion - A. P. Mozhaev ... 39       34

Determination of the Initial Velocity and Duration 
of Motion of a Fluid in Capillaries
- V. Z. Kanchukoev, B. S. Karamurzov, V. A. Sozaev, 
and V. V. Chernov ... 49       42

Limiting Intensification of Heat Exchange in Tubes 
Due to Artificial Turbulization of the Flow
- G. A. Dreitser and I. E. Lobanov ... 54       46

Numerical Analysis of the Influence of the Depth 
of a Spherical Hole on a Plane Wall on Turbulent Heat Exchange - 
S. A. Isaev, A. I. Leont'ev, P. A. Baranov, and I. A. Pyshnyi ... 61       52

Quasi-Self-Similar Description of an Exhaust Jet 
- A. N. Kucherov ... 70       60

Heat Transfer from a Jet Flowing into a Closed Cavity 
- G. V. Tkachenko and B. A. Uryukov ... 76       65

Investigation of the Performance of a Spiral-Coil 
Finned Tube Heat Exchanger under Dehumidifying Conditions - 
P. Naphon and S. Wongwises ... 83       71

Formulation of the Boundary-Value Problems of Longitudinal 
Mixing of Particles in Circulating Fluidized Beds - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 93       80

Thermodynamic Investigation of the Behavior of Ash-Forming 
Components in Burning Coal - A. Ya. Gerasimov ... 98       84

Production of Coatings from Powder Materials with 
the Use of a Short Argon Arc. 2. Heat Flux from the Plasma to a Macroparticle 
- I. P. Smyaglikov, V. D. Shimanovich, and Yu. V. Khodyko ... 104      89

Formation of High-Velocity Microjets in Different 
Variants of Superdeep Penetration
- S. M. Usherenko, O. I. Koval', and Yu. S. Usherenko ... 109      93

Formation of the Structure of a Surface Layer in 
Multiple Laser Doping - O. G. Devoino,
M. A. Kardapolova, N. N. Dorozhkin, and O. V. D'yachenko ... 116      98

Influence of the Atomic Mass of a Plasma-Forming 
Target on the Parameters of Laser-Emission Discharge - V. V. Shkurko ... 121    102

Reflectionless Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation 
in Its Incidence on the Two-Layer System Dielectric-Metal at an 
Angle - E. R. Kasimov ... 124    105

Band of Selective Transmission of Electromagnetic 
Radiation by an Absorbing Dielectric Layer
- E. R. Kasimov ... 129    110

Magnetohydrodynamic Light Source with a High-Temperature 
Current Sheet - S. S. Katsnel'son,
N. P. Gridnev, and G. A. Pozdnyakov ... 134    114

Investigation of Sonoluminescence Amplification under 
the Interaction of Ultrasonic Fields Widely Differing in Frequency 
- N. V. Dezhkunov ... 142    120

Anomalies of the Propagation of Longitudinal Sound 
in a Layer of a Dissipative Medium
- D. A. Kostyuk and Yu. A. Kuzavko ... 151    128

Radiation Pressure on an Acoustic Cylinder in the 
Intermediate and Far Zones of an Ultrasound Field - A. I. Brazhnikov 
and N. I. Brazhnikov ... 158    134

Distinctive Features of the Propagation of Sound 
Waves in a Perfect Gas at Low Pressure
- A. N. Volobuev and A. P. Tolstonogov ... 163    138

Influence of the Temperature Distribution on Chemical 
Deposition in Internal Problems
- V. V. Levdanskii and J. Smolik ... 168    142

Rheology of Liquid-Crystalline Polymeric Systems 
- A. V. Kondratenko and V. B. Nemtsov ... 173    146

Rheological Behavior and Strength of Composite Systems 
of the Type "Aluminum or Its Alloy
(Polymer)-Oxide Ceramic-Chromium Carbide" - M. V. Kireitsev ... 179    151

Comparison of Calculation and Measurement Data on 
Vibrational Characteristics of Pliable Coatings - V. M. Kulik 
and S. V. Rodyakin ... 188    159

Charge Properties of a Condenser System Based on 
the Two-Layer Dielectric SiO2-Ta2O5
- V. A. Pilipenko, V. N. Ponomar', and T. V. Petlitskaya ... 193    164

Bilaterally Sensitive Photodiode Structures in the 
System Gallium Arsenide-Cadmium Sulfide
- K. Vakhobov, A. V. Karimov, A. G. Gaibov, D. M. Edgorova, 
and Kh. T. Igamberdiev ... 197    167

Investigation of the Mechanical Twinning of Antimony 
Single Crystals by Nanoindentation
- O. M. Ostrikov and S. N. Dub ... 200    170

Two-Dimensional Stationary Temperature Field of a 
System of Bounded Inhomogeneous Cylinders Which Are in Ideal Thermal 
Contact - A. V. Alifanov and V. M. Golub ... 204    173

Calculation of Stresses and Strains Developing in 
Freezing of Water in Closed Vessels
- M. K. Zhekamukhov and Kh. B. Shokarov ... 210    178

