The installation is meant for production of active coals (AC) with high specific surface from various solid carbon-containing materials (wood, polymer raw material, etc.). The process of AC production occurs in three stages: carbonization with a temperature rise rate of 5 - 10°С/min up to 450-500°С and isothermal storage at a final temperature in the carbon dioxide atmosphere; heat treatment within700 - 750°С in the carbon dioxide atmosphere; activation due to a steam and carbon dioxide mixture over the temperature range 800 - 850°С in strictly controlled conditions.
  • power consumption: 43 kW
  • maximum working temperature (in vacuum): 2500°С
  • working medium:
  • vacuum –1*10 -4 mm Hg – inert gas – 0.2 atm
  • working space sizes:
  • diameter – 30 mm
  • height – 200 mm
  • sample material: solid, loose