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Volume 75

Volume 75, Number 1 (January-February, 2002)
Volume 75, Number 2 (March-April, 2002)
Volume 75, Number 3 (May-June, 2002)
Volume 75, Number 4 (July-August, 2002)
Volume 75, Number 5 (September-October, 2002)
Volume 75, Number 6 (November-December, 2002)

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Scientific-engineering and theoretical developments (Rus in KOI8-R) in the field of heat and mass transfer
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Volume 75, Number 1

January-February, 2002


Some Problems on the Thermal State of the External 
Corium Catcher and on Selecting Its Optimum Structure - 
F. A. Akopov, A. S. Vlasov, L. A. Dombrovskii, L. I. Zaichik, Yu. A. 
Zeigarnik, V. N. Mineev, and O. M. Traktuev ... 1       3

Calculations of Temperatures, Stresses, and Strains 
in Heating of Thermally Massive Steel Products - V. I. Timoshpol'skii, 
I. A. Trusova, S. M. Kozlov, V. E. Rotenberg, and P. E. Ratnikov ... 9       9

Synergetic Approach to the Description of Structural 
Effects in Metals under Cyclic Thermal Actions - A. G. Anisovich 
and R. L. Tofpenets ... 18     15

Theory of Generalized Thermodynamic Systems with 
Memory - A. I. Shnip ... 26     21

Investigation of Wave Processes in a Thermoelastic 
Micropolar Solid Body by the Method of the Theory of Characteristics 
- M. D. Martynenko and S. M. Bosyakov ... 41     32

Method of Characteristics for Anisotropic Bodies 
with a Finite Velocity of Propagation of Heat - M. D. Martynenko 
and S. M. Bosyakov ... 48     37

Improvement of the Accuracy of the Large-Particle 
Method in Calculation of Motions of Energy-Saturated Media on Superposed 
Grids - V. V. Kondrashov ... 54     41

Numerical Modeling of Laminar Circulation Flow in 
a Cubic Cavity with a Moving Face
- S. A. Isaev, A. G. Sudakov, N. N. Luchko, T. V. Sidorovich, 
andV. B. Kharchenko ... 65     49

Numerical Modeling of Laminar Circulation Flow in 
a Square Cavity with a Moving
Boundary at High Reynolds Numbers - S. A. Isaev, A. G. Sudakov, 
N. N. Luchko, and T. V. Sidorovich ... 71     54

Calculation of the Outflow of a One-Velocity Heterogeneous 
Mixture into Vacuum
- V. S. Surov ... 81     61

Distinctive Features of Gasdynamics in Interaction 
of a Shock Wave with a Nonisothermal Gas Lock inside a Channel - 
 V. G. Puzach and S. V. Puzach ... 88     66

Excitation of Narrow-Band Pulsations in a Short Portion 
of Transition from the Smaller Diameter of a Pipe to a Larger Diameter 
and Possibilities of Preventing Them - V. G. Zasetskii, R. K. Karavosov, 
A. G. Prozorov, and L. I. Sokolinskii ... 94     71

Modeling of Rotating and Recirculation Flows on the Basis of a Hybrid 
Two-Parameter k - epsilon Model - V. A. Fafurin ... 101    76

Turbulent Convection in a Stratified Binary Mixture 
at a Vertical Surface - L. Kh. Ingel' ... 108    82

Natural Convection on a Moving Isothermal Vertical 
Plate with Chemical Reaction
- R. Muthukumaraswamy and P. Ganesan ... 113    86

Mathematical Model of Oil Displacement by Water with 
the Use of Polymer-Disperse Systems - A. Sh. Gazizov, A. I. Nikiforov, 
and A. A. Gazizov ... 120    91

Heat and Mass Transfer in the Well-Stratum System 
under the Electromagnetic Action on Massive Oil Deposits - 
F. L. Sayakhov, L. A. Kovaleva, and N. M. Nasyrov ... 126      95

Optimization of the Parameters of a Porous Coating under Conditions 
of Pool Boiling of Propane - M. N. Novikov ... 134    100