Influence of Thermocycling on the Thermophysical 
Properties of Epoxy Compositions Hardened with Phosphorus Carbon Fibers 
- L. E. Evseeva, S. A. Tanaeva, V. I. Dubkova, and
O. I. Maevskaya ... 222    188

Modern Information Technologies in Scientific Periodicals 
- V. A. Pavlovtsev, V. A. Fomina, and A. Yu. Olevanov ... 226    191

Volume 76, Number 2

March - April, 2003


Investigation of the Microphysical Characteristics 
of Aerosols by the Method of Electrodynamic Suspension 
of Particles. 1. Structure of the EDS and Determination 
of the Drag Force of Microparticles - V. A. Runkov, 
P. E. Suetin, and S. A. Beresnev ... 231         3

Theoretical Prerequisities for One Magnetooptical Method 
of Measurement of the Viscosity of a Fluid - S. B. Kashevskii ... 238         9

Superdeep Penetration - S. K. Andilevko ... 242       12

Problem of Mass Transfer in the Case of Superdeep 
Penetration - S. K. Andilevko ... 251       19

Numerical Analysis of the Jet-Vortex Pattern of Flow 
in a Rectangular Trench - S. A. Isaev, P. I. Kudinov, 
N. A. Kudryavtsev, and I. A. Pyshnyi ... 257       24

Intensification of Tornado Turbulent Heat Exchange in Asymmetric 
Holes on a Plane Wall - S. A. Isaev, A. I. Leont'ev, A. V. Mityakov, 
and I. A. Pyshnyi ... 266       31

Acoustic Excitation of Noncircular Turbulent Jets 
- E. V. Vlasov, A. S. Ginevskii, R. K. Karavosov, 
and T. M. Makarenko ... 271       35

Spreading of a Liquid Droplet over a Solid Horizontal 
Surface - V. I. Baikov, E. V. Korobko, 
and N. A. Goncharova ... 274       38

On the Theory of Formation of a Sandwich Structure 
of a Spherical Hailstone - R. G. Zakinyan ... 279       42

Statistical Modeling of Thermal-Radiation Transfer 
in Natural-Convection Turbulent Diffusion Flames. 1. Model Construction 
- A. Yu. Snegirev ... 287       48

Statistical Modeling of Thermal-Radiation Transfer 
in Natural-Convection Turbulent Diffusion Flames. 2. Flame above a 
Gas Burner - A. Yu. Snegirev ... 299       57

Statistical Modeling of Thermal-Radiation Transfer 
in Natural-Convection Turbulent Diffusion Flames. 3. Flame above the 
Surface of Liquid Fuel - A. Yu. Snegirev ... 309       66

Computational Modeling of the Optical Pumping of 
Solid-State Lasers and the Heating of the Active Element with Allowance 
for Water Cooling - A. V. Kondrashenko, V. M. Linnik,
A. G. Sirotkina, and V. D. Urlin ... 316       72

Extinction Threshold in Random Heterogeneous Condensed 
Mixtures with an Extremely Small Amount of a Combustible - 
O. S. Rabinovich and P. S. Grinchuk ... 325       80

Heat and Mass Exchange in Deep Cooling of the Products 
of Combustion of Natural Gas
- A. P. Baskakov and E. V. Il'ina ... 335       88

Influence of the Mass Transfer of Water in Cartilaginous 
Tissue on the Temperature Field Induced by Laser Radiation - 
E. N. Sobol', M. S. Kitai, A. V. Zakharchenko, Ya. M. Zhileikin, 
and A. B. Kukarkin ... 343       94

Heat and Mass Transfer in the Drying of Disperse 
Materials on Cocurrent Drum Driers - A. O. Safonov ... 352     101

Analysis of the Boundary Conditions of the Complex 
Model of Mass Exchange in Rectification Processes 
- V. N. Pavlechko ... 356     104

Comparison of the Efficiency of Mass Exchange in 
the Complex Model for Highly Volatile and Nonvolatile Components - 
V. N. Pavlechko ... 364     111

Step Model of Erosion of Electrodes. I. Application 
to Arc Spots on the Cathodes of Electric-Arc Heaters - A. Marotta, 
L. I. Sharakhovskii, and A. M. Esipchuk ... 370     116

Step Model of Erosion of Electrodes. II. Application 
to the Case of Special Regimes of Electroerosion Treatment 
- L. I. Sharakhovskii, A. Marotta, and A. M. Esipchuk ... 378     123

Step Model of Erosion of Electrodes. III. Adaptation 
to Arbitrary Regimes of Electroerosion Treatment - L. I. Sharakhovskii, 
A. Marotta, and A. M. Esipchuk ... 383     127

Heat-Source-Initiated Thermoelastic State of a Semiinfinite 
Plate with an Edge Crack - S. Ya. Matysyak, A. A. Evtushenko, 
and V. M. Zelenyak ... 392     134

