Minsk, 14 - 19 November, 2005

Time Schedule of Technical Program at a Glance

Session 4:
PL3, PL4, PL5
Session 8:
PL11, RP6, 7, 8
Session 12:
PL13, RP13, 14, 15
Session 16:
PL14, RP19, 20, 21
11.30-13.00Session 5:
PL6, R(E)P1, R(E)P2
Session 9:
R(E)P9, RP10, 11, 12
Session 13:
PL14, RP16, 17, 18
Session 17:
PL15, 16, RP22
Free timeSession 6:
PL7, PL8, PL9
Session 10:
Session 14:
4-days Posters
15.00-15.30Session 1:
16.30-17.00BreakBreakSession 11:
Session 15:
17.00-17.30Sessions 2, 3:
PL1, PL2
Session 7:
PL10, RP3, RP4, RP5

Technical Program

 Sunday, November 13, 2005
15.00Session 1.
 Chairs:    Academician Seirhey Zhdanok and Professor Vladimir Timoshpolskii (Minsk)
  • President of Belarus Academy of Sciences·
  • Belarus State Committee on Science and Technology
  • Heat and Mass Transfer Institute
  • International Shock Wave Institute
  • International Combustion Institute
  • International Institute of Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems
      Mme Alla Fedorovna Soloukhina
16.00      Coffee Break
 Session 2, 3.
 Chairs:   Profs. Tatiana Bazhenova (Moscow) and Kazuoshi Takayama (Japan).
16.30Plenary 1Academician Vladimir Fortov (IHED RAS, Moscow): "Shock Waves in Condenced Media:
Expected and Unexpected Phenomena"    24 Kb Abstract
17.20Plenary 2Academician Siarhei Zhdanok (HMTI NASB, Minsk): "Chemical Physics of Non-Equilibrium Processes: The Base for 21st Century Technologies"    16 Kb Abstract
Free recollections about Rem Ivanovich Soloukhin
Chairs:   Mme Alla Soloukhina and Dr. Christian Brochet.
  Monday, November 14, 2005
 Session 4. Shock Waves and Detonation
 Chairs:   Profs. Paul Roth (Germany) and Piotr Wolanskii (Poland)
9.30PL-3Tatiana Bazhenova (Moscow): "Rem Soloukhin first shock tube and development of 3-D shock waves interactions investigations in ENIN and IHED"    45 Kb Abstract
10.00PL-4Kazuoshi Takayama (Japan): "Shock Waves in Nature and Technologies"
10.30PL-5   Nikolai Smirnov , V.F. Nikitin, J. Khadem, Sh. Alyari Shourekhdeli (MSU-Mech., Moscow): "Deflagration to detonation transition in meta-stable media"    488 Kb Abstract    1695 Kb Full
11.00      Refreshment Break
 Session 5. Detonation and Shock Waves
 Chairs:   Profs. Gabrielle Dupre (France) and Vjacheslav Babkin (Novosibirsk)
11.30PL-6   Marlen Topchijan (LIH, SB RAS, Novosibirsk): "The Contribution of R.I. Soloukhin in the Investigation of Flows with Chemical Reconstitutions"    105 Kb Abstract
12.00RP(E)-1Daniel Desbordes (LCD-ENSMA, France), V Guilly, B. Khasainov, J. Luche, and H.N. Presles (LCD-ENSMA, Futuroscope, France): "Double Cellular Detonation Structure"    172 Kb Abstract
12.30R(E)P-2Serguei Frolov (Semenov Ins. of Chem. Phys, Moscow): "Limits of Heterogeneous Detonations"     Abstract 97 Kb 
13.00      Lunch
 Session 6. Detonation, Combustion and Flames
 Chairs:   Profs. Victor Golub (Mocow) and Pierre Van-Tiggelen (Belgium)
14.30PL-7Nikita Fomin (HMTI NASB, Minsk): "The First 30 Years of Rem Soloukhin School in Belarus"    659 Kb Abstract
15.00PL-8L. Gvozdeva (IHED, Moscow), A. Kaltayev, D.I. Baklanov1, N.B. Scherbak: "Deflagration to detonation transition in turbulent gas flow"    20 Kb Abstract
15.30PL-9Vladimir Levin (Vladivostok), V.V. Markov, T.A. Zhuravskaya, S.F. Osinkin (IMech-MSU, Moscow): "Detonation Waves in the Channels Containing Obstacles"    166 Kb Abstract    808 Kb Full
16.00      Refreshment Break
 Session 7. Combustion, Detonation and Flames