Influence of a Long Stay of the Heat-Release Surface in Kerosene 
on the Critical Heat Flux in Boiling in It under Steady-State 
and Step Conditions of Heat Release
- S. G. Obukhov ... 140    105

Boiling of Refrigerants on Differently Oriented Tubes 
Placed in Granular Beds - P. T. Petrik, E. Yu. Starikova, 
I. V. Dvorovenko, and A. R. Bogomolov ... 145    109

Complex Model of the Efficiency of Rectification 
Plates. 7. Interrelationship of Individual Parameters - 
V. N. Pavlechko ... 149    112

Phase Diagram of a Disperse System with Ascending 
Gas Flow - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 155    117

Cooling of a Plane-Parallel Disperse Layer - 
A. P. Ivanov and E. I. Vitkin ... 163    122

Procedure of Calculation of the Optical Characteristics 
of Selectively Radiating Gases - M. L. German, D. Lempert, 
V. P. Nekrasov, and E. F. Nogotov ... 171    128

Calculation of the Influence of the Injection Rate 
of Carriers on the Volt-Ampere Characteristics of the 
nc-Si/CaF2 Multilayer Structure by the Method of Parallel
Calculations - V. A. Sizyuk, G. V. Miloshevskii, 
and I. Yu. Smurov ... 178    133

Features of Segregation of Doping Impurities of V(a) 
Subgroup Elements on Angular Configurations of the Silicon/Silicon 
Dioxide Oxidation Boundary - G. A. Tarnavskii, S. I. Shpak, 
and M. S. Obrecht ... 190    142

Some Features of a Metallic Structure and Mechanisms 
of Its Destruction and Joining under Thermal and Mechanical Actions 
- E. M. Makushok and V. V. Kharchenko ... 198    148

Energy of Binding of Water and Ethyl Alcohol with 
Active Molecular Oxygen Formed as a Result of Contact of a Liquid 
with Coarsely Dispersed Natural Mineral Flint
- P. P. Olodovskii ... 209    156

Experimental-Statistical Investigation of Heat Exchange 
in a Cylindrical Mixing Chamber of a Three-Jet Plasma Reactor - 
O. O. Yas'ko, A. L. Mosse, A. F. Bublievskii,
A. V. Gorbunov, E. I. Yurinok, and E. M. Ermolaeva ... 219    163

Cathode Drop of the Potential of a Vacuum Arc of 
Metals - G. V. Markov ... 229    171

Temperature Error Component of the Recirculation 
Optical Range Finder Based on the Injection Laser - 
K. N. Korostik and A. S. Buiko ... 233    174

One Approach to the Analytical Solution of a Two-Dimensional 
Nonstationary Problem of Heat Conduction in Regions with Moving Boundaries 
on the Model of a Half-Space - V. P. Kozlov, P. A. Mandrik, 
and N. I. Yurchuk ... 243    181

Analytical Solution of Two-Dimensional Contact Problems 
of Unsteady Heat Conduction in the Presence of Mixed Boundary Conditions 
in the Contact Plane - P. A. Mandrik ... 250    186

Prediction of Migration of Radionuclides in the Iput 
River Basin - O. M. Zhukova, N. M. Shiryaeva, N. K. Myshkina, 
V. V. Denisova, and V. V. Skurat ... 256    191

Volume 75, Number 2

March-April, 2002


Numerical and Physical Modeling of Turbulent Flow in a 
Divergent Channel with a Vortex Cell - S. A. Isaev, 
P. A. Baranov, S. V. Guvernyuk, and M. A. Zubin... 269     3

Occurrence and Development of Vortices in Turbulent 
Jets under the Effect of Sawtooth Sound Waves of Finite Amplitude 
- V. G. Pimshtein... 277     9

Hydromagnetic Convection Flow through a Porous Medium 
in a Rotating Channel - D. V. Krishna, D. R. V. Prasada 
Rao, and A. S. Ramachandra Murthy... 281     12