Development of the Method of Characteristics for 
a System of Maxwell Electrodynamic Equations
- S. M. Bosyakov and M. D. Martynenko ... 397     138

Heat Exchange of an Experimental Module with Heat Pipes 
under the Conditions of Thermovacuum Tests - V. A. Burakov, V. V. Elizarov, 
V. P. Kozhukhov, E. N. Korchagin, and I. V. Shcherbakova ... 405     145

Modeling of the Surface Structure in Gasdynamic Problems with the Use 
of the Data of Atomic-Force Microscopy - O. E. Gerasimova, 
S. F. Borisov, C. Boragno, and U. Valbusa ... 413     151

Indirect Determination of the Turbulent Diffusion 
Coefficients - O. V. Nagornov, E. S. Sokolov, and V. E. Tchijov ... 417     155

Efficient Method of Optimization of Physical Processes 
- V. K. Tolstykh ... 424     160

Determination of the Thermal Conductivity in Solidifying 
Ingots - V. K. Tolstykh and N. A. Volodin ... 428     163

Thermoelectric Properties of n-PbTe Films 
- I. M. Kokanbaev ... 432     166

Degradation of the Thermoelectric Properties of n-PbTe Films 
in Atmospheric Oxygen - I. M. Kokanbaev ... 434     168

Piezoelectric Properties of TlIn1-xNdxSe2 Crystals 
- E. M. Godzhaev, S. Kh. Khalilov, Kh. S. Khalilova, 
M. A. Guseinov, and A. M. Suleimanova ... 437     170

Thermophysical Properties of TlInTe2 - E. M. Godzhaev, 
G. Kh. Binnati, M. A. Guseinov, and R. A. Kerimova ... 441     173

Investigation of the Heat Conductivity of Mutual 
Solutions of Methyl and Isopropyl Alcohols at Various Temperatures 
and Pressures - Ya. M. Naziev and M. M. Bashirov ... 445     177

Bulk Properties of the Aqueous Solutions of Barium 
Chloride - N. D. Azizov ... 450     182

Effect of Intensification of Selenium-Protection Properties 
in Laboratory Animals Drinking "Flint" Water Due to the Increase 
in the Coefficient of Diffusion of Selenium in Organs and Tissues
- P. P. Olodovskii and Yu. P. Istomin ... 456     187

Modeling of the Temperature Field on a Thermodiffusion-Galvanizing 
Line - R. G. Galin, A. Sh. Ramazanov, 
and R. F. Sharafutdinov ... 461     191

Calculation of Transient Processes in Phase-Controlled 
Discrete Systems Using the MATLAB 6.0 Software - M. P. Batura 
and D. A. Gan'shin ... 464     193

Investigation of Parameters of the Ion Bean Formed 
in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields
- D. A. Kotov and A. P. Dostanko ... 468     196

Volume 76, Number 3

May-June, 2003


To the Readers of the "Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal" ... 473       3

Influence of the Association of Rigid and Flexible 
Macromolecules on Their Compatibility
- A. V. Subbotin and V. G. Kulichikhin ... 474       4

Theory of the Relaxation Spectra of Cross-Linked 
Polymers in the Presence of Structural and Dynamic Heterogeneity - 
Ya. Ya. Gotlib, A. A. Gurtovenko, I. A. Torchinskii, V. V. Toshchevikov, 
and V. A. Shevelev ... 480       9

Topological Models of the Flow and Kinetics of Coagulation-Crystallization 
Structure Formation of Disperse Systems - N. B. Ur'ev and 
L. E. Trofimova ... 488     15

Weakly Nonlinear Viscoelastic Nematodynamics - 
A. I. Leonov and V. S. Volkov ... 498     24

Statistics of Polymer-Chain Conformations in the 
Intrinsic Coordinate System - A. E. Arinshtein ... 507     31

Influence of Kinetic Factors on the Distinctive Features 
of the Rheological Behavior of Oligomer Systems - S. M. Mezhikovskii ... 516     39

Structurally Inhomogeneous Regimes of Spreading of 
Film-Forming Polymer Solutions - L. S. Stel'makh, A. M. Stolin, 
V. I. Savchenko, and O. N. Fomina ... 522     44

Rheology of Hydrophobically Modified Polymers - 
L. Z. Rogovina, V. G. Vasil'ev, N. A. Churochkina, 
and T. A. Pryakhina ... 527     48

Rheological Properties of the Mixtures of Semidiluted 
and Concentrated Solutions of Polyvinyl Alcohol and Carboxymethyl 
Cellulose - L. M. Trufakina and E. G. Kudeshova ... 535     55

Determination of the Dynamic Characteristics of Liquid-Crystalline 
Polymeric Systems - V. B. Nemtsov, E. V. Korobko, A. V. Kondratenko, 
I. I. Globa, P. A. Filipenkov, and E. B. Kaberdina ... 540     59

Rheological Equations of State of Linear Polymers 
and Their Mixtures - Yu. A. Altukhov, A. S. Gusev, 
and G. V. Pyshnograi ... 547     64

