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Volume 71

Volume 71, Number 1 (January-February, 1998)
Volume 71, Number 2 (March-April, 1998)
Volume 71, Number 3 (May-June, 1998)
Volume 71, Number 4 (July-August, 1998)
Volume 71, Number 5 (September-October, 1998)
Volume 71, Number 6 (November-December, 1998)

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Scientific-engineering and theoretical developments (Rus in KOI8-R) in the field of heat and mass transfer
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Number 1


Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media - O. G. Martynenko and N. V. Pavlyukevich ... 1 5 Simulation of Interphase Exchange in Heterogeneous Media to Develop Highly Efficient Technologies - Yu. V. Polezhaev , D. S. Mikhatulin , and P. V. Nikitin ... 14 19 A Method of Rapid Identification of Heat Fluxes - O. M. Alifanov and I. Yu. Gedzhadze ... 25 30 An Approximate Analytical Solution of the Problem of Propagation of a Filtration Combustion Wave in a Porous Medium - S. I. Fut'ko , S. I. Shabunya , and S. A. Zhdanok ... 37 41 Propagation of Technological Filtration Combustion Waves in Porous Media of Inhomogeneous Composition - O. S. Rabinovich and I. G. Gurevich ... 43 46 Propagation of Waves of Metal-Hydride Thermal Conversion in Blown-Through Porous Media - Kyu-jong Kim 48 51 Effect of the Transparency of the Skeleton on Parameters of an Axisymmetric Cylindrical Filtration Combustion Heater - K. V. Dobrego and S. A. Zhdanok 59 62 Filtration Flow in Fillings in the Presence of Cavities - V. I. Eliseev , A. P. Tolstopyat , and K. M. Koval' ... 67 70 Gasdynamic Processes in a Pulsating-Combustion Chamber for Drying of Materials - P. V. Akulich , P. S. Kutz , E. F. Nogotov , and Cz. Strumillo ... 71 75 Effect of the Mode of Flow in the Initial Boundary Layer on the Turbulence Attenuation Effect in a Jet Exposed to Acoustic Irradiation - E. V. Vlasov , A. S. Ginevskii , and T. M. Makarenko ... 76 81 Mathematical Modeling of Turbulent Combustion of Hydrogen in a Boundary Layer - E. P. Volchkov , N. A. Dvornikov , and L. N. Perepechko ... 81 86 Modeling of Radiative Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer Processes in Drop-Flow-Based Heat Exchangers for Spacecraft - G. V. Konyukhov , A. A. Koroteev , V. V. Novomlinskii , and B. N. Baushev ... 87 92 Efficiency of an Air Heat Exchanger - V. L. Zhdanov and S. P. Fisenko ... 