 Chairs:   Profs. Jean-Bernard Saulnier (France) and Nikolai Smirnov (Moscow)
16.30PL-10Gabrielle Dupre (LCHT, Orleans, France): "Chemistry of Detonation"
17.00RP-3Anatolii Vasiliev (Lavrentiev Hydr. Inst. SB RAS, Novosibirsk): "Nonclassical diffraction regimes of combustion and detonation waves"    19 Kb Abstract    1979 Kb Full
17.20RP-4J.Hu, Y.K. Pu (China) and Joshef Jarosinski (Lodz-TU, Poland): "Experimentally determined flame properties near flammability limits under gravity and microgravity conditions"    80 Kb Abstract    810 Kb Full
17.40RP-5Vjacheslav S.Babkin and A.A.Korzhavin (Boreskov Inst. of Kitetics and Combustion, SB RAS, Novosibirsk): "Effects of Lewis numbers on gaseous combustion in inert porous media"    161 Kb Abstract
Free recollections about Rem Ivanovich Soloukhin
Chairs:   Profs. Tatiana Valerianovna Bazhenova (Moscow) and Heintz Georg Wagner (Germany).
  Tuesday, November 15, 2005
 Session 8. Experiments and Diagnostics
 Chairs:   Prof. Nikita Fomin (Minsk) and Dr. Yuergen Kompenhans (Germany)
9.30PL-11A.G. Merzhanov and A.S. Rogachev (ISMAN, Chernogolovka): "Contemporary diagnostic techniques for self-propagating high temperature synthesis"    17 Kb Abstract
10.00RP-6Kazuo Maeno (Chiba-Uni., Japan), Koga Y. and Ota M.: "Interferometric CT Measurement of 3D Interacting Flow Field with Discharged Shock Waves"    547 Kb Abstract
10.20RP-7Dubnishchev Yu.N., Arbuzov V.A., Belousov P.P., Belousov P.Ya. (Kutateladze Inst. of Thermal Physics, SB RAS, Novosibirsk): "Laser diagnostics of shock waves in experimental gas dynamics"    242 Kb Abstract    1101 Kb Full
10.40RP-8B.S. Rinkevichius , O.A. Evtikhieva and I.L. Raskovskaya (Moscow Power Institute): "Propagation of a Gaussian Laser Beam with Elliptical Cross-section through a Medium in the Presence of a Standing Acoustical Wave"    50 Kb Abstract    714 Kb Full
11.00      Refreshment Break
 Session 9. Shock Waves and Combustion
 Chairs:    Profs. Piotr Doerffer (Poland) and Ludmila Gvozdeva (Moscow)
11.30R(E)P-9Valerii Kedrinskii (Lavrentiev Hydr. Inst. SB RAS, Novosibirsk): "Hydrodynamics shock tubes and mechanics problems"    94 Kb Abstract    1827 Kb 
12.00RP-10Alexei Rebrov, M. Yu. Plotnikov, R.V. Maltsev (Kutateladze Inst. of Thermal Physics, SB RAS, Novosibirsk): "The strong shock wave structure in low density gas mixtures flows over cylinders and plates"    29 Kb Abstract    585 Kb Full
12.20RP-11S.V. Ilyin, A.V. Lapin and Nikolai Kidin (Inst. of Problems in Mechanics RAS, Moscow): "Influence of electric discharges on turbulization waves of burning and transition of slow burning in detonation"    19 Kb Abstract
12.40RP-12Victor V. Golub, V.V. Volodin, T. V. Bazhenova, D. I. Baklanov, S.V. Golovastov, D.G. Lisin: "Detonation formation in devices without preliminary components mixing"    135 Kb Abstract
13.00      Lunch
 Session 10-Poster-I. Shock Waves, Combustion and Detonation
 Chairs:   Dr. Jagadesh (India) and Prof. Anatolyi Vasiliev (Novosibirsk)
14.30POIPosters Papers POI-1...POI-11
16.00      Refreshment break and Posters discussions
 Session 11-Poster-II. Shock waves, Experiments and Diagnostics
 Chairs:   Prof. Joseph Jarosinskii (Poland) and Academician Alexandr Merzhavov (Chernogolovka)
16.30POIIPosters Papers POII-1...POII-11
17.30      Refreshment break and Posters discussions
Cellular Structure of Detonation: Who & When, and How
Chairs:   Profs. Daniel Debordes (France) and Marlen Topchijan (Novosobirsk).