Influence of the Degree of Compatibility of Polymers 
on the Rheological Properties of a Mixture Melt and the Processes 
of Structure Formation - M. V. Tsebrenko, V. G. Rezanova, and
I. A. Tsebrenko ... 552     68

Influence of the Molecular-Mass Distribution of Gelatins 
Modified with a Liki-1 Tanning Agent on the Rheological Parameters 
of Interphase Adsorption Layers at Interface of an Aqueous Solution 
of Gelatin-Metaxylene - M. A. Sakvarelidze, S. M. Levachev, 
A. E. Kharlov, V. N. Izmailova, and G. P. Yampol'skaya ... 562     76

Influence of the Viscosity of Filled Epoxy Resins 
on Their Spreading on a Horizontal Surface
- L. B. Kandyrin, P. V. Surikov, and V. N. Kuleznev ... 568     81

Influence of the Thermoplastic Modifiers on the Properties 
and the Process of Curing of Epoxy Polymers - I. Yu. Gorbunova, N. V. Shustov, 
and M. L. Kerber ... 572     84

Exact Solution of the Problem of Flow of a Polymer 
Solution in a Plane Channel - S. N. Aristov and O. I. Skul'skii ... 577     88

Role of the Structural-Rheological State of Poly(meth)acrylate 
Solutions in Their Soaking into Capillary-Porous Bodies - D. N. Yemel'yanov, 
N. V. Volkova, O. I. Sheronova, and T. S. Krasil'nikova ... 586       96

On the Description of the Phenomenon of Filled Elastomer 
Strengthening - Yu. A. Gamlitskii and Yu. P. Bass ... 591    101

Influence of the Loading Rate and the Concentration 
of an Active Diluent on the Strength of Epoxy Composites and Model 
Adhesive Compounds - Yu. A. Gorbatkina and V. I. Solodilov ... 597    106

Investigation of the Structure of Polymer Networks 
from the Data on Dynamic Moduli at Different Static Deformations - 
I. P. Borodin, T. N. Khazanovich, and V. L. Bodneva ... 604    112

Relaxation Properties of the Rouse Chain with Inhomogeneous 
Links - T. F. Irzhak, L. I. Kuzub, and V. I. Irzhak ... 610    116

Rheological Properties of Flows of a Dense Gas and 
Liquids in Narrow Slot-Like Pores - Yu. K. Tovbin, L. K. Zhidkova, 
and E. E. Gvozdeva ... 619    124

Rheological Model of Flow of a Material with a Variable 
Structure under Superplastic Deformation
- M. A. Tsepin, Jeng Syn, N. L. Lisunets, and A. V. Chekin ... 627    131

Mathematical Modeling of the Processes of Deformation 
of Soils with Time - D. I. Zolotarevskaya ... 632    135

Industrial Synthesis and Evaluation of the Hydrodynamic 
Efficiency of Potential Agents for Decreasing Resistance in Petroleum 
Pipelines - G. V. Nesyn, V. N. Manzhai, and A. V. Ilyushnikov ... 640    142

Clots of Blood Plasma - A. V. Savushkin ... 645    147

Modeling of the Rheological Behavior of Wood in Compression 
Processes - O. R. Dornyak ... 648    150

Rheological Elements in the Statics and Dynamics 
of Wetting - B. D. Summ ... 655    156

Mathematical Modeling of Rheological Properties of 
Clays and Clay Rocks - M. G. Khramchenkov ... 659    159

Dependence of the Viscosity on the Concentration 
of Particles by the Example of Blood and
Erythrocytic Suspensions - Z. P. Shul'man and I. V. Yamaikina ... 667    165

State of the Rheological Properties of Blood in the 
Dynamics of Development of Acute Disturbances of Cerebral Circulation 
in Atherosclerosis Patients - V. G. Ionova ... 672    169

Hemorheology and Erythrodieresis in Patients with 
Ischemic Heart Disease. Medical Plasmapheresis - N. A. Gorbunova, 
L. I. Ershova, Z. M. Likhovetskaya, G. N. Kurbanova, A. A. Postnikov, 
and A. A. Bozh'ev ... 681    176

Improvement of the Rheological Properties of Blood 
as a Result of Diagnostic Application of Ultravist in the Case of 
Endovascular Intervention in a Patient with Chronic Renal Insufficiency
- L. N. Gotman and L. I. Ershova ... 684    179

Character of Changes in the Rheological Properties 
of Blood and the State of Peripheral Blood Flow in Patients with Hypertrophic 
Cardiomyopathy - N. N. Samsonova, M. G. Plyushch,
K. V. Borisov, E. D. Savchenko, and E. V. Zlochevskaya ... 686    181

Comparative Analysis of Changes in the Rheological 
Properties of Blood at Stages of Treatment of Cardiosurgery Patients 
- Yu. A. Morozov and E. V. Roitman ... 691    185

