Rangefinder laser DISTO D3
Heat flux density and temperature sensor ITP-МG4.03/5(I) “FLUX”
Bench for resetting the elements of machines and mechanisms
Bench for testing ablation of heat-resistant material at radiation heating (qw » 0.6 kw/cm²)
Bench for testing material in air supersonic flow (м £ 4.2) at a stagnation pressure of up to 6 atm, stagnation of ~ 41 mj/kg and in the heat flux of up 4 kw/cm²
Study of heating and ablation processes of heat-protection materials in high temperature plasma flows
Optical sensor of pulsed pressure
Two-mirror autocollimation interferometers with a visualization of the view field
Erosive plasmadynamic system
Medium energy magnetoplasma compressor
Miniature magnetoplasma compressor
Magnetoplasma compressor of compact geometry
Equipment for investigating rheological complex fluids
Photometr 4010