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Volume 72

Volume 72, Number 1 (January-February, 1999)
Volume 72, Number 2 (March-April, 1999)
Volume 72, Number 3 (May-June, 1999)
Volume 72, Number 4 (July-August, 1999)
Volume 72, Number 5 (September-October, 1999)
Volume 72, Number 6 (November-December, 1999)-->

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Scientific-engineering and theoretical developments (Rus in KOI8-R) in the field of heat and mass transfer
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Number 1


Heat Exhcnage of Dynamic Powder Beds with a Heat-Transfer Surface. I. A Helical Screw Conveyer and a Horizontal Rotating Cylinder - D. C. Pashkevich, Yu. I. Alekseev, A. A. Moiseenko, and S. M. Radchenko ... 1 3 Heat Exchange of Dynamic Powder Beds with a Heat-Transfer Surface. II. A Dust-Laden Gas Flow - D. C. Pashkevich, V. N. Krasnokutskii, V. B. Petrov, and V. L. Korolev ... 7 9 Some Aspects of the Stability of Vertical Pneumotransport of Solid Particles - Yu. S. Teplitskii and V. I. Kovenskii ... 11 13 Modeling of Nitrogen Oxide Release in Coal Combustion - B. S. Repic', Z'. G. Kostic', M. P. Martinovic', and A. B. Gaiger ... 18 20 Entropy Analysis of Filtration Flows - I. M. Ametov ... 24 26 Ultrafiltration in a Plane Channell with One Permeable Surface -V. I. Baikov and P. K. Znovets ... 30 32 Absorption of Particles in Filters of Water-Pipeline Purification Works - G. D. Reznikov ... 37 38 Mathematical Modeling of Evaporative Cooling of Water Films in Water-Cooling Towers - A. I. Petruchik and S. P. Fisenko ... 43 43 Burn-out of a Liquid under Conditions of Natural Convection - Yu. B. Zudin ... 50 50 A Mathematical Model of Erythrocyte Sedimentation in Capillaries - I. V. Yamaikina and E'. V. Ivashkevich ... 55 54 Analytical Calculation of the Conductivity of Highly Heterogeneous Media with Allowance for Percolation Phenomena - A. M. Mandel' ... 62 61 Modeling Grain Growth by the Monte Carlo Method on Isotropic Grids - M. Yu. Al'es, A. I. Varnavskii, and S. P. Kopysov ... 68 66 Numerical Implementation of a Freezing-Front Model for Water-Saturated Media That Includes the Dependence of the Phase-Transition Temperature on the Pressure and Concentration - B. N. Pavlov and E. E. Petrov ... 73 71 Temperature Field of a Two-Layer Cylinder with Volumetric Heat Sources and Nonstationary Boundaries - A. K. Sokolov ... 79 76 Nonlinear Properties of the Temperature Gradient in Problems of Wave Heat Transfer with Moving Boundaries - O. N. Shablovskii ... 84 80 Ejection-Induced Change in the Structure of a Turbulent Wake - V. L. Zhdanov ... 92 88 Scattering of Radiation in an Anisotropic Turbulent Medium - E. I. Lavinskaya, E. F. Nogotov, and N. A. Fomin ... 100 96 Investigation of the Effect of Moisture on Polymer Composites by the Method of Thermogravimetry - T. A. Starzhenetskaya and N. N. Davydova ... 106 102 Effect of the PLAZMAZER Plazma Ignition System on the Fuel Combustion Regimes in Combustion Chambers of Engines - V. P. Vovk, A. A. Egorov, and V. N. Shkatulo ... 109 105 Mathematical Simulation of the Bleeding-In of a Gas into a Tokamak Reactor - O. N. Aleksandrova and N. V. Pashatskii ... 121 117 Strength Characteristics of Coatings in Electric-Arc Metallization - M. S. Tret'yak and V. V. Chuprasov ... 