  Wednesday, November 16, 2005
 Session 12. Plasma Flows and Non-Equilibrium Processes
 Chairs:   Prof. Kazuo Maeno (Japan) and Dr. Gennadii Romanov (Minsk)
9.30PL-12Algis Ambrazevicius (Lithovian Mil. Acad., Vilnius): "Peculiarity of the effect of temperature factor on heat transfer in physical gasdynamics, lasers and plasma-chemistry"    62 Kb Abstract
10.00RP-13Alexander Starik, A.M. Savel'ev and N.S. Titova (CIAM, Moscow): "Features of the kinetic processes in a dusty plasma induced by a shock wave propagating in the atmosphere"    21 Kb Abstract    518 Kb Full
10.20RP-14V.P. Zhukov and A. Starikovskii (MPhTI, Dolgoprudnui): "Initiation of detonation by nanosecond gas discharge"    95 Kb Abstract
10.40RP-15I.V. Mursenkova, Sysoev N.N. and I.A. Znamenskaya: "Shock waves under nanosecond ionization"    174 Kb Abstract    329 Kb Full
11.00      Refreshment Break
 Session 13. Non-Equilibrium Processes, Plasma-Assisted Combustion, Micro- and Nano-Scales
 Chairs:   Profs Algis Ambrazevicius (Vilnius) and Valery Kedrinskii (Novosibirsk)
11.30PL-13  Prof. Paul Roth (Uni-Duisburgh, Germany), O. Ifeacho: "Particle Synthesis in Flames"    13 Kb Abstract
12.00RP-16Pierre Van-Tiggelen (Belgium) : "The chemical viewpoint of gaseous detonations"    13 Kb Abstract
12.20RP-17Jean-Bernard Saulnier (LET-ENSMA, Poitiers, France) : "Molecular dynamics simulation of nanoscale heat transfer"    22 Kb Abstract
12.40RP-18Jagadesh (India)
13.00      Lunch
 Session 14-Poster III. Shock Waves, Combustion and Plasma Flows
 Chairs:   Prof. David Zeitoun (France) and Dr. Andrey Krauklis (Minsk)
14.30POIIIPosters Papers POIII-1...POIII-11
16.00      Refreshment break and Posters discussions
 Session 15-Poster IV. Heat and Mass Transfer, Micro- and Nano-Scales
 Chairs:    Prof. Andrey Starikovskii (Dolgoprudnui) and Dr. Fan Zhang (Canada)
16.30POIVPosters Papers POIV-1...POIV-11
17.30      Refreshment break and Posters discussions
Shock Waves and Detonation: Current problems and Further Developments 
Chairs:   Profs. Gabi-Ben-Dor (Israel) and Vladimir Levin (Vladivostok).