Dynamics of Accumulation of Negative-Buoyancy 
Blowouts into the Atmosphere in Windless Weather - 
V. Sh. Shagapov and G. R. Galiaskarova... 292     22

Testing of a Multiblock Algorithm of Calculation of 
Nonstationary Laminar Separating Flows - S. A. Isaev, 
A. G. Sudakov, P. A. Baranov, and N. A Kudryavtsev... 300     28

Investigation of the Processes of Acceleration, Heating, and Melting
of the Particles of Refractory Materials in Gasdynamic Circuits of 
Torches for Flame Spraying - V. I. Timoshenko, 
I. S. Belotserkovets, V. P. Galinskii, V. Kh. Kadyrov, 
V. M. Kisel', and Yu. I. Evdokimenko... 310     36

Computer Simulation of the Structure of Disperse Systems by the 
Particle Method - N. M. Zvereva and V. A. Val'tsifer... 317     42

One-Velocity Heterogeneous Flow Near a Cone - V. S. Surov... 324     48

Statistical Dispersion Model to Describe the Processes 
in a Homogenizer of the "Liquid-Liquid"-Type - 
T. A. Baranova and V. A. Sosinovich... 331     53

Hydrodynamics of Rotory-Pulsation Apparatuses - 
A. I. Nakorchevskii, B. I. Basok, and T. S. Ryzhkova... 338     58

Stochastic-Deterministic Modeling of the Development of 
Hydrodynamic Instability in Filtration of Mixing Fluids - 
M. D. Noskov, A. D. Istomin, and A. G. Kesler... 352     69

Modeling of the Nonisothermal Impregnation of Wood and 
Other Porous Media by Fluids - M. A. Brich and V. P. Kozhin... 359     75

Use of Modified Relative Permeabilities for Hydrodynamic Calculations in 
Stratified Oil Beds - V. V. Eliseenskov and S. P. Plokhotnikov... 366     81

Chaotic Homogeneous Porous Media. 2. Theory of Dispersion Turbulence: 
Basic Propositions - A. P. Mozhaev... 371     85

Mathematical Model of Vacuum-Oscillating Drying of Lumber - 
R. G. Safin, V. A. Lashkov, L. G. Golubev, and R. R. Safin... 384     95

Rheodynamic Precision Surface Treatment Controlled by a Magnetic Field - 
N. A. Zhuravskii, D. E. Polesskii, and I. V. Prokhorov... 390     99

Viscoelastic Properties of Magnetorheological Elastomers in the Regime 
of Dynamic Deformation - S. A. Demchuk and V. A. Kuz'min... 396    104

Measurement of the Complex Compliance of Coating of Elastic Materials - 
V. M. Kulik, S. L. Morozova, and S. V. Rodyakin... 401    108

Flow of a Polymer Solution Between Two Rotating Rolls - 
D. A. Berezinskii and A. V. Kosterin... 406    112

Investigation of the Strength and Elastic Properties of Glass-Ceramic of a 
Lithium Alumosilicate Composition - E. I. Suzdal'tsev... 416    119

Laws of Formation of the Structure and Properties of 
Pyroceramic of a Lithium Alumosilicate Composition in the Process 
of Thermal Treatment - E. I. Suzdal'tsev... 424    125

Mathematical Modeling of the Heat-Transfer Intensity by the Methods of the 
Theory of Experiment Design - V. A. Levin, 
N. I. Sidnyaev, N. E. Afonina, and A. M. Kats... 432    132

Identification of Local Thermal Contact Resistances by Solving 
the Inverse Heat-Conduction Problems - Yu. M. Matsevityi, 
O. S. Tsakanyan, N. M. Kurskaya, and N. A. Koshevaya... 441    139

Employment of the Conjugate Equations of First and 
Second Order in Evaluating the Error of Solution of the 
Heat-Conduction Equation - A. K. Alekseev... 446    143

Performance Criteria for Analytical Calculation of the 
Nonstationary Temperature Field in the Active Element of an 
Electromagnet - V. S. Loginov and A. R. Dorokhov... 453    148

