V. D. Shimanovich, I. P. Smyaglikov, and A. I. Zolotovski UDC 533.9:537.523.5 Optospectroscopic studies of plasma jets in powder sprayers have been made. It has been shown that the jet of the "Plasma-Technik AG" sprayer is a periodically pulsating formation similar to that generated by the two-jet plasma torch. A scheme of a plasmasonic reactor for treatment and synthesis of gaseous and condensed materials is proposed. Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus; 70 F. Skorina Ave., Minsk, 220072, Belarus; email: Translated from Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal, Vol. 76, No. 5, pp. 3-7, September-October, 2003. Original article submitted February 14, 2003.