The Academic Council of the A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of NAS of Belarus is an elective collegial management body of the Institute. The Academic Council includes Director, Deputy Directors for Science, Scientific Secretary, and leading researchers. The Academic Council also includes Honorable members having the right of advisory vote. 


According to the Statute  of the Institute, the competence of the Academic Council of the Institute belongs to:
  • definition of research subjects;
  • consideration of the Institute structure
  • assessment of the results of the activities of departments, provisional scientific teams, individual researchers of the Institute, and approval of a report on their activities;
  • election by competition of officials (heads of laboratories, sectors, departments) and research workers in accordance with the legislation;
  • consideration of budget expenditures of the Institute;
  • approval of research plans;
  • election of research workers by the members of the General meeting of the Academy
  • In addition, the Academic Council:
  • discusses the most important research problems, scientific papers and assesses the obtained results of the Institute;
  • makes recommendations on an increase in the salary of researchers considering their contribution;
  • considers recommendations on preparation and publication of
  • scientific papers;
  • considers and recommends the publication of major scientific works (monographs and collection of papers) of the researchers of the Institute;
  • discusses the questions of coordination and creative cooperation with other scientific organizations;
  • discusses the aspects of the effectiveness of International scientific cooperation of the Institute, progress in the investigations performed together with foreign scientific organizations, as well as it hears the reports of the Institute co-workers on their foreign scientific trips;
  • discusses tasks associated with the preparation and training of scientific personnel; systematically, it hears the communications of researchers having the right for scientific guidance, about their work on the preparation of scientific; personnel; considers and approves themes of doctoral dissertations, candidate dissertations of postgraduates, gives their recommendations;
  • nominates outstanding scientific works for the State awards of the Republic of Belarus, for awards of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, as well as for medals and awards named after prominent scientists and discusses the scientific works nominated for awards by other organizations;
  • nominates leading employees of the Institute for the award of honorary titles, nominates candidates for academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences;
  • makes representations about conferring academic titles in the established order into the Higher Attestation Commission;
  • makes decisions on competitions for filling vacant positions of heads of research laboratories; chief, leading, and senior researchers, scientific and junior research workers. 


Chairman of the Academic Council – Oleg  Penyazkov., Academician of NAS of Belarus, Dr. Sci. (Physics & Mathematics), Director of the Institute

Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council – Danilova-Tretiak S.M., Cand. Sc (Engineering),  Deputy Director of the Institute.
Vasili Sauchyn - Cand. Sc (Engineering), Deputy Director of the Institute.
Scientific Secretary of the Institute – Bochko T. M., Cand. Sc(Chemistry), Scientific Secretary. 
Akulich P. V. – Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Researcher
Astashinsky V.M. – Dr. Sci. (Physics & Mathematics), Corresponding Member of NAS of Belarus, Head of the Department 
Bazylev N.B. – Cand. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Senior Researcher
Baikov V.I. – Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Researcher
Vasiliev L.L.  – Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor, Chief Researcher
Grinchuk P..S.– Dr. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Corresponding Member of NAS of Belarus, Head of the Department
Zhuravsky G.I.– Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Researcher 
Koznacheev I.A. – Cand. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Senior Researcher
Korobko E.V.– Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor, Head of the Laboratory
Krivosheyev P.N.– Cand. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Head of the Laboratory
Minkina V.G. – Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Leading Researcher
Pavlyukevich N.V. – Dr. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Corresponding Member of NAS of Belarus, Chief Researcher
Rabinovich O.S. – Dr. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Chief Researcher
Smetannikov A.S. – Dr. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Chief Researcher
Filatov S.A. – Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Head of the Department 
Fisenko S.P. – Dr. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Chief Researcher
Khudolei A.L. – Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of the Laboratory
Chizhik S.A. – Academician of NAS of Belarus, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of NAS of Belarus, Chief Researcher
Chorny A.D. – Cand. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Head of the Laboratory


Rusetsky A.M. - Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor
Kim K.S. – Professor of the Engineering Mechanics School, Director of the Center for MEMS Technologies
Alhussan Khaled – Associate Research Professor, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Zhdanok S.A. – Academician of NAS of Belarus, Dr. Sc. (Physics & Mathematics)
Vityaz P.A. – Academician of NAS of Belarus, Dr. Sc. (Engineering)