Stationary Problem of Contact Melting in the Presence of 
External Forces - I. M. Temukuev and M. K. Zhekamukhov... 458    152

Crystallization of Hexamethylene Tetramine in the Case 
of Continuous Increase in the Vacuum - V. A. Lashkov, 
E. A. Zainutdinov, R. G. Safin, and V. V. Buzuev... 465    157

Determination of the Specific Release in Polar Gases 
and Fluids in a Variable Electric Field - S. V. Bordusov, 
S. V. Spiridonov, and G. G. Starobinets... 471    161

Investigations of the Decaying Plasma of 
Electronegative Gases - S. A. Gutsev... 477    165

Spectrophotometric Method of Diagnosing Liquid-Fuel Rocket Engines - 
Yu. M. Golovin, F. S. Zavelevich, A. P. Kuchin, Yu. P. Matsitskii, 
K. B. Moshkin, and A. S. Romanovskii... 484    171

Chemical CW Lasers with an Extended Active Medium - I. A. Fedorov, S. V. Konkin, 
V. K. Rebone, M. A. Rotinyan, A. A. Belyaev, and Yu. P. Maximov... 491    177

Self-Cooling of a Gas, Absorbing Laser Radiation, Due to the Intensification of 
Photoabsorption Convection - G. V. Mishakov... 500    185

Consideration of Results on Superdeep Penetration of Particles into Metallic 
Obstacles - S. M. Usherenko, O. A. Dybov, and O. I. Koval'... 508    191

Photoemission Charging of a Collective of Aerosol 
Particles - L. A. Lyalin and K. I. Semenov... 514    196