  Thursday, November 17, 2005
 Session 16. Kinetics, Combustion, and Detonation
 Chairs:   Prof. Serguei Frolov (Moscow) and Dr. Oleg Penyazkov (Minsk)
9.30PL-14Losev S.A., Kovach E.A., Pogosbekian M.Yu., Sergievskaya A.L. (IMech-MSU, Moscow): "The thermal nonequilibrium processes in full state-to-state level chemical kinetics"    19 Kb Abstract    804 Kb Full
10.00RP-19  Klimov A., Bitiurin V., Chinov V., Belevtsev A., Kolesnichenko Yu., Khmara D., Tolkunov B., Moralev I., Nikitin A., Velichko A, Lebedev Yu., Bilera (Moscow): "Non-Premixed Plasma-Assisted Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuel in High-Speed Airflow"    20 Kb Abstract
10.20RP-20Fan Zhang, David Frost (Canada): "Dense Solid Particle fluid detonation flow"    487 Kb Abstract
10.40RP-21A.R. Kasimov and D.S. Stewart (Illinois Uni., USA): "Theory of direct initiation of detonation"    92 Kb Abstract
11.00      Refreshment Break
 Session 17. Shock Waves, DDT and Propulsion
 Chairs:   Prof. Stalii Losev (Moscow) and Academician Alexey Rebrov (Novosibirsk)
11.30PL-15Gabi Ben-Dor (BGU, Israel) : "A State-of-the Knowledge Review on PseudoSteady Shock Wave Reflections"    24 Kb Abstract    263 Kb Full
12.00RP-22David E. Zeitoun, (Marceille, France), and Y. Burtschell and S. Seror (Israel) : "Air/H2 Combustion Processes in a Scramjet Engine for Airbreating Hypersonic Propulsion"    17 Kb Abstract
12.20PR-5Oleg Penyazkov (HMTI, Minsk) : "Detonation and DDT: Recent Developments and Perspectives"    16 Kb Abstract
12.40      Closing
13.00      Lunch
The list of the Posters POI-1...POI-11
 POI-1-1A.I. Osipov, A.V. Uvarov, N.A. Vinnichenko and N.A. Roschina. "Vortex structures in a nonequilibrium gas".    165 Kb Abstract    842 Kb Full
 POI-1-2R.V. Mukin, A.I. Osipov and A.V. Uvarov. "Interaction of small hydrodynamic perturbations with inhomogeneous nonequilibrium gas flow".    111 Kb Abstract    1254 Kb Full
 POI-2-1I.A.Filimonov and N.I. Kidin. "On the mechanism of metal combustion in nitrogen".    68 Kb Abstract    3386 Kb Full
 POI-2-2A.G. Istratov, N.I. Kidin and A.F. Fedorov. "Hydrodynamic phenomena during premixed laminar flames propagation in channels".    22 Kb Abstract
 POI-3-1S.V.Ilyin, A.V.Lapin and N.I. Kidin. "Influence of electric discharges on turbulization waves of burning and transition of slow burning in detonation".    19 Kb Abstract
 POI-3-2V.V. Afanasyev, S.V. Ilyin and N.I Kidin. "About nonlinear effects of simple model of unstable burning - singing flame".    98 Kb Abstract
 POI-3-3O.S.Ilyina, S.V.Ilyin. "About one opportunity of reconstruction fields of speeds, pressure and vorticity by results of interference measurements".    20 Kb Abstract
 POI-4Berezkina M.K., Krassovskaya I.V. and Ofengeim D.Kh. "Diffraction of the Two-Shock configuration over a Cylindrical Surface".    13 Kb Abstract
 POI-5V.P. Fokeev, Yu.I. Grin, V.A. Levin. "Modification of shock wave diffraction by pulse gas discharge".    68 Kb Abstract    1864 Kb Full