125 121 Volt-Ampere Characteristics of a Longitudinally Blown Self-Adjusting Arc in Plasma Generators with a Rod Cathode - A. M. Esipchuk, L. P. Podenok, E. I. Yurinok, and O. I. Yas'ko ... 129 126 Calculation of the Temperature Field in Laser Irradiation of a Laminar Composite - A. A. Evtushenko, E. G. Ivanik, and S. J. Matysiak ... 135 132 Formation of a Film-Substrate Interface in the Silicon-Diamond System - L. O. Meleshko ... 142 138 Extraction from Solid Materials in an Electromagnetic Field of Superhigh Frequencies - V. V. Beloborodov ... 145 141 The Problem of Monitoring the Leakage of a Heat Carrier - I. A. Zhvaniya and V. G. Kashiya ... 152 147 A Device for Uniaxial Orientation of Gelatinous Media and for Measuring the Anisotropy of Their Physical Properties - A. S. Prishchepov and S. G. Prokopenko ... 158 152 Calculation of Working Loads and Evaluation of the Service Life for Icebreaker Stern Bearings - B. F. Klochkov and V. G. Muramovich ... 162 156 Stationary Temperature Mode of an Anisotropic Thermoelectric Refrigerator Based on the Bridgeman Effect - V. G. Okhrem ... 167 161 A Thermal Problem of Friction for a Half-Space with a Crack - A. A. Evtushenko and V. M. Zelenyak ... 170 164

Number 2


Emission Method of Investigation of the Cell Structure of Multifront Gas Detonation - O. V. Achasov and O. G. Penyaz'kov ... 177 201 Conjugate Problem of Thermal Explosion - R. Sh. Gainutdinov ... 181 206 Skew Shock Wave on the Interface between Two Polytropic Gases - S. K. Andilevko ... 186 210 Skew Shock Wave on a Gas-Solid Body Interface - S. K. Andilevko ... 194 218 Heating Kinetics of a Plane-Parallel Light- Scattering Layer -E. I. Vitkin and A. P. Ivanov ... 204 228 Heating of a Structure by a Moving Plasma Source - V. F. Obesnyuk, N. V. Pashatskii, and S. V. Osovets ... 208 232 Pulse Method of Measuring the Thermal Diffusivity of Spherical Samples - S. V. Buzilov and L. D. Zagrebin ... 212 236 Lag in the Temperature Measurement System in Performing Fractional Distillation of Petroleum Products - O. N. Zharkova, I. A. Dimudu, and G. N. Abaev ... 216 240 A Stochastic Model of Disperse Systems - S. V. Mavrin, A. V. Sten'gach, and A. A. Potanin ... 222 245 Experimental Evaluation of the Crack Resistance of Glass-Filled Polyamide under Cold Climatic Conditions - F. I. Babenko and A. K. Rodionov ... 229 251 Modeling of the Pyrolysis Process of Coal Particles - G. Ya. Gerasimov ... 231 253 Properties of ED-8P Resin-Based Powder Compositions - V. V. Komar', L. V. Vyacheslavova, and Yu. M. Pokotilo ... 238 260 Mathematical Model of Solvent Electrodesorption from Capillary-Porous Materials under Decreased Pressure of the Medium - V. A. Lashkov, T. G. Khasanov, and R. G. Safin ... 244 266 Thermal Field of an Oil Bed in a Nonstationary Pressure Field - A. R. Sabitov and R. F. Sharafutdinov ... 250 271 Derivation and Numerical Solution of a System of Equations for the Single-Point Probability Density and Conventional Rate of Dissipation of Turbulent Pulsations of a Scalar Field - V. A. Babenko, V. A. Sosinovich, and Yu. V. Zhukova ... 254 275 Modeling of the Limiting Regime of Stabilization of the Average Velocity of a Turbulent Flow in a Rotating Straight Circular Tube - A. F. Kurbatskii and S. V. Poroseva ... 