92 97 Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Epoxy-Rubber Compounds at Low Temperatures. Influence of the Heat-Treatment Process - L. E. Evseeva and S. A. Tanaeva ... 98 103 Determination of the Error in Measurements of Thermophysical Characteristics of Heat-Insulating Materials - S. V. Mavrin and N. I. Vedeneev ... 101 106 Metallographic and Durometric Investigations of Wear Surfaces Hardened by Laser Treatment - N. N. Dorozhkin , M. A. Kardapolova , and M. M. Krupskaya ... 107 112 Influence of the Doping Level and the Temperature on Electron Mobility in the n Channel of an MOS Field-Effect Transistor - A. D. Andreev , V. M. Borzdov , A. A. Valiev , O. G. Zhevnyak , and F. F. Komarov ... 111 116 Control of Dissipation of Microwave Fields by Means of External Semitransparent Screens in Hyperthermia - Z. P. Shul'man and G. Ya. Slepyan ... 115 120 Effect of Temperature on the Rheology of Blood in Surgical Operations on the Heart and Major Vessels - E. V. Roitman and I. I. Dement'eva ... 120 124 Physical Features and Diagnostics of the Plasma of a Free-Burhing Copper-Vapor Electric Arc - I. L. Babich , A. N. Veklich , V. A. Zhovtyanskii , and A. I. Cheredarchuk ... 127 131 Investigation of Gasdynamic Processes by the Method of Traveling Waves with Allowance for Volumetric Sources and Sinks - P. P. Volosevich , E. I. Levanov , and A. V. Trukhan ... 135 139 Nonlinear Waves in an Active-Dissipative Disperse Medium - N. A. Kudryashov and E. D. Zargaryan ... 147 149 Temperature Field of an Ice Shelf in the Vicinity of a Hot Water-Drilled Well - O. V. Nagornov and O. V. Sergienko ... 154 155 Special Features of Heat and Mass Exchange in the Face Zone of Boreholes Upon Injection of a Solvent with a Simultaneous Electromagnetic Effect - F. L. Sayakhov , L. A. Kovaleva , and N. M. Nasyrov ... 161 161 Effect of Gel Formation on the Process of Laminar Continuous-Flow Ultrafiltration - V. I. Baikov , N. N. Luchko , and T. V. Sidorovich ... 166 166 Initial Superheating of a Liquid in Boiling on a Porous Surface - V. M. Polyaev , B. V. Kichatov , and V. E. Lyubimov ... 175 173 Calculation of the Surface Density of Nucleation Sites in Nucleate Boiling of a Liquid - Yu. B. Zudin ... 178 176 An Automated Setup for Investigation of the Thermal Diffusion and Mutual Diffusion of Gas Mixtures - A. G. Shashkov , A. F. Zolotukhina , M. F. Laranjeira , V. B. Vasilenko , and M. A. Cunha ... 184 182

