Head of the Laboratory

Krivosheyev Pavel

Phone:  +375 17 378 22 03


Thermal-physical and elementary processes in homogeneous media, including chemically reacting media:
Kinetics, energy transfer, and combustion regimes in gaseous, liquid fuel and heterogeneous systems at high temperatures and pressures; 
Kinetics of nucleation and particle growth at high-temperature pyrolysis and oxidation of hydrocarbons; 
Vibrational and relaxation rotation processes;

Thermal-physical and elementary processes in inhomogeneous chemically reacting media:
Initiation, combustion limits and regimes in non-one-dimensional boundary conditions; 
Initiation, limits, structure and mechanisms of detonation and deflagration in gases and heterogeneous systems; 
Pulsating and high-frequency detonation and supersonic combustion chambers

Elementary and collisional processes in gases and plasma:
Thermal and non-equilibrium ionization in supersonic flows; 
Development of methods of forming and modeling wall plasma layers for flow control and surface modification; 
Energy exchange at thermolization of plasma counter flows and development of quasi-stationary plasma formations

Physics of shock waves; 
Jet flows; 
Cavitation phenomena

Optical and contact diagnostics of liquid, gas and plasma flows:
Interferometry and speckle interferometry of gas flows and plasma; 
Talbot interferometry; 
Shadow, track and PIV visualization of flows; 
Photoemission spectroscopy; 
Spectroscopy of fast processes; 
Laser diagnostics 
High-speed photography methods