 POI-6P. Gillon, B.Sarh, F.Tabet and K.Dobrego. "On the stability of a laminar methane/air diffusion flame under magnetic field influence".    104 Kb Abstract
 POI-7O.V. Sharypov. "Spontaneous appearance of detonation regime at self-ignition of gaseous mixture: analysis of regularities".    21 Kb Abstract    312 Kb Full
 POI-8-1O.V. Skrebkov, A.L. Smirnov, and A.N. Dremin. "Translational Relaxation of the Rayleigh and Lorentz Gases in the Front of Shock Waves".    138 Kb Abstract
 POI-8-2A.L. Smirnov, S.P. Karkach, O.V. Skrebkov and A.N. Dremin. "Molecular dynamics study of vibrational - translational nonequilibrium in a liquid of polyatomic molecules behind shock wave front".    74 Kb Abstract
 POI-9Cenian A. and Chernukho A. "Non-equilibrium effects during plasma diagnosticsby Langmuir probes".    105 Kb Abstract
 POI-10Starik A.M., Lukhovitski B.I., Titova N.S., Bezgin L.V., Kopchenov V.I. (CIAM, Moscow). "Control of sub- and supersonic combustion by laser-induced excitation of singlet oxygen molecules".    30 Kb Abstract
 POI-11Kardas D. "Evolution of transient wave described by hyperbolic equations".    186 Kb Abstract
The list of the Posters POII-1...POII-11
 POII-1P. Zydak and R. Klemens. "Numerical Simulation of Dust Lifting Process behind Propagating Shock Wave".    132 Kb Abstract
 POII-2-1A.V. Krasnochub, E.I. Mintoussov, A.A. Nikipelov, S.M. Starikovskaya, A.Yu. Starikovskii. "Fast Flame Control by Nanosecond Barrier Discharg".    64 Kb Abstract    1433 Kb Full
 POII-2-2I.N. Kosarev, N.B. Anikin, N.A. Marchenko, S.M. Starikovskaia, and A.Yu. Starikovskii. "Ignition of Homological Series of Hydrocarbons by Volume Nanosecond Discharge".    265 Kb Abstract    866 Kb Full
 POII-3-1M.M. Nudnova, A.V. Krasnochub, A.Yu. Starikovskii. "Cathode-Directed Streamer Head Fine Structure".    189 Kb Abstract    1000 Kb Full
 POII-3-2E.M. Anohin, T.Yu. Ivanova, A.Yu. Starikovskii. "Radiation behind the Strong Shock Waves: Experiment and Modeling".    23 Kb Abstract    662 Kb Full
 POII-4I.A. Znamenskaya, V.N. Kulikov and T.A. Gulu-Zade. "Visualization of 3D non-stationary transonic flow in shock tube using nanosecond volume discharge".    334 Kb Abstract    440 Kb Full
 POII-5A. Bilsky, V. Dulin and D. Markovich. "Application of PIV to estimation of turbulent energy balance in jet flows".    130 Kb Abstract    295 Kb Full
 POII-6Kraiko A.N., Pyankov K.S., Reent K.S., Tillyaeva N.I., V.G. Alexandrov. "Designing of optimal nozzles of pulsed detonation engines of various types".    96 Kb Abstract
 POII-7-1N. Fomin, E. Lavinskaya, J. Cosgrove, and A.C. Greated. "Digital Laser Speckle Photography of Standing Acoustical Waves".    111 Kb Abstract
 POII-7-2J.-J. Kadjo, J.-P. Garnier, J.-P. Maye, and S.A. Martemianov, Ch. Coutanceau (France), Yu.K. Evdokimov (Kazan), N.Bazylev,N.A. Fomin, E.I.Lavinskaya (Minsk) ,S.A. Grigoriev, V.N. Fateev(Moscow) "PEM Fuel Cell Study by Multidisciplinary Approach".    98 Kb Abstract
 POII-8-1P. Doerfer, R. Szwaba, J.-A. Szumsla, J. Telega (Gdansk, Poland) and N. Fomin, E. Lavinskaya, N. Bazulev (Minsk). "Evaluation of Flow Structure with Shocks by Digital Speckle Photography".    133 Kb Abstract