268 289 Wall Boundary Layer in a Stratified Medium - K. E. Dzhaugashtin and A. Zh. Naimanova ... 273 294 Effect of the Configuration of a Discharged Jet on the Change in the Base Pressure of a Model and the Strouhal Number in the Wake - V. L. Zhdanov ... 281 301 Some Particular Cases of the Two-Dimensional Integrodifferential Equation of Particle Transfer - A. I. Moshinskii ... 285 305 Disperse Systems with Suspended Particles: the Problem of Scaling and Hydrodynamic-Similarity Numbers - Yu. S. Teplitskii and V. I. Kovenskii ... 292 312 Conductive-Convective Heat Transfer in Disperse Systems with Suspended Particles - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 297 317 "Efficiency" of a Plate from the Viewpoint of the Transmissive Capacities of the Mass-Transfer Stages - V. V. Zakharenko, Yu. A. Malysheva, and A. L. Khandazhinskaya ... 303 323 Effect of the Nonisothermicity of the Wall on Heat Transfer in Jet Wetting - Yu. B. Zudin ... 309 329 Mixing in a System of Plane Cocurrent Jets of an Incompressible Liquid over the Main Portion - A. I. Kuz'min and S. S. Kharchenko ... 313 333 Heat Transfer to a Laminar Flow of Toluene of Supercritical Pressure in the Region of Development of High-Frequency Thermoacoustic Instability - Ch. M. Verdiev ... 321 340 Elongation Flow of a Viscoelastic Jet under Conditions of External Friction - V. M. Shapovalov ... 329 348 Investigation Based on the Use of Several Models as a General Method of Physical Modeling - V. V. Kharchenko ... 337 355 Natural Convection of a Conducting Liquid in a Spherical Layer. II. Method of Solution. Calculated Results - S. V. Solov'ev, V. K. Bulgakov, and S. V. Kuznetsov ... 341 359 Applicability of the St. Venant Principle in the Theory of Thin Elastic Envelopes under the Effect of Force and Temperature - B. V. Nerubailo and T. B. Nerubailo ... 348 365 Determination of Conditions for Development and Growth of a Metastable Diamond Phase of Carbon and Absence of Stable Graphite Phase - L. O. Meleshko ... 364 380

Number 3


Determination of the Thermal Conductivity of Foam Aluminum - A. N. Abramenko , A. S. Kalinichenko , Y. Burtser , V. A. Kalinichenko , S. A. Tanaeva , and I. P. Vasilenko ... 369 397 Measurement of the Thermal Activity of Dielectric Liquids with an Accuracy of 104 - P. V. Lebedev-Stepanov and G. G. Spirin ... 374 402 Experimental Investigation of Air Cooling of a Conductive Calorimeter - L. I. Vorob'ev , T. G. Grishchenko , and L. V. Dekusha ... 381 409 Thermal Conductivity of Caproic Acid Esters at High Pressures as a Function of the Temperature - R. A. Mustafaev , M. A. Guseinov , and T. P. Musaev ... 384 412 Hydrodynamics of Two-Chamber Vortex Dryers with Counter-Colliding Twisted Flows of a Gaseous Suspension - A. V. Akulich ... 392 420 A Modified Quasistationary Method of Describing the Kinetics of Drying of Hygroscopic Materials - G. I. Efremov ... 396 424 Application of Numerical Methods in Solving Problems of Interrelated Heat and Mass Transfer and Transformation of Structure in Easily Deformable Natural Systems - V. A. Sychevskii ... 401 429 Physical Features of Acoustic Drying of Wood - V. N. Glaznev , I. V. Koptyug , and Yu. G. Korobeinikov ... 