Innovations in the Modeling of the Rheological Properties 
of Blood - N. N. Firsov and M. A. Vyshlova ... 695    188

Influence of a Variable Magnetic Field on the Rheological 
Properties of Blood in Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis - V. V. Kirkovskii, 
V. A. Mansurov, N. P. Mit'kovskaya, and Yu. A. Mukharskaya ... 708    199

Flow of Blood in Eye Vessels with Allowance for Aggregation 
- A. S. Podol'tsev and E. Yu. Luk'yanova ... 715    204

Features of the Microrheological Behavior of Blood 
in Children - Yu. V. Rumyantseva, A. Yu. Ostroumova, N. S. Smetanina, 
and N. N. Firsov ... 722    209

Aggregation of Erythrocytes into Columnar Structures 
("Rouleaux") and the Rheology of Blood
- L. A. Faitelson and E. E. Jakobsons ... 728    214

Volume 76, Number 4

July-August, 2003


High-Temperature Deposition of Carbon Films - 
S. P. Fisenko, B. N. Bazylev, and H. Wuertz ... 743      3

Measurement of the Rate of Sedimentation of Fine 
Particles in a Platelike Centrifuge - J. G. Dueck,
D. Yu. Kilimnik, L. L. Min'kov, and T. Neesse ... 748      7

Influence of Nonuniformity of the Temperature Distribution 
in the Knudsen layer on the Velocity of Thermal Slip of a Rarefied 
along a Curved Surface - A. V. Latyshev, V. N. Popov, and
A. A. Yushkanov ... 760     18

Calculation of Gas Properties of the Basis of the 
Cluster Model - L. I. Kurlapov ... 767     23

Magnetophoretic Potential of a Chain of Ferromagnetic 
Balls in a Homogeneous Field
- B. E. Kashevskii and I. V. Prokhorov ... 775     30

Experimental Evaluation of the Adhesion Properties 
and Distinctive Features of the Spreading of an Electrorheological 
Liquid under Electric Action - E. V. Korobko, N. A. Goncharova,
R. G. Gorodkin, and V. I. Baikov ... 783     36

Wave Motion of Solid Particles in a Pulsed Gas Flow 
- P. V. Akulich and P. S. Kuts ... 788     40

Numerical Modeling of the Quasistationary Regime 
of Eruption of a Volcano at the Initial Stage
- N. A. Kudryashov, G. S. Romanov, and A. F. Shevyakov ... 795   46

Functional or Receptor Sensitivity and Adjoint Equations 
- V. P. Reshetin and D. Regens ... 804     53

Homogeneous Nucleation and the Heat-Pipe Boiling 
Limitation - D. Mishkinis and J. M. Ochterbeck ... 813     61

Two-Dimensional Model of Transfer Processes on a 
Bubble Plate in Multicomponent Rectification
- A. G. Laptev and V. A. Danilov ... 819     66

Convective Heat Transfer in a Bubble Laminar Flow 
in a Round-Cylinder Tube - A. P. Vasil'ev ... 827     73

Dynamics and Heat Transfer in Collapse of a Bubble 
Containing Wet Vapor in Hydrophobic Liquid - A. P. Vasil'ev ... 836     80

Features of the Time Shape of the Pressure Pulses 
of Optical Air Breakdown - A. N. Chumakov,
A. M. Petrenko, and N. A. Bosak ... 847     89

Control of the Properties of Thin-Film Systems with 
the Use of Pulsed Photon Treatment
- V. A. Pilippenko, V. N. Ponomar', and V. A. Gorushko ... 854      95

Modeling of the Morphology of Aluminum Films before 
and after Different Kinds of Thermal Treatment - V. A. Pilippenko, V. M. Malofeev, 
V. N. Ponomar', A. N. Mikhnyuk, and V. M. Borzdov ... 858      99

Hybrid Model of Thermostabilization of the Drain 
Current in n-Channel MOS Transistors
- A. D. Andreev, V. M. Borzdov, A. A. Valiev, O. G. Zhevnyak, 
and F. F. Komarov ... 864     104

Porous Elements in Plasma Generators with a Liquid 
Electrolytic Cathode - Kh. K. Tazmeev and
B. Kh. Tazmeev ... 868     107

Numerical Analysis of the Influence of the Angle 
of Attack on a Turbulent flow around a Thick Profile with Vortex Cells 
at High Reynolds Numbers - S. A. Isaev, P. A. Baranov, N. A. Kudryavtsev, 
I. A. Pyshnyi, and A. G. Sudakov ... 877     115

Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Heat Exchange in 
the Combustion Chambers of Gas-Turbine Plants with the Use of the 
Fluent Package - D. A. Lysenko and A. A. Solomatnikov ... 888     125

Nonstationary Heat Exchange in the Trachea of Human 
Lungs - K. M. Aref'ev, E. D. Fedotovich, and A. A. Khrushchenko ... 892     128

Modeling of Natural Thermogravitational Convection 
in Horizontal Channels with an Irregularly Shaped Cross Section - 
I. A. Ermolaev, A. I. Zhbanov, and V. S. Koshelev ... 899     134