 POII-8-2Bazylev N., Fomin N., Hirano T., Lavinskaya E., Mizukaki T., Nakagawa A., Rubnikovich S., Takayama K. "Bio -Tissues Monitoring using Dynamic Laser Speckle Photography in Quasi-Real Time Operation Mode".    288 Kb Abstract
 POII-9M.E. Topchiyan. "The energy distribution in the overdriven detonation and in shock waves and its influence on their stability".    116 Kb Abstract    503 Kb Full
 POII-10Drakon, A.V. Eremin and A.A. Makeich. "Time-resolved temperature measurements during various nonequilibrium processes behind shock waves".    209 Kb Abstract
 POII-11M.V. Doroshko M.V., Penyazkov O.G., Rankin G., Khramzov P.P., Shikh I.P. "Talbot- interferometry in measurements of turbulent jet charachteristics".    1771 Kb Abstract
The list of the Posters POIII-1...POIII-11
 POIII-1V. Valincius, R. Kezelis, V. Valinciute and P. Valatkevicius. "Incineration of hazardous substances employing plasma technology".    47 Kb Abstract
 P0III-2A.F. Bublievsky, A.A. Galinovsky, A.V. Gorbunov, I.V. Hvedchin, V.A. Koval, L.I. Sharakhovsky , D.S. Skomorokhov, S.A. Zhdanok. "Plasma pyrolysis devices for nanocarbons synthesis using DC and AC atmospheric pressure arc plasma torchs".    270 Kb Abstract
 POIII-3G.S. Baronov, S.A. Grigoriev, A.A. Kalinnikov and V.N. Fateev. "Investigation of hydrogen combustion in hydrogen catalytic recombiners and sensors".    88 Kb Abstract
 POIII-4A.V. Emelianov, A.V. Eremin and E.V. Gurentsov. "Iron particle formation by photo-dissociation of Fe(CO)5".    99 Kb Abstract
 P0III-5O.N. Shablovsky and I.A. Kontsevoy. "Free oscillations of large amplitude in a heat resonator".    76 Kb Abstract
 POIII-6L.Ya. Kashporov. "Elementary models of thermal influence of different factors on he rate of layer-by-layer propagation of the burning zone".    122 Kb Abstract    1157 Kb Full
 POIII-7V.N. Gavriliouk, V.Y. Gidaspov, I.E. Ivanov, A.V.Khokhlov, U.G.Pirumov and V.Y. Streltsov. "Numerical simulation of reacting flows for propulsion systems".    118 Kb Abstract    572 Kb Full
 P0III-8Rozenberg Alexandre, Gudkova Inessa, Lempert David, Manelis George. "Mass transfer using in the processes of superadiabatic combustion regime for extraction of some metals from different sources".    23 Kb Abstract
 P0III-9Chizhik S.A., Suslov A.A., Pleskachevskii Yu.M., Chikunov V.V., Abetkovskaja S.O., Polevikov V.M., Zhuang Y., Akulich V.V. "Multifunctional scanning probe microscopy for hard coating characterization".    692 Kb Abstract
 P0III-10Buyakov I.F., Volzhankin V.M., Krauklis A.V., Samtsov P.P., Solntsev A.P. "Formation of Carbon Nanomaterials Under the Conditions Formed by Atmospheric Pressure High-Voltage Plasma".    92 Kb Abstract
 POIII-11Doroshko M.V., Penyazkov O.G., Ragotner K.A. "Shock tube studies of soot formation, structure and yield at pyrolysis of methane, acetylene and propane".    92 Kb Abstract
The list of the Posters POIV-1...POIV-11
 POIV-1K. Maeno. "Supersonic Mixing CO2 EDL".