409 437 Transition from the Regime of Low Rates of Filtration Combustion of Gases to the Regime of High Rates with a Pressure Increase - K. V. Dobrego , S. A. Zhdanok , A. V. Krauklis , E. I. Khanevich , and A. I. Zaruba ... 412 440 Numerical Simulation of the Hemodynamics and Biomechanics of the Arterial System - A. S. Podol'tsev and Z. P. Shul'man ... 422 450 Bubble Growth Rate and Phenomenon of Degenerate Boiling of a Fluid in the Form of Film Vaporization - A. R. Dorokhov and V. I. Zhukov ... 430 458 Model of Heat Transfer in Bubble Boiling - Yu. B. Zudin ... 438 466 Numerical Modeling of Droplet Deposition in Channels of Intricate Shape - E. F. Shurgal'skii and I. Kh. Enikeev ... 445 473 Distribution of the Parameters over the Vertical in a Break-Through Wave - M. I. Abu-Khalava and M. T. Gladyshev ... 455 482 Break-Through Wave over a Deformable Bottom - M. I. Abu-Khalava and M. T. Gladyshev ... 459 486 Vibrational Processes in Mechanical Systems - M. D. Martynenko , N. A. Dokukova , and L. I. Boiko ... 464 491 Displacement of Bodies with Tossing on a Vibrating Surface - N. A. Dokukova and M. D. Martynenko ... 469 495 Waves in Charged Thin Plates - I. N. Aliev , O. V. Gur'yanova , and V. Yu. Temlyantsev ... 474 499 Numerical Solution of the Problem of Diffusion of a Low-Molecular Weight Substance a Polymer Material with a Moving Phase Boundary - G. A. Aminova , G. V. Manuiko , G. S. D'yakonov , and V. F. Sopin ... 477 502 Skew Shock Wave at the Interface of Two Media - S. K. Andilevko ... 482 507 Glancing Shock Wave as a Limiting Case of Irregular Reflection - S. K. Andilevko ... 491 515 Erosion of Steels and Alloys in Their Collision with a Flux of Abrasive Particles - L. I. Urbanovich and E. M. Kramchenkov ... 496 519 Determination of the Temperature Field of a Metal Barrier in Collision with an Erodent Particle - L. I. Urbanovich and E. M. Kramchenkov ... 503 526 Natural Convection of the Earth Liquid Core in the Presence of Internal Heat Sources - S. V. Solov'ev ... 511 533 Special Features of the Processes of Heat and Mass Transfer under a Shelf Glacier - O. V. Nagornov and O. V. Sergienko ... 524 545 A Method of Paired Integral Equations in the Region of Laplace Transforms for Solving Nonstationary Heat Conduction Problems with Mixed Discontinuous Boundary Conditions - N. I. Yurchuk , V. P. Kozlov , and P. A. Mandrik ... 534 555 Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Improving the Aerodynamic Efficiency of Profiles due to the Suction in Vortex Cells - P. A. Baranov , S. A. Isaev , Yu. S. Prigorodov , and A. G. Sudakov ... 550 572 Modeling of the Return of Turbulence to an Isotropic State - E. P. Sukhovich ... 554 576 Cleaning of Air of Ethyl Acetate Impurity with the Aid of a Pulsed Corona Discharge - S. A. Zhdanok , A. I. Zaruba , N. A. Zarutskaya , A. V. Krauklis , A. N. Ovcharenko , A. P. Solntsev , and E. I. Khanevich ... 561 584 Equilibrium and Kinetic Properties of an Atomic-Molecular Plasma - Yu. A. Vyzhol , I. A. Mulenko , and A. L. Khomkin ... 564 587 Influence of Electric-Current Pulses on the Operation of Sources of Twinning Dislocations in Bismuth Single Crystals - O. M. Ostrikov ... 569 592 Multisalt-Carbon Chemical Cooler for Space Applications - L. Vasil'ev , D. Nikanpour , A. Antukh , K. Snelson , L. Vasil'ev ,Jr. , and A. Lebru ... 572 595

Number 4