Volume 75, Number 3

May-June, 2002


Numerical Simulation of Explosive Volcanic Eruption in the Initial Stage - N. A. Kudryashov, G. S. Romanov, and A. F. Shevyakov ... 521 3 Mixing of Particles in a Circulating Fluidized Bed - Yu. S. Teplitskii and E. F. Nogotov ... 529 9 Complex Model of the Efficiency of Rectification Plates. 8. Comparison with Other Models with Respect to Experimental Data - V. N. Pavlechko and E. I. Levdanskii ... 540 17 Calculation of the Flow of a Weakly Compressible Viscous Gas Using a Multiprocessor Computer System - A. M. Nemukhina and B. N. Chetverushkin ... 547 22 Stability of a Fluid-Filled Gyroscope - A. A. Gurchenkov ... 554 28 Experimental Studies of the Influence of a High-Frequency Electromagnetic Field on the Convection of Fluids in a Vertical Tube - M. A. Fatykhov and A. R. Zinnatullin ... 561 33 Symmetries of Cylindrical Equations of Hydrodynamics and Convective Heat Exchange - A. A. Avramenko and B. I. Basok ... 566 37 Motion of a Heated Spheroidal Particle at Low Reynolds Numbers - N. V. Malai ... 575 44 Analysis of the Efficiency of Control of Flow about Bodies Using Vortex Cells with Allowance for Energy Expenditure - S. A. Isaev, Yu. S. Prigorodov, and A. G. Sudakov ... 579 47 Model of the Surface of Equal Concentration in a Turbulent Reacting Flow - Yu. V. Zhukova and V. A. Sosinovich ... 584 51 Numerical Modeling of the Three-Dimensional Unsteady Convection of a Silicon Melt in a Vessel Typical of Czochralski-Method Apparatuses - N. G. Ivanov and E. M. Smirnov ... 599 63 Thermal and Stressed States of a Tube in Transportation of Liquid Sodium - A. V. Minov ... 608 70 Method of Characteristics for the Dynamic Thermoelastic Problem of a Cubically Anisotropic Body in Stresses - M. D. Martynenko and S. M. Bosyakov ... 614 74 Conjugate Heat Exchange of Cooled Polymer Films in Jet Pressing of Them against a Drum - V. G. Gorobets ... 624 82 Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Polymerization of Butadiene on a Cobalt Catalyst in the Periodic Regime - G. A. Aminova, G. V. Manuiko, G. I. Litvinenko, V. L. Zolotorev, G. S. D'yakonov, T. V. Ignashina, V. V. Davydova, and O. A. Antonova ... 632 89 Dispersion Phenomenon in Extruding a Material from a Vessel through a Narrow Hole - M. K. Zhekamukhov and L. Z. Shukhova ... 641 96 Solution of the Problem of Identification of the Process of Heating of Cylindrically Shaped Bodies in Industrial Furnaces - V. B. Kovalevskii, I. A. Koval'kova, and A. T. Koval'kov ... 646 100 Refined Formulas for Determination of the Inverse Laplace Transform Using Fourier Series and Their Use in Problems of Heat Conduction - V. N. Maksimovich and T. Ya. Solyar ... 648 102 Analytical Solution of a Nonhomogeneous Kinetic Equation with a Variable Frequency of Collisions - A. V. Latyshev, V. N. Popov, and A. A. Yushkanov ... 651 104 Analytical Solution of the Nonhomogeneous Kinetic Equation in the Problem of Isothermal Slip of a Rarefied Gas along a Solid Spherical Surface - V. N. Popov ... 655 107 On Allowance for Energy Accommodation in Calculating the Heat Flux from a Spherical Particle at Arbitrary Knudsen Numbers - S. A. Savkov ... 661 111 Chemical Deposition on Aerosol Particles - V. V. Levdanskii, J. Smolik, P. Moravec, and V. Zdimal ... 670 118 Simulation of Adsorption and Absorption Processes Based on Phenomenological Thermodynamics - A. V. Tvardovskii and V. Yu. Yakovlev ... 676 122 Investigation of the Dynamics of Evaporation of Condensed Bodies on the Basis of the Law of Spectral-Radiation Intensity of Particles - N. I. Nikitenko ... 684 128 Problem of Modeling of the Interaction of Nonstationary Electric, Thermal, and Diffusion Fields in Layered Media - N. N. Grinchik and V. A. Tsurko ... 693 135 Determination of the Chemical Potential of Mass- and Heat-Transfer Processes in Porous Bodies - V. V. Beloborodov ... 700 141 Coolers Based on Solid Sorbents - L. L. Vasil'ev, Jr. ... 706 146 Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Heat and Moist Treatment of Concrete and Reinforced-Concrete Products - S. V. Frolov and A. V. Lagutin ... 712 151 High-Temperature-Head Hydroaerodynamic Heat Exchanger - O. I. Rakitin ... 719 156 Dynamics of a Shock Wave in Laser-Induced Surface Air Breakdown - A. M. Chumakov, A. M. Petrenko, and N. A. Bosak ... 725 161 Plasma Electron Source with a Beam of Large Cross Section - V. A. Gruzdev, V. G. Zalesski, D. A. Antonovich, and Yu. P. Golubev ... 732 166 Features of Formation of Resistive States with Abnormally Small Temperature Coefficients of Electrical Resistance in the Heterogeneous Systems FeSi-FeSi2 - V. V. Kryuk, A. V. Pilyugin, A. A. Povzner, and I. N. Sachkov ... 738 171 Effect of Retardation of the Transfer of Sr-89 to the Body of Rats Drinking Water Filtered Through Coarsely Divided Naturally Occurring Mineral Flint - P. P. Olodovskii and Yu. P. Istomin ... 743 175 Calculation of the Combustion Heats of Hydrocarbons of the Homologous Series of Methane - V. V. Sagadeev, E. V. Sagadeev, R. A. Kafiatullin, and V. I. Sagadeev ... 750 181 Review Modern Notions of the Effect of Superdeep Penetration - S. M. Usherenko ... 753 183 Volume 75, Number 4 July-August, 2002