Number 2


Toward Calculation of Heat-Engineering Characteristics of Two-Phase Thermosiphons Filled with Ethylene Glycol. I. Thermophysical Properties of Ethylene Glycol - A. I. Rudenko , V. N. Savina , A. P. Nishchik , and A. E. Koloskov ... 193 195 Toward Calculation of Heat-Engineering Characteristics of Two-Phase Thermosiphons Filled with Ethylene Glycol. II. Heat-Engineering Characteristics - A. I. Rudenko , V. N. Savina , A. P. Nishchik , and A. E. Koloskov ... 198 199 Two-Phase Absorption Complicated by a Second- Order Irreversible Chemical Reaction in a Liquid Phase under Direct-Flow Conditions (Solution for the Fourth Quadrant of a Hydrodynamic Plane) - V. N. Babak , T. B. Babak , and L. P. Kholpanov ... 202 203 An Anomalous Change in the Supercooling of Vapor in Spontaneous Condensation - Yu. Ya. Kachuriner ... 214 215 Boiling of Liquid in the Cell of a Jet Printer - Yu. B. Zudin ... 217 218 Effect of Evaporation on the Dynamics of Falling Drops - V. A. Naumov ... 221 222 Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Capillary-Porous Materials - P. V. Akulich and N. N. Grinchik ... 225 225 Shrinkage Phenomena in Drying of Natural Organomineral Dispersions - S. N. Gamayunov and O. S. Misnikov ... 234 233 Filtration in the Face Zone of an Oil Pool with Abnormally High Seam Pressure - A. V. Kosterin , P. N. Lebedev , and E. V. Skvortsov ... 237 237 Structure of Polymer Networks as a Percolation System - G. V. Kozlov , V. U. Novikov , M. A. Gazaev , and A. K. Mikitaev ... 241 241 Development of Horizontally Oriented Crystallization of High-Melting Dielectric Single Crystals - A. S. Bagdasarov and L. A. Goryainov ... 248 248 A Study of Macroliquation in Solidification of a Thin Strip of a Binary Mixture Produced by Continuous Casting - A. V. Kuznetsov ... 254 254 A Front Problem Concerning the Decomposition of Gas Hydrates in Natural Strata on Exposure to High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation - V. Sh. Shagapov and V. R. Syrtlanov ... 263 263 Hyperthermia of Cylindrical Biotissue Samples by Microwave Electromagnetic Radiation - Z. P. Shul'man , G. Ya. Slepyan , T. L. Popkova , and A. A. Makhanyok ... 269 268 Radiation of the Inner Surface of a Perforated Circular Cone - S. N. Shevchenko and A. P. Makarov ... 275 273 Nonlinear Distribution Model of Ions Implanted at High Doses - A. L. Danilyuk ... 279 277 Reflectionless Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation in Polar Mixtures - R. M. Kasimov , M. A. Kalafi , Ch. O. Kadzhar , and E. R. Kasimov ... 284 282 Investigation of Moisture Transfer Through Polymer Films under the Action of an Electric Field - I. M. Panchenko and B. S. Kolupaev ... 288 286 Optimal Management of the Parameters of a Focusing Field for Obtaining a Minimum-Emittance Beam - A. I. Borodich and I. A. Volkov ... 295 293 Simulation of the Oxidation Kinetics of NOx in a Gas Discharge - O. V. Petrova , A. P. Chernukho , P. I. Porshnev and S. A. Zhdanok ... 301 299 Adaptation of a Turbulent Boundary Layer on a Convex Surface - E. E. Ikonnikova , A. V. Kuz'min , and A. A. Khalatov ... 308 306 Resonance Gas Oscillations in a Tube with an Open End under Weakly Developed Turbulence - R. G. Galiullin , E. R. Galiullina , and E. I. Permyakov ... 313 311 Features and Efficiency of Interphase Heat and Mass Transfer with a Pulsation Organization of the Process - A. I. Nakorchevskii ... 320 317 Mathematical Simulation of Fluid Flow in Hydraulic Drives of Apparatuses - M. M. Chuiko and V. D. Zakhartseva ... 326 323 Turbulent Isentropic Flows - V. A. Bubnov ... 334 330 The Frequency-Pulse Method for Determining the Thermophysical Characteristics of Solid Materials - A. I. Fesenko and S. S. Matashkov ... 340 336 Analytical and Numerical Solution of the Problem of Meteoroid Motion in Terrestrial Atmosphere - N. A. Kudryashov and E. A. Mukhai ... 347 342 Problems Arising in Applications of Counterflow Difference Schemes in Engineering Calculations of Contamination of Shallow Reservoirs - L. A. Krukier and L. G. Chikina ... 354 349 Thermal Slip for a Gas with Collision Frequency Proportional to the Velocity of Molecules - A. V. Latyshev and A. A. Yushkanov ... 359 353 Towards a Solution of the Problem of Local Effects on Cylindrical Shells-Panels - B. V. Nerubailo , V. P. Ol'shanskii , and Yu. I. Selemeneva ... 368 360