Calculation of Temperature Fields and Thermal Conductivity in Structurized Systems - G. P. Brovka and V. A. Sychevskii ... 579 607 Study of the Processes of Mechanical-Thermal Treatment of Food Dispersed Materials - V. A. Shulyak and D. I. Berezyuk ... 586 614 Kinetics of the Wood Impregnation Process. Modeling and Experiment - M. A. Brich , V. P. Kozhin , and V. K. Shchitnikov ... 590 618 Stability of Filtration Combustion in a Cylindrical Radiation Heater with a Porous Working Medium - K. V. Dobrego , S. A. Zhdanok , A. V. Krauklis , E. I. Khanevich , A. I. Zaruba , D. V. Sakhnovich , and A. N. Ovcharenko ... 599 627 Identification of the Vortex Mechanism of Front Stabilization in Modeling of Asymmetric Flow of an Incompressible Fluid along a Cylinder with a Protruding Disk - ... V. K. Bobyshev , S. V. Guvernyuk , and S. A. Isaev 606 634 Use of Carbon Fibrous Sorbent in an Adsorption Refrigerator - V. M. Khaustov ... 612 641 Effect of Coriolis Forces on Nonstationary Incompressible Viscous Liquid Flow in a Channel - G. V. Dashkov and V. D. Tyutyuma ... 617 646 Hydrodynamic Drag of a Hydrosol Spheroid-Shaped Particle Heated by Internal Heat Sources at Small Reynolds Numbers - N. V. Malai ... 623 651 Self-Oscillating Process of Heat Exchange with Periodic Intensity - Yu. B. Zudin ... 628 656 Simulation of Correlation of Shear Rates with Pressure Fluctuations in the Equation for Reynolds Stresses - E. P. Sukhovich ... 635 663 Numerical Analysis of the Wind Regime in the Neighborhood of Pulkovo Airport - S. A. Isaev, L. Yu. Belousova , and P. A. Baranov ... 644 672 Rise of an Elipsoidal Air Bubble (a Thermal) in the Atmosphere - L. G. Kaplan , E. I. Nesis , and A. P. Yakshin ... 650 678 Modeling of the Impact Dynamics of Large Meteoric Bodies on the Surface of the Planet - F. N. Borovik , G. S. Romanov , and A. S. Smetannikov ... 658 686 Critical Angle of Regular Interaction upon Collision of two Unidentical Strong Skew Shock Waves in a Gas with a Constant Polytropic Index - S. K. Andilevko ... 669 697 Interaction of two Nonidentical Converging Skew Shock Waves in a Gas with a Constant Polytropic Index - S. K. Andilevko ... 673 700 Ideal Tensile Strength of Metals on the Basis of a Generalized Van der Waals Equation - M. M. Martynyuk ... 682 709 Special Features of the Temperature Mode of Steel Parts in Surface-Strengthening Grinding - M. L. German , M. S. Zheludkevich , and V. D. Efremov ... 687 714 Nonlinear Physical Characteristics of a High-Voltage Electric Discharge in a Two-Phase Liquid - K. Kusaiynov and S. E. Sakipova ... 693 720 Effective Absorption Coefficient of a Selective Medium within a Finite Spectral Range with Regard for Scattering - M. I. German , D. Lempert , V. P. Nekrasov , E. F. Nogotov , and S. Rozin ... 702 728 Evaluation of the Selective Absorption Band of Waves in a Two-Layer Dielectric-Metal System - E. R. Kasimov , M. A. Sadykhov , R. M. Kasimov , and Ch. O. Kadzhar ... 709 736 Qualitative Analysis of the Possibility of Ignition of Controllable Thermonuclear Fusion - B. A. Barikhin ... 713 739 Current-Voltage Characteristics of a Three-Phase One-Chamber Alternating Current Plasmatron - V. B. Kovshechnikov ... 715 741 Study of the Properties of Magnetorheological Suspensions Based on Amorphous Magnetic Powders - G. N. Baranov , S. S. Grabchikov , S. Jacobs , N. A. Zhuravskii , D. E. Polesskii , and I. V. Prokhorov ... 