Fuel-Consumption-Minimum-Based Selection of the Regime 
of Heating of a Metal by the Main
Optimization Method - V. B. Kovalevskii, V. I. Timoshpol'skii, 
and V. T. Svirid ... 904     138

Thermal Mathematical Model of the H-Shaped Block 
of a Nonhermetic Instrumental Compartment of a Geostationary Spacecraft 
- V. A. Burakov, V. V. Elizarov, E. N. Korchagin,
V. P. Kozhukhov, A. S. Tkachenko, and I. V. Shcherbakova ... 909     142

Problems of Heat Conduction for an Angular Region 
with an Internal Source - A. D. Chernyshov ... 919     150

On the Limiting Form of the Equation of Anisotropic 
Heat Conduction in a Rod - A. I. Moshinskii ... 926     156

Application of the Fractal Approach to Determination 
of the Poisson Coefficient of Polymeric Systems - V. A. Sidletskii 
and B. B. Kolupaev ... 937     164

Statistical Theory of Friction in Interaction of 
a Nanoprobe with the Surface of a Solid Body
- S. Sh. Rekhviashvili ... 942     168

Analysis of Uncertainties in Dynamic Thermophysical 
Measurements - E. V. Chernukho ... 946     171

Volume 76, Number 5

September-October, 2003


Jet Formation in Plasma Sprayers - V. D. Shimanovich, 
I. P. Smyaglikov, and A. I. Zolotovskii ... 953        3

Penetration of the Material of Particles from a High-Velocity 
Flux in Collision with a Steel Obstacle to Large Depths 
- O. A. Dybov, G. S. Romanov, and S. M. Usherenko ... 959        8

One Method of Determination of the Effective Absorption 
Coefficient in Pulsed Laser Irradiation of Metals 
- A. Evtushenko, E. Ivanik, and K. Rozniakowski ... 962      10

Influence of Multiple-Scattering Processes on the Laser Probing 
of Biological Tissues - N. B. Bazylev, E. I. Lavinskaya, 
and N. A. Fomin ... 969      16

Ray Method of Solution of the Ablation Problem - 
A. G. Shatalov ... 980      25

Adsorption Systems of Natural Gas Storage and Transportation 
at Low Pressures and Temperatures - L. L. Vasil'ev, L. E. Kanonchik, 
D. A. Mishkinis, and M. I. Rabetskii ... 987      30

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Oscillating 
Heat Pipes with Few Turns - Yu. E. Dolgirev,
Yu. F. Gerasimov, and A. V. Melkikh ... 996      37

Mathematical Modeling of Dispersion of Argillaceous 
Minerals in Mudded Oil Reservoir Beds
- M. G. Khramchenkov and A. N. Chekalin ... 1001      41

Thermal Shock under the Action of Radiation Energy on a Porous Medium
Partially Filled with Gas Hydrate - V. Sh. Shagapov, L. A. Nasyrova, 
A. A. Potapov, and V. L. Dmitriev ... 1008      47

Modeling of Hypersonic Flows: Influence of the Starting 
Conditions of the Algorithm on the Final Solution in the Vicinity 
of Bifurcation Points - G. A. Tarnavskii, G. S. Khakimzyanov, 
and A. G. Tarnavskii ... 1016      54

Calculation of Oscillations of a Cylindrical Pendulum 
in a Cavity Filled with a Viscous Fluid with the Use of Sliding Multiblock 
Grids - P. A. Baranov, S. A. Isaev, N. A. Kudryavtsev, and
V. B. Kharchenko ... 1024      61

Physicomathematical Model of the Working Processes 
of a Slide-Valve Combustion Chamber of
Constant Volume - V. I. Bogdanov, and D. V. Kuvtyrev ... 1036      71

Numerical Modeling in Conjugate Formulation of the Temperature State 
of the Leading Edge of Hypersonic Flying Vehicles under Different Methods 
of Organization of the Cooling System - S. A. Isaev, A. I. Leont'ev, 
G. S. Sadovnikov, and V. V. Nosatov ... 1043      76

Two-Dimensional Calculation of the Parameters of a Steam-Air Mixture 
in a Film-Type Heat and Mass Exchanger - A. I. Petruchik 
and S. P. Fisenko ... 1048      81

Mass Transfer and Trapping of the Impurity Component 
in Deposition from the Gas Phase - V. V. Levdanskii, J. Smolik, 
and P. Moravec ... 1055      87

Influence of the Evaporation Coefficient and Temperature Jumps 
on the Thermophoresis of a Moderately Large Volatile High-Viscosity Sphere 
in a Binary Gas Mixture with Allowance for Volume Thermodiffusion 
and Stefan Effects - S. N. D'yakonov, E. V. Efremov,
L. V. Kotlyarova, and Yu. I. Yalamov ... 1061      92

Cleaning of the Surface of Silicon Structures in 
the Technology of Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuits with the Use 
of Rapid Heat Treatment - V. A. Pilipenko, V. N. Ponomar', 
and V. A. Gorushko ... 1075    103