Kinematics of Flow of a Slow Suspended-Particle Flux about a Sphere as Applied to the Sedimentation - I. G. Dik (J. H. Dueck) and L. L. Min'kov ... 773 3 Investigation of Flows of a Gas-Dust Mixture by the Methods of Molecular-Kinetic Theory - A. P. Kryukov, V. Yu. Levashov, and I. N. Shishkova ... 785 12 Dependence of the Condensation (Sticking) Coefficient on the Radius of Small Aerosol Particles - V. V. Levdanskii ... 792 18 Numerical Simulation of Polymolecular Adsorption - P. V. Koshkin and A. V. Tvardovskii ... 798 23 Computational Thermodynamics of a Colloid of Isotropic Ferroparticles - B. E. Kashevskii ... 804 28 Macroparticle Acceleration in a Carbon Arc - I. P. Smyaglikov and V. D. Shimanovich ... 811 34 Distinctive Features of Temperature Profiles in Filtration-Combustion Waves Related to the Temperature Dependences of the Heat Capacities of a Gas Mixture and a Solid Phase - S. I. Shabunya and V. V. Martynenko ... 816 38 Calculations of the Effective and Apparent Joule-Thompson Coefficients upon Gassy Liquid Filtration - A. I. Filippov, E. M. Devyatkin, N. P. Mikolaichuk, and S. A. Filippov ... 822 43 Influence of the Direction of Flows on the Basic Technical Characteristics of Membrane Apparatuses with Capillaries Permeable to Hydrogen - L. L. Murav'ev ... 834 53 Numerical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in a Low-Temperature Heat Pipe - G. V. Kuznetsov and A. E. Sitnikov ... 840 58 On Convective Instability of Air in the Snow Cover - M. K. Zhekamukhov and I. M. Zhekamukhova ... 849 65 Diffusion-Thermal Instability of a Laminar Flame - K. O. Sabdenov ... 859 73 Experimental Determination of the Boundary of Monotonic Disturbances upon Instability of the Mechanical Equilibrium in Three-Component Gas Mixtures - Yu. I. Zhavrin, V. N. Kosov, D. U. Kul'zhanov, and K. K. Karataeva ... 868 80 Stability of Ionized Beams - K. B. Galitseiskii ... 873 84 Analogy between the Response of a Turbulent Jet and a Pendulum with a Randomly Vibrating Suspension Axis to Periodic Excitation - E. V. Vlasov, A. S. Ginevskii, P. S. Landa, and D. L. Samodurov ... 880 90 Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in a Rotating Disk at Arbitrary Distribution of the Wall Temperature - I. V. Shevchuk ... 885 94 Modeling of the Influence of Viscosity on the Tornado Heat Exchange in Turbulent Flow around a Small Hole on the Plane - S. A. Isaev, A. I. Leont'ev, Kh. T. Metov, and V. B. Kharchenko ... 890 98 Heat and Mass Flux Effects on a Moving Vertical Cylinder with Chemically Reactive Species Diffusion - P. Ganesan and P. Loganathan ... 899 105 Influence of Polyacrylamide Additions on the Head Loss in Abrupt Contractions and Expansions of Pipes - V. V. Chernyuk, B. S. Pitsishin, V. I. Orel, and V. M. Zhuk ... 910 115 Motion of a Thin Oblique Layer of a Pseudoplastic Fluid - D. V. Lyubimov and A. V. Perminov ... 920 123 Dynamics of a Fluid in a Roughness Layer - E. I. Smolyar ... 925 128 Modeling of the Impact of a Bubble-Liquid Droplet - V. S. Surov ... 934 135 Assessment of the Critical State of the Polyethylene Pipe in the Area of the Mechanical Metal-Polymer Joint at Low Climatic Temperatures - A. S. Struchkov ... 942 141 Finite-Element Axially Symmetric Model of the Thermal Regime under Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of Blanks in a Free-Flowing Shell - A. F. Fedotov, V. P. Radchenko, and M. A. Ermolenko ... 947 145 Steady-State Temperature Field of a Cylindrical Mass of Raw Material when It Is Self-Heated by an Ellipsoidal Source - V. P. Ol'shankii ... 954 151 Heating of Intraocular Media by Near IR Laser Radiation - A. S. Podol'tsev and G. I. Zheltov ... 957 154 Formation of Dataware for Evaluating the Potential Danger of Deactivation Waste Storages - V. V. Skurat, N. M. Shiryaeva, N. K. Myshkina, A. A. Gvozdev, G. Z. Serebryanyi, and N. B. Golikova ... 964 160 Method of Solution of a System of Equations Describing the Continuous Process of Polymerization under Conditions of a Polyaddition Reaction - G. A. Aminova, M. D. Bronshtein, G. V. Manuiko, T. V. Ignashina, V. V. Davydova, O. V. Antonova, G. S. D'yakonov, I. G. Reshetova, and N. E. Kharitonova ... 970 165 Molecular-Statistical Description of Nonuniformly Deformed Specimens. 2. Calculation of the Distribution Functions of Molecules and Vacancies in a One-Dimensional Uniformly Deformed Statistical Extension-Compression Model - I. I. Narkevich, S. I. Lobko, A. V. Zharkevich, and P. P. Kazakov ... 977 170 Interphase Energy at a Thin Metal Thread-Dielectric Medium Interface - V. A. Sozaev, V. V. Chernov, and D. V. Yaganov ... 985 177 Anomalies of the Boundary Reflection of Ultrasound from the Film of a Dissipative Medium - D. A. Kostyuk and Yu. A. Kuzavko ... 990 181 Review Effect of Superdeep Penetration. State of the Art and Prospects - O. V. Roman, S. K. Andilevko, S. S. Karpenko, G. S. Romanov, and V. A. Shilkin ... 997 187 Volume 75, Number 5 September - October, 2002