718 745 Behavior of a System of Uniaxial Ferroparticles in a Rotating Fluid Matrix - B. E. Kashevskii ... 722 749 Similarity of Transfer Processes in Disperse Systems with Suspended Particles - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 729 757 Analysis of the Efficiency of Rectifying Plates in Cross Motion of Phases - V. N. Pavlechko ... 736 764 Modeling of Paraffin Deposition in Flow of a Gas-Oil Mixture in Tubes - V. Sh. Shagapov and N. G. Musakaev ... 744 771 Alternative Form of Generalized Transfer Laws - V. A. Etkin ... 748 775 Conjugate Problems of Unsteady Heat and Mass Conduction under Varying External Conditions - A. I. Nakorchevskii ... 755 782 Thermal Model "Melt-Nucleus" and Study of the Characteristics of the Transition Zone under the Effect of the Electronic Structure of the 3d-Elements in Aluminum - A. N. Chichko and Yu. V. Yatskevich ... 766 792 Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling of Cooling of a Casting and Selection of the Runner of a Gating System Based on the Heat Conduction Equation - A. N. Chichko and Yu. V. Yatskevich ... 771 797 Vortex Motions of Solid Media in Dynamic Problems of the Elasticity Theory - V. A. Andrushchenko , V. A. Goloveshkin , and N. N. Kholin ... 776 802

Number 5


Thermal Conductivity of Nitrogen at High Pressures and Atmospheric Pressure: Refinement of Generalized Data - O. A. Kolenchits ... 785 815 New Integral Representations of Analytical Solutions to Boundary-Value Problems of Nonstationary Transfer in Regions with Moving Boundaries - E. M. Kartashov ... 794 825 Method of Canonical Elements for Modeling Transfer Processes in Multiply Connected Regions of an Arbitrary Shape - N. I. Nikitenko and Yu. N. Kol'chik ... 808 837 Concerning the Equations of the Acoustics of Moving Media - A. I. Shnip ... 815 844 Level Recovery Curve in the Relaxation Theory of Filtration - O. Yu. Dinariev ... 821 850 Limit Form of the Equation of Anisotropic Heat Conduction in a Layer - A. I. Moshinskii ... 827 855 Solution of a Problem Concerning the Distribution of Gas Molecules in a Layer with Mirror Boundary Conditions - A. V. Latyshev and G. V. Slobodskoi ... 833 862 Viscoelastic Properties of Magnetorheological Fluids - V. I. Kordonskii , S. A. Demchuk , and V. A. Kuz'min ... 841 870 Dynamic Characteristics of Hydraulic Brake Devices with Magnetorheological Control - A. V. Luk'yanovich , D. E. Polesskii , and I. V. Prokhorov ... 845 874 Numerical Modeling of Filling of an Axisymmetric Channel with a Nonlinear Viscoplastic Fluid with Allowance for the P-Effect - K. A. Chekhonin and P. A. Sukhinin ... 851 881 Modeling of Equation for the Dissiption Rate of the Reynolds Stresses - E. P. Sukhovich ... 856 886 Dynamic Characteristics of Pulsating Turbulent Flow of Compressible Gas in a Channel - E. P. Valueva ... 865 896 Aerodynamic Excitation of Same-Type Narrow-Band Pulsations in Various Technical Devices - V. A. Vishnyakov , V. G. Zasetskii , R. K. Karavosov , A. G. Prozorov , and L. I. Sokolinskii ... 871 902 Approximate Method for Calculating Turbulent Two-Phase Flow in a Channel with Permeable Walls - K. N. Volkov and V. N. Emel'yanov ... 