Removal of Photoresist Masks with the Use of Rapid 
Heat Treatment - V. A. Pilipenko, V. N. Ponomar', 
and V. A. Gorushko ... 1080    107

Transformation of the Defects of Gold in Silicon: 
Structural Phase Transition - A. S. Zakirov, Kh. T. Igamberdiev, 
A. T. Mamadalimov, L. F. Musaeva, and A. A. Saidov ... 1084    110

Influence of Structural Defects on the Thermophysical 
and Magnetic Properties of Polyaniline - A. S. Zakirov, Kh. T. Igamberdiev, 
A. T. Mamadalimov, L. F. Musaeva, and A. A. Saidov ... 1089    114

Mathematical Model of Dynamic Heat- and Mass-Exchange Processes 
in a Glassmaking Furnace - V. E. Dzhashitov, V. M. Pankratov, 
and A. V. Golikov ... 1093    117

Shaping of Coatings of Stabilized Thickness by Immersion 
of a Workpiece in a Melt - L. M. Kozhuro and Zh. A. Mrochek ... 1104    125

Solution of the Unsteady Heat-Conduction Equation 
for a System of Two Bounded Heterogeneous Cylinders with the Use of 
the Integral Transformations of Hankel and Laplace - A. V. Alifanov 
and V. M. Golub ... 1111    131

Connectivity Coefficients in the Characteristic Determinants 
of the Systems of Equations of Motion of Isotropic Thermoelastic Media 
- S. M. Bosyakov ... 1119    138

A Contribution to the Computation of the Young Modulus 
- S. O. Gladkov ... 1126    144

Dynamics of a Rotor in Film Lubrication Bearings 
- A. N. Laktyushin, O. O. Smilovenko, and
T. V. Laktyushina ... 1131    148

A Model of Prediction of Forest-Fire Hazard - 
A. M. Grishin and A. I. Fil'kov ... 1139    154

Special Features of Propagation of Peat Fire - 
A. N. Subbotin ... 1145    159

Comparative Analysis of Simple Models of Drying of 
the Layer of Forest Combustibles, Including the Data of Experiments 
and Natural Observations - A. M. Grishin and N. V. Baranovskii ... 1154    166

Determination of Kinetic Characteristics of the Process 
of Drying of Forest Combustibles
- A. M. Grishin, A. Ya. Kuzin, and E. M. Alekseenko ... 1160    170

Evaporation of Free Water and Water Bound with Forest 
Combustibles under Isothermal Conditions - A. M. Grishin, A. 
N. Golovanov, and S. V. Rusakov ... 1166    175

Gas Exchange Through the Open Openings of a Building 
in the Case of Fire Within It. Integral Model - A. V. Puzach 
and V. M. Kazennov ... 1173    181

A Contribution to the Integral Theory of a Turbulent Jet Above 
a Point Heat Source of Constant Strength - A. N. Vul'fson 
and O. O. Borodin ... 1181    187

Application of a Self-Consistent Nonlocal-Hydrodynamic 
Approach to Description of the Dynamic Processes of Heat Transfer 
in Structurized Media - T. A. Khantuleva ... 1188    193

Volume 76, Number 6

November-December, 2003


New Methods of Laser Anemometry in Investigations 
of Combined Gasdynamic Flows
- Yu. N. Dubnishchev, B. S. Rinkevichius, and N. A. Fomin ... 1197         3

Investigation of a Flow Around Cavities - A. I. Shvets ... 1208       13

Application of the Electrochemical Method for Measuring 
the Fluid Velocity in a Two-Phase Bubble Flow - O. N. Kashinskii, 
E. V. Kaipova, and A. S. Kurdyumov ... 1215       19

Modeling of the Mechanism of Decreasing the Hydrodynamic Drag of Bodies 
by the Surface Running-Wave Method - S. M. Aul'chenko ... 1221       24

Control of the Parameters of an Exhaust Jet by Increasing the Eddy Viscosity 
at the Nozzle Edge - A. N. Kucherov ... 1227       29

Numerical Analysis of the Influence of the Shape 
of the Vortex Cells Built into a Circular Cylinder on a Steady Turbulent 
Flow around It - P. A. Baranov, S. A. Isaev, N. A. Kudryavtsev,
Yu. S. Prigorodov, and A. G. Sudakov ... 1238       38

Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Flow inside a Wind-Driven 
Plant with Allowance for the Forces on the Impeller - S. A. Isaev, P. A. Baranov, 
A. E. Usachov, V. V. Mitrofovich, A. D. Kolosov, 
and M. V. Ponomarev ... 1246       45

Plane Turbulent Couette Flow - V. A. Babkin ... 1251       49

Possible Foundations of Certain Simple Mechanical Analogies 
in Hydromechanics - A. B. Airapetov ... 1255       52