Number 3


Heat and Mass Transfer Between Local Combustion Sites in Metallic Powder Preforms under Thermal-Explosion Conditions - V. D. Zozulya ... 381 387 Steel Density Change under Superdeep-Penetration Conditions - S. K. Andilevko , E. A. Doroshkevich , S. S. Karpenko , S. M. Usherenko , and V. A. Shilkin ... 387 394 Hydrodynamic Model of Superdeep Penetration of Absolutely Solid Axisymmetric Particles into a Semiinfinite Metal Target - S. K. Andilevko ... 393 399 Simulation of Nonisothermal Moisture Transfer and Stresses in Wood in Drying - P. V. Akulich and K.-E. Militzer ... 398 404 Design of a Heater for Drying Articles Made of Current-Conducting Materials - V. A. Lashkov , T. G. Khasanov , and R. G. Safin ... 407 412 Internal Stresses, Rheology, and Structure Formation in Drying of a Concentrated Disperse System - V. A. Minenkov ... 412 417 Engineering Calculation of the Characteristics of a Filtration-Combustion Wave Based on a One-Dimensional Two-Temperature Model - K. V. Dobrego and S. A. Zhdanok ... 420 424 Propagation of Acoustic Waves in Unsaturated Porous Media - A. M. Maksimov ... 429 433 Thermal Conductivity and Quasihomogeneity Criterion of Disperse Materials - G. G. Spirin , N. Yu. Nenarokov , and K. N. Leshchinskii ... 437 441 Heat Transfer in a Circulating Fluidized Bed - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 443 447 Method of Splitting of Physical Factors for Nonsolenoidal Motion of Gas-Liquid Media - S. E. Samokhvalov ... 450 454 Rise of an Air Bubble (a Thermal) in the Atmosphere - L. G. Kaplan and E. I. Nesis ... 456 460 Breakup of Drops in a Pipeline - L. P. Pergushev and V. P. Tronov ... 465 468 Temperature Field in a Heat-Transfer Wall with a Thin Liquid Film Evaporating Periodically from Its Surface - Yu. B. Zudin ... 470 473 Numerical Investigation of the Effect of a Recess on the Characteristics of a Pulsating Gas Flow - A. N. Antonov , M. A. Antonov , I. A. Graur , L. V. Kosarev , and B. N. Chetverushkin ... 474 477 Numerical Study of the Eddy Mechanism of Enhancement of Heat and Mass Transfer Near a Surface with a Cavity - S. A. Isaev , A. I. Leont'ev , and A. E. Usachev ... 481 484 Effect of the Molecular Weight of Polyethylene Oxide on the Dynamics of Reduction of Resistance - V. M. Kulik ... 488 491 Particle Growth in Laser Radiation-Induced Chemical Deposition of a Substance from the Gas Phase - V. V. Levdanskii , P. Moravec , and I. Smolik ... 493 496 Ultrafiltration in a Pipe Filter with Gelation - V. I. Baikov and O. M. Karatai ... 500 503 Mathematical Models and Program Packages for Calculating Pollutant Transport in the Atmosphere - V. I. Nikolaev , V. P. Mironov , V. G. Kompel' , and S. N. Yatsko ... 506 509 New System of Standard Exergies of Chemical Elements. I. Standard Exergies of Ionogen Elements - G. F. Pinaev ... 513 516 Unsteady-State Thermophysical Models for Detection of Physiological and Pathological Conditions of the Kidney by Methods of Active Dynamic IR Thermography - V. I. Sigal and T. E. Shumakova ... 519 521 Correlation Between Some Hemorheological Indices and Parameters of Erythrocyte Hemolysis in Patients with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia - L. I. Ershova , Z. M. Likhovetskaya , G. N. Kurbanova , and N. A. Gorbunova ... 525 527 Hemorheological Disorders in Hemophiliacs - E. M. Likhovetskaya , L. I. Ershova , G. N. Kurbanova , I. A. Tentsova , N. A. Gorbunova , and O. P. Plyushch ... 529 531 Calculation of the Gate Current due to Injection of Hot Electrons into the Subgate Oxide of a Submicrometer MOS Field-Effect Transistor - V. M. Borzdov , N. P. Boreiko , V. O. Galenchik , O. G. Zhevnyak , and F. F. Komarov ... 532 534 Electromotive Force and Efficiency Ratio of Anisotropic Optical Thermoelements - A. A. Ashcheulov , I. V. Gutsul , and A. I. Rarenko ... 536 538 Spatial Distribution of Temperature and Temperature Instability of a Thermoelement - M. B. Nabiev , Kh. U. Olimov , R. Ya. Rasulov , and A. Kodirov ... 541 542 Site of Origination of Shock Waves on Exposure of Metal Targets to High-Current Electron Beams - G. M. Novik , A. I. Pobitko , and L. I. Sal'nikov ... 543 544 Mathematical Model of Induction Heating of a Cylinder for Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) - V. G. Kunshchikov ... 546 547 Method for Calculating the Spectrum of Scattered Photons under Conditions of Aerial - Mapping - A. M. Belov , A. I. Borodich , and I. V. Tsvetkov ... 551 551 Bending of a Rib, Supporting the Edge of a Plane Thin Body, By A Concentrated Force - B. V. Nerubailo , V. P. Ol'shanskii , and Yu. I. Selemeneva ... 560 559 Numerical Solution of Stefan Problems by the Method of Green Functions - Yu. V. Zhernovyi and M. T. Saichuk ... 565 564