876 907 Vehicular Applications of Solid Sorbents for Natural Gas Storage - L. L. Vasil'ev , L. E. Kanonchik , and D. A. Mishkinis ... 884 915 Gel Formation in Ultrafiltration in a Plane Channel with one Permeable Surface - V. I. Baikov and P. K. Znovets ... 891 923 Effect of Wall-Temperature Distribution on Heat Transfer in Centrifugal Flow in the Gap between Parallel Rotating Disks - I. V. Shevchuk ... 896 927 Effect of Scattering on the Contour of the Radiation Line of a Plane Layer of a Selective Medium - M. L. German , D. Lempert , V. P. Nekrasov , E. F. Nogotov , and S. Rozin ... 900 931 Calculation of Radiative Transfer in Nongray Gas Using Narrow-Band Model and Monte Carlo Simulation - M. Cherkaoui , M. Asbik , and A. Khmou ... 905 937 Thermophysical Effects in Photodynamic Tumor Therapy - V. N. Bidnenko and V. L. Sigal ... 915 946 Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Laser Radiation on the Plasma of a Welding Arc - V. N. Startsev ... 920 951 Modeling of a Direct-Current Arc in a Plasmatron with Step Electrodes - A. F. Bublievskii , O. I. Yas'ko , and E. I. Yurinok ... 927 958 Effect of Irradiation by Boron Ions on the Character of Realization of Twinning and Slip under Prolonged (More than 60 sec) Loading of Single Crystals of Bismuth - O. M. Ostrikov ... 935 967 Analysis of Highly Efficient Methods of Treatment in Design of Technological Complexes - L. M. Akulovich , L. M. Kozhuro , M. L. Kheifets , and E. Z. Zeveleva ... 939 971 Minimization of Mismatch in Metal Holding in Reverbatory Furnaces - V. B. Kovalevskii and S. M. Kozlov ... 947 980 Hardness of Coatings of Various Filler Materials in Electric-Arc Metallization - M. S. Tret'yak and V. V. Chuprasov ... 950 983 Evaluation of the Contact Temperature and Wear of a Composite Friction Pad in Braking - A. A. Evtushenko and E. G. Ivanik ... 955 988 Friction of Solid Bodies with Formation of a Melt Layer - A. A. Shugai ... 963 995 Increasing the Performance Characteristics of a Cutter Used to Saw Diamond Crystals - V. K. Goncharov , M. G. Kiselev , V. T. Minchenya , and M. V. Puzyrev ... 972 1004 Piezoelectric Effect in Composite Implants for Replacement of Bony Tissue - V. I. Dubkova , V. I. Alekseenko , O. P. Chudakov , A. V. Glinnik , and O. I. Maevskaya ... 976 1008 Influence of Weather Conditions on the Power of Heat Removal by the Emergency Cooling System of a Reactor - L. I. Kolykhan , Yu. V. Klimenkov , Ya. A. Golubnichii , P. P. Khramtsov , V. S. Burak , and I. A. Shikh ... 983 1015 Heat and Mass Exchange in Combustion of a Liquid Combustible Material in a Room with an Open Aperture - S. V. Puzach ... 992 1025 Concerning Self-Excited Oscillations in Frontal Combustion of a Fuel Mixture in a Resonator with Lumped Parameters - V. N. Gladyshev ... 1000 1033 Hydrodynamics of a Circulating Fluidized Bed - Yu. S. Teplitskii and V. I. Kovenskii ... 1008 1041

Number 6