Control of Transonic Flow about Airflows by Means 
of Periodic Pulse Local Energy Supply
- S. M. Aul'chenko, V. P. Zamuraev, and A. P. Kalinina ... 1257       54

Structural Instability of Inviscid Transonic 
Channel Flow - A. V. Ivanova ... 1262       58

Influence of the Velocity of Turbulent Flow on Its Interaction with 
a Viscoelastic Coating - V. M. Kulik and S. V. Rodyakin ... 1266       61

Fractal Approach to Description of Viscoelastic Properties 
of Liquids in the Region of Transition 
to the Glassy State - V. B. Nemtsov ... 1271       65

Magnetophoretic Potential of a Plane-Ordered System of Ferrocylinders. 
1. Circular Cylinders - B. E. Kashevskii ... 1277       70

Magnetophoretic Potential of a Plane-Ordered System 
of Ferrocylinders. 1. Rectangular Cylinders
- B. E. Kashevskii ... 1283       75

Calculation of Flow of Heterogeneous Media of Non-Newtonian 
Behavior on Permeable Surfaces - R. I. Ibyatov, L. P. Kholpanov, F. G. Akhmadiev, 
and R. R. Fazylzyanov ... 1289       80

Filtration Combustion in Hydrocarbon Desorption from a Porous 
Medium - S. I. Fut'ko, K. V. Dobrego, E. S. Shmelev, A. V. Suvorov, 
and S. A. Zhdanok ... 1300       88

Modeling of the Process of Pyrolysis of Shale Particles 
- G. Ya. Gerasimov ... 1310       97

Numerical Calculation of Vapor Thermolysis of Organic 
Wastes - G. I. Zhuravskii and V. A. Sychevskii ... 1318     104

Mass Transfer and Osmotic Phenomena in Swollen Organic 
Substances - N. I. Gamayunov and S. N. Gamayunov ... 1325     110

Investigation of the Process of Hardening of Diglycidyl 
Ether Bisphenol A by Phosphate Binders - V. I. Dubkova, N. Kh. Belous, 
N. P. Kut'ko, G. N. Matur, and M. N. Saraf  ... 1334    118

Elastoplastic Filtration of Liquid in Unstable Seams 
- B. Kh. Khuzhaerov, I. E. Shodmonov, E. Ch. Kholiyarov, 
and A. A. Zokirov ... 1340    123

On the Problem of Nonisothermal Mass Transfer in 
Porous Media - N. N. Grinchik, P. V. Akulich, P. S. Kuts, N. V. Pavlyukevich, 
and V. I. Terekhov ... 1348    129

Estimation of the Filtration Parameters of a Bed 
by the Data of Nonstationary Inflow of Liquid to Vertical Wells - 
P. E. Morozov, R. V. Sadovnikov, M. Kh. Khairullin, 
and M. N. Shamsiev ... 1364    142

Analytical Model of Migration of Radionuclides in 
Porous Media - G. Z. Serebryannyi and
M. L. Zhemzhurov ... 1369    146

Heat Exchange between an Infiltrated Granular Bed 
and a Surface - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 1375    151

Calculation of the Nonstationary, Nonlinear Three-Dimensional 
Problem of Heat Conduction by the Finite-Element Method in Continuous 
Laser Heating - E. I. Degtyarev ... 1380    156

Mathematical Model of a Recuperative Heat Exchanger 
in a Two-Dimensional Formulation
- V. V. Goryainov and A. D. Chernyshov ... 1386    161

Thermal Conductivity of a Three-Dimensional Body 
with a Rough Inclusion - I. T. Denisyuk ... 1394    168

Modeling of Laws Governing Heat Transfer in Sliding 
Bearings - E. Feldzstein and M. Jenek ... 1396    170

Equivalence of the Impedance Method and the Method 
of Amplitude-Frequency Characteristics for Investigations of Vibrations 
in Hydraulically Powered Supports - N. A. Dokukova and P. N. Konon ... 1401    174

Experimental Investigation of the Density of Caproates 
at High Temperatures and Pressures - E. M. Godzhaev, M. A. Guseinov, 
and A. A. Abbasov ... 1405    177

Experimental Investigation of the Thermal Conductivity 
of Dibutyl- and Diisobutyl Sebacates at High Temperatures and Pressures 
- E. M. Godzhaev, E. A. Mamedov, E. G. Kerimov, 
and M. A. Guseinov ... 1409    180

Recovery of the Temperature of the Surface of a Copper 
Electrode in Electrical Contact Sintering
- O. G. Bel'chikova, V. N. Chizhov, and V. P. Sheryshev ... 1412    182

Influence of the Linearly Distributed Concentration 
of Carriers on the Operating Regimes of a Thermoelectric Arm 
- O. I. Markov ... 1415    185

Improvement of the Physicomechanical Properties of 
Gasthermal Coatings of an Fe-Cr-B-Si System by Laser Doping 
- O. V. D'yachenko ... 1419    188

Author Index, Volume 76, 2003 ... 1425          

Tables of Contents, Volume 76, 2003 ... 1429