Number 4


Oscillatory Modes of Gas Mixture Combustion in Tubes of Small Diameter - O. S. Rabinovich , M. A. Silenkov , and G. A. Fateev ... 573 579 Calculation of Critical Conditions of Thermal Ignition for Cone- and Wedge-Shaped Materials - V. A. Kudinov , A. B. Remezentsev , V. V. Dikop , and N. V. Smagin ... 578 584 Condensation Nonstationarity in Laval Nozzles - Yu. Ya. Kachuriner ... 581 587 Two Operating Modes of Multipurpose Vortex Driers - A. V. Akulich ... 588 594 Calculation of Turbulent Two-Phase Flow in the Region of Impingement of a Flow on a Body - K. N. Volkov and V. N. Emel'yanov ... 593 599 Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Compressibility on the Mechanism of Decreasing the Motion Drag of a Cylinder with Organized Stall Regions in a Turbulent Flow of Viscous Gas - V. K. Bobyshev and S. A. Isaev ... 600 606 Nonlinear Equation for the Transition of a Flow to a Turbulent Regime - A. N. Volobuev and A. P. Tolstonogov ... 607 613 Numerical Modeling of a Turbulent Incompressible Viscous Flow Along Bodies of a Curvilinear Shape in the Presence of a Mobile Shield - S. A. Isaev , N. A. Kudryavtsev , and A. G. Sudakov ... 613 618 Effect of Jet Bleed out of the Base of a Model on the Base Pressure and Frequency Characteristics of Wake Flow - V. L. Zhdanov ... 627 632 Torque of a Horizontal Cylinder Partially Filled with a Viscous Fluid - Yu. V. Naumenko ... 633 639 Interaction of a Plane Wall Jet and a System of "Lateral" Round Jets in a Flow Restricted by Channel Walls - S. K. Voronov and T. A. Girshovich ... 637 643 Estimates of the Rheological Factor in the Pipeline Hydraulics of Water-Coal Suspensions - K. V. Mukuk and T. A. Tuganova ... 643 649 Transient Regime of the Establishment of Forced Vibrations of a Single-Layer Coating of a Viscoelastic Material - V. M. Kulik , L. V. Kulik , and S. L. Morozova ... 646 652 Effect of Abnormally High Aerodynamic Heating in the Stall Zone Under the Canopy of a Parachute Descending Along a Trajectory - Yu. M. Davydov and V. A. Mozgovoi ... 651 657 Analysis of the Acoustic Impedance in Stationary Supersonic Flows - V. K. Erofeev , A. V. Omel'chenko , and V. N. Uskov ... 658 663 Arc Discharge in Synthesis of Fullerenes - V. D. Shimanovich , I. P. Smyaglikov , and A. I. Zolotovskii ... 665 669 Theoretical Model for Computation of the Energy Release of an Electron Beam in a Magnetized Plasma - G. V. Miloshevskii and A. E. Suvorov ... 671 675 Temperature stability of the Recirculation Frequency in a Closed Optoelectronic Circuit with an Injection-Laser Emitter - K. N. Korostik , K. G. Kuz'min , and A. V. Polyakov ... 676 680 Determination of the Thickness of the Layer Removed from a Grinding-Disk Strap on Exposure to Laser Radiation - L. G. Dobrovol'skaya , M. V. Novozhilova , and I. A. Chub ... 681 685 Aggregation of Particles and Viscosity of a Suspension - S. I. Martynov ... 687 691 Deposition of a Substance from a Gas Mixture on Aerosol Particles - V. V. Levdanskii , P. Moravec , and J. Smolik ... 694 698 Simulation of Unsteady Diffusional-Electrical Phenomena in Electrolytes - N. N. Grinchik , A. N. Muchinskii , A. A. Khmyl' , and V. A. Tsurko ... 700 704 True Diffusion Coefficients of Some Binary Gas Mixtures - K. Z. Al'zhanov ... 706 710 Physical Properties of Polymer Composites. Renormalization Group-Based Approach - V. V. Novikov and O. V. Zharova ... 714 718 Experimental Measurement and Calculation of the Thermal Conductivity of Clay-and-Polystyrene-Filled Concretes - V. A. Ivanov , A. V. Stepanov , and A. M. Timofeev ... 727 730 Method of Paired Integral Equations in the Region of L-Transforms for Solving Two-Dimensional Problems of Nonstationary Heat Conduction with Mixed Boundary Conditions - V. P. Kozlov , N. I. Yurchuk , and P. A. Mandrik ... 731 734 Use of a Combined Grid for Numerical Solution of Three-Dimensional Problems of Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer by the Control-Volume Technique - S. F. Glebov , D. V. Makarov , A. P. Skibin , and V. P. Yugov ... 740 744 Exact Solutions of Nonstationary Heat-Conduction Problems for a Half-Space and a Triangular Prism - A. D. Chernyshov ... 746 749