Foreword ... 1015 Wide-Range Equations of State of Granite and Water with Allowance for Evaporation, Dissociation, and Ionization - F. N. Borovik and G. S. Romanov ... 1017 Theoretical Study of the Curve of the Melting Point of Iron with Allowance for Ionization by Pressure - F. N. Borovik and G. S. Romanov ... 1025 Calculation of Thermodynamic and Optical Properties of the Vapors of Cosmic Bodies Entering the Earth's Atmosphere - I. B. Kosarev ... 1030 Calculculation of the Optical Characteristics of a Multicomponent Multiply Charged Plasma - G. S. Romanov and V. I. Tolkach ... 1039 Calculation of Radiation Characteristics of Diatomic and Some Triatomic Molecules - G. S. Romanov and V. I. Tolkach ... 1047 Average Absorption Coefficients and Mean Free Paths of Radiation of the Continuous Spectrum in the Region of Multiple and Total Ionization - S. I. Kas'kova and G. S. Romanov ... 1054 Averaging of the Equations of Thermal-Radiation Transfer in a Plasma - S. I. Kas'kova and G. S. Romanov ... 1059 Integral Transfer of Radiation of the Actual Spectrum in Problems of Radiative Plasmadynamics - K. L. Stepanov, L. N. Panasenko, G. S. Romanov, Yu. A. Stankevich, and L. K. Stanchits ... 1065 Modeling of Solar-Radiation Transfer in the Spherical System of Atmosphere-Earth's Surface - A. B. Gavrilovich, G. S. Romanov, and V. P. Busygin ... 1075 Mathematical Modeling of the Passage of the Nucleonic-Nuclear Component of Cosmic Radiation through the Earth's Atmosphere - G. V. Miloshevskii and G. S. Romanov ... 1083 Self-Similar Solutions of One-Dimensional Problems of Gas Filtration with a Quadratic Resistance Law - N. A. Kudryashov and A. F. Shevyakov ... 1090 Formation of a Snow-Firn Layer in Surface Melting of Snow - N. A. Kudryashov, I. K. Alekseeva, and O. V. Nagornov ... 1099 Experimental Modeling of the Breakup of Meteoroids in the Earth's Atmosphere - G. S. Romanov, M. S. Tret'yak, and V. V. Chuprasov ... 1107 Radiation of Strong Shock Waves Propagating in the Earth's Atmosphere - K. L. Stepanov, Yu. A. Stankevich, and L. K. Stanchits ... 1111 Numerical Simulation of a Hypersonic Gas Flow Past Cosmic Bodies during Their Passage through Dense Atmospheric Layers - V. E. Okunev and G. S. Romanov ... 1121 Numerical Study of Asteroid Impact on the Earth's Surface with Allowance for Gravitation and Radiation Energy Transfer - G. S. Romanov and A. S. Smetannikov ... 1131 Mathematical Simulation of Gravitational Waves in the Ocean in the Approximation of "Shallow Water" - N. A. Kudryashov, Yu. I. Syts'ko, and S. A. Chesnokov ... 1142 Numerical Modeling of Gravitational Waves in the Ocean by the Double-Layer Potential Method - N. A. Kudryashov and Yu. I. Syts'ko ... 1148 Modeling of Cylindrically Symmetric Wave Structures in the Ocean - N. A. Kudryashov, A. A. Matveev, and Yu. I. Syts'ko ... 1155 Experimental Modeling of Volcanic Ejection with Formation of Mineral Filaments - A. N. Laktyushin, G. S. Romanov, and I. V. Khvedchin ... 1164 Chemical Processes in the Earth's Atmosphere Disturbed by Volcanic Ejection - S. I. Kas'kova and G. S. Romanov ... 1170 Numerical Simulation of Gasdynamic Processes and the Dynamics of Dust Particles in Catastrophic Volcanic Explosions by Applying TVD Schemes - I. M. Kozlov, G. V. Miloshevskii, G. S. Romanov, and A. E. Suvorov ... 1179 Mathematical Modeling of Jet Volcanic Eruption - M. A. Brich and G. S. Romanov ... 1188 REVIEWS Penetration of Large Meteoroids into the Atmosphere: Theory and Observations - I. V. Nemchinov, O. P. Popova, and A. V. Teterev ... 1194 Nonlinear Waves on Water and Theory of Solitons - N. A. Kudryashov ... 1224 INDEX Author Index, Volume 72, 1999 ... 1239 Tables of Contents, Volume 72, 1999 ... 1243