 POIV-2P.K. Tretyakov, S.S. Vorontsov, A.F. Garanin and A.V. Tupikin. "Effect of CO2 laser radiation on hydrocarbon flame".    204 Kb Abstract
 POIV-3N.M. Kortsenshtein and E.V. Samuilov. "Numerical Modeling of Condensation Relaxation of Supersaturated Vapor under Static and Dynamic Conditions".    77 Kb Abstract
 POIV-4A.Zh. Naimanova, A.O. Beketaeva. "Supersonic Flow over a wall with Transverse Air Injection".    211 Kb Abstract
 POIV-5V.F.Kuropatenko. "Hydromechanics of Multicomponent Multiphase Compressible Media".    82 Kb Abstract
 POIV-6-1A.A. Sokolsky, V.I. Sadchikov. "On the acoustics of a high-speed rotating compressible fluid".    95 Kb Abstract
 POIV-6-2A.A. Sokolsky. "The Riemann-type solution for nonadiabatic gas in the gravitational field".    137 Kb Abstract
 POIV-7O.S. Rabinovich, P.S. Grinchuk, M.A. Andreev, B.B. Khina. "Regimes of synthesis in nanoscale multi-layer Ni/Al films on a substrate".    117 Kb Abstract    411 Kb Full
 POIV-8A.I. Pushkarev, G.E. Remnev, D.V. Ponomarev. "Research of composite nanosized oxides
(TiO2)x(SiO2)1-x and Si-C-Ox synthesized using a non-equilibrium plasmochemical process".    207 Kb Abstract    2070 Kb Full
 POIV-9-1B.B. Khina. "Non-equilibrium diffusion mass transfer during mechanical alloying and its effect on subsequent SHS".    33 Kb Abstract
 POIV-9-2B.B. Khina. "Modelling interaction kinetics during SHS in thin-film Ni-Al system: a diagram of phase formation mechanisms".    33 Kb Abstract
 POIV-9-3B.B. Khina and B. Formanek. "A micromechanistic criterion for changeover of interaction mechanisms during SHS of refractory interstitial phases (carbides, nitrides)".    21 Kb Abstract    315 Kb Full
 POIV-10B.S. Seplyarskii, S.V. Kostin, T.P. Ivleva. "Theoretical analysis of the hot spot ignition of gaseous suspension of solid particles in the mixture of combustible gas and oxidizer".    25 Kb Abstract
 POIV-11Smetannikov A.S. "Numerical simulation of high-velocity impact in anti-meteorite protection systems of space vehicles".    297 Kb Abstract    990 Kb Full
List of Permanent 4-days Posters
  Selected Publications of REM SOLOUKHIN    189 Kb 
 P-3A.K. Oppenheim and R.I. Soloukhin EXPERIMENTS IN GASDYNAMICS OF EXPLOSIONS    742 Kb 
 P-4T.V. Bazhenova and R. I. Soloukhin GAS IGNITION BEHIND THE SHOCK WAVE   709 Kb 
 P-5K.L. Stepanov and S.M. Zen’kevich. "Similarity solution for one-dimensional strong explosion in the perfect gas".    48 Kb Abstract    354 Kb Full
 P-6K.L. Stepanov, Yu.A. Stankevich, L.K. Stanchits and S.M. Zen'kevich. "Generalized method of the partial characteristics for description of radiation transfer in high-temperature gas dynamics".    64 Kb Abstract    230 Kb Full
 P-7S.M. Zen'kevich, K.L. Stepanov. "Numerical simulation of strong explosion dynamics using multiprocessing systems".    193 Kb Abstract
 P-8S.A. Isaev, A.I. Leontiev, A.G. Sudakov, P.A. Baranov. "Numerical simulation of supersonic flow around a dimpled surface".    183 Kb Abstract    355 Kb Full
 P-9Yu.V. Zhukova, V.L. Zhdanov and S.A. Isaev. "Effect of the plates surrounding a circular cylinder on its aerodynamic characteristics and heat transfer".    173 Kb Abstract
 P-10A.D. Chorny, V.L. Zhdanov and E.Hassel. "Turbulent transfer of passive admixture in a jet mixer ".    104 Kb Abstract
 P-11E.I. Lavinskaya. "Cat for 3d field reconstruction".    73 Kb Abstract
 P-12XIE XingHua, LI XiaoJie, Huang WenYao, Ge DeXue, Wang DongFan and Wang Meng. "Unconventional emulsion explosives with low detonation velocities".    266 Kb Full
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