Number 5


Ultra- and Microfiltration in a Cell without Mixing - V. I. Baikov , N. N. Luchko , and T. V. Sidorovich ... 753 771 Pulsers with a Variable Geometry of the Working Volume and the Effect of Processed Composites on the Dynamic Characteristics of Pulsers - A. I. Nakorchevskii , B. I. Basok , and A. I. Chaika ... 757 775 Linear Front Dynamics of Sorption in the Inlet Section of a Layer of Sorbent - A. V. Larin and K. E. Polunin ... 767 784 Heat and Mass Transfer in Condensation of Water Vapor from Moist Air - V. I. Terekhov , V. V. Terekhov , and K. A. Sharov ... 771 788 Free-Efflux Velocity of a Loose Material in an Electric Field - A. I. Tsaturyan ... 778 795 Heat Transfer between a Circulating Fluidized Bed and Extended Surfaces: Account for Pressure and Temperature Effects - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 782 799 Features of the Method of Irregular Thermal Regime in Studies of the Thermal Conductivity of Solids - O. V. Belyaev , G. G. Spirin , V. F. Formalev , and N. Yu. Nenarokov ... 788 805 Use of the Integro-Interpolation Method for Construction of Difference Equations for Determination of Thermal Properties and Unsteady-State Heat Fluxes - Yu. I. Azima ... 795 811 Interrelationship of Thermophysical and Electrophysical Properties of PVC Systems - V. S. Kolupaev , N. A. Bordyuk , V. A. Sidletskii , and V. A. Mashchenko ... 803 819 Temperature Oscillations and Their Interactions with Oscillations of a Different Physical Nature - S. E. Nesis ... 807 823 A Closed Equation for the Joint Probability Density Function of the Magnitudes of Fluctuations of a Turbulent Scalar Reacting Field and Its Gradient - V. A. Sosinovich , V. A. Babenko , and Yu. V. Zhukova ... 811 827 Natural Convection of an Electrically Conducting Fluid in a Spherical Layer. I. Formulation of the Problem - S. V. Solov'ev and S. V. Kuznetsov ... 837 850 Calculation of Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Drainage of a Liquid from a Volume on the Basis of the Navier-Stokes Equations - A. A. Prikhod'ko ... 842 855 The Possibility of Passing to a One-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model in the Problem of Control of the Mirror of a Magnetoelectric Laser Scanner with Hydraulic Damping - I. V. Uskov and A. F. Leonov ... 847 860 Calculation of the Wind Action on a Cooling Tower in the Presence of Devices for Equalizing the Ground Flow - V. V. Bungov , S. A. Isaev , and V. B. Kharchenko ... 852 866 Calculation of Detached Flow along a Profile of Intricate Shape in the Presence of a Mobile Shield Based on the Use of N-Shaped Orthogonal Grids - S. Ya. Grabarnik and S. A. Isaev ... 858 872 Influence of Internal Response on the Critical Conditions of Heat and Mass Transfer of Carbon Particles - V. V. Kalinchak , V. I. Sadkovskii , and S. G. Orlovskaya ... 866 880 Generation of Bremsstrahlung by an Electron Beam - G. V. Miloshevskii ... 874 887 Simulation of a Gallium Arsenide Running-Wave Amplifier with a Schottky Barrier by the Monte Carlo Method - A. Jelenski , I. E. Tralle , V. A. Sizyuk ... 878 891 Thermal and Mechanical Loading of the Anode Grid of an SHF Generator with a Virtual Cathode Operating under Pulsed-Periodic Conditions - A. E. Dubinov , V. D. Selemir , V. A. Sidorova , N. I. Sel'chenkova , and V. L. Sel'chenkov ... 886 899 Qualitative Properties of Optimum Acoustic Structures - E. L. Gusev ... 889 902 Heating of Cylindrical Bodies in Furnaces for Rolled Production - V. B. Kovalevskii and I. A. Koval'kova ... 893 906 Use of the Method of Green Functions for Numerical Solution of Multidimensional Stefan Problems - Yu. V. Zhernovyi and M. T. Saichuk ... 898 910 Theoretical Substantiation of the Possibility of Inducing a Ponderomotive Thermodynamic Force in a Solid and a Gas - O. V. Minin ... 906 917 Application of Isothermal Surfaces for Calculation of Unsteady Heat Transfer Processes - M. Ya. Brovman ... 917 927

Number 6


Two-Dimensional Modeling of Filtration Combustion in Porous Charges in a One-Temperature Approximation - S. I. Shabunya and V. V. Martynenko ... 925 963 Simulation of Transfer of Solid Particles by a Filtration Flow - A. I. Nikiforov and D. P. Nikan'shin ... 933 971 Numerical Simulation of Migration of Radionuclides in Soil after Radioactive Fallout - N. A. Kudryashov and I. K. Alekseeva ... 939 976 Heat Exchange in Cooling a Generator Gas in an Eddy-Generating Bubbling Apparatus - I. I. Borisov, A. A. Khalatov, G. G. Geletukha, S. G. Kobzar', and S. V. Shevtsov ... 946 983 Evolution of Linear Waves in a Liquid in the Presence of a Curtain of Bubbles -V. Sh. Shagapov and I. K. Gimaltdinov ... 950 987 Special Features of Boiling of a Slightly Subcooled Liquid - E. I. Nesis and A. G. Zvyagintsev ... 956 993 Determination of the Velocity of the Phase Drift in a Vertical Bubble Flow - Yu. B. Zudin ... 959 996 Conductive-Convective Drying Installations: Problems and Calculation -A. P. Bel'skii and L. V. Mol'vo ... 963 1000 Modeling of Two-Dimensional Interrelated Heat and Mass Transfer Problems and Structure Transformation - G. P. Brovka and V. A. Sychevskii ... 969 1006 Local Order in Polymers: a Description within the Framework of the Model of Irreversible Colloidal Aggregation - G. V. Kozlov, V. N. Shogenov, and A. K. Mikitaev ... 975 1012 Possibility of Methane Decomposition in a Gas Discharge - O. V. Petrova, P. I. Porshnev, and S. A. Zhdanok ... 979 1016 Particle Growth in Chemical Deposition from the Gas Phase - V. V. Levdanskii, P. Moravec, and J. Smolik ... 987 1024 New System of Standard Exergies of Chemical Elements. II. Standard Exergies of Complexogen Elements - G. F. Pinaev ... 993 1030 Two-Phase Absorption Complicated by a Second-Order Chemical Reaction in the Liquid Phase in Irrigated Channels (a Solution for the First Quadrant of the Hydrodynamic Plane. Theory. Calculation) - V. N. Babak, T. B. Babak, and L. P. Kholpanov ... 1000 1037 Influence of Natural and Forced Convection on the Characteristics of Heterogeneous Combustion of a Carbon Particle - V. V. Kalinchak, S. G. Orlovskaya, Yu. V. Prudnikova, and Ibrahim Ganui ... 1013 1050 Optical Constants of the Substance Composing Particles of Converter Dust - M. A. Taimarov ... 1019 1056 Mathematical Description of the Process of Mineral-Fiber Formation by the Plasma Method - A. N. Laktyushin and V. L. Sergeev ... 1022 1059 Regularities of the Dynamics of Spherical Explosions in Homogeneous Gases - A. M. Petrenko, G. S. Romanov, A. N. Chumakov, and V. V. Efremov ... 1028 1064 3D Modeling of Thermal Annealing of Ion-Implanted Impurities - M. V. Kazitov, V. V. Nelaev, and E. F. Nogotov ... 1039 1075 Applicability of Langmuir's Probe Theory for Measuring an Ion-Ion Plasma - S. A. Gutsev and V. V. Khristinich ... 1045 1081 Optimization of Pulsed-Periodic Neodymium Glass Lasers - P. N. Afanas'ev, V. V. Lobachev, and S. Yu. Strakhov ... 1049 1085 Slow Flows Between Coaxial Conical Surfaces - L. M. Ul'ev ... 1056 1092 Generation and Damping of Flow Oscillations in the Region of a Joint Between a Pipeline and a Blind Branch - V. A. Vishnyakov, V. G. Zasetskii, R. K. Karavosov, A. G. Prozorov, and L. I. Sokolinskii ... 1064 1099 Method of Calculation of a Turbulent Flow in an Axial Gap with a Variable Radius Between a Rotating Disk and an Axisymmetric Casing - A. S. Baibikov ... 1072 1107 Calculation of a Separated Low-Velocity Air Flow Past a Profile with Vortex Cells - S. A. Isaev, Yu. S. Prigorodov, and A. G. Sudakov ... 1082 1116 Reduction of the Aerodynamic Drag of a Model Using a Plate Set in the Boundary Layer - V. L. Zhdanov, G.-D. Papenfuss, and M. Silz ... 1087 1121 A Mechanical Model of the Motion of a Limited Volume of Liquid on a Dry Inclined Plane - M. I. Abu-Halava and M. T. Gladyshev ... 1092 1126 Heat Exchange of a Borehole with Frozen Rock - N. G. Musakaev and V. Sh. Shagapov ... 1097 1131 Resistance of a Sphere in a Slow Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid - S. V. Vasil'chenko and B. M. Mukhin ... 1105 1138 INDEX Author Index, Volume 71, 1998 ... 1111 Tables of Contents, Volume 71, 1998 ... 1115