Investigation of the Sorption and Heat-Exchange Processes in a Heat Pump with the Use of a Thermosiphon - L. L. Vasil'ev and L. E. Kanonchik ... 1013 5 Hydraulic Resistance of a Random Spiral Packing for Regenerators - L. A. Akulov and S. A. Bessonov ... 1022 12 Influence of the Configuration of a Nonuniformly Cooled Plate on the Intensity of the Process of Film Condensation from a Moist-Air Flow - N. V. Amirkhanyan and S. G. Cherkasov ... 1028 17 Investigation of Noises in Boiling on an Electrically Heated Wire - A. V. Korolev and A. N. Litvin ... 1033 21 Experimental Investigation of Changes in the Wall Temperature in Different Regimes of Motion of Supercritical-Pressure Liquids - R. F. Kelbaliev ... 1037 25 Two Variants of Calculation of the Parameters of Bubbling Processes in Axisymmetric Channels with a Variable Flow Area - V. N. Didenko and D. N. Popov ... 1043 30 Application of the Luikov Approximate Solutions to Mathematical Description of the Process of Self-Freezing of Materials by Decreasing Pressure - V. A. Lashkov, A. V. Petrova, and R. G. Safin ... 1048 34 Comparative Evaluation of the Resistance of Polyethylene and Steel Pipelines to a Frost Crack - F. I. Babenko, A. A. Sukhov, and A. K. Rodionov ... 1054 38 Dependence of the Superdeep-Penetration Efficiency on the Energy Parameters of an Explosive Accelerator of Powder Particles - O. V. Roman, S. K. Andilevko, S. S. Karpenko, G. S. Romanov, and V. A. Shilkin ... 1059 42 A contribution to the Problem of the Superdeep-Penetration Model - S. K. Andilevko ... 1065 47 Wave Expander - S. V. Bulovich and R. L. Petrov ... 1070 51 Modeling of the Flow Parts of Stationary Centrifugal Compressor Machines for Compression of real Gases. Gasdynamic Tests and Processing of Their Results. I. Theoretical Calculations - G. N. Den and A. A. Malyshev ... 1076 56 Investigation of the Internal Aerodynamics of the Chimney-Type Evaporative Cooling Tower - A. V. Vlasov, G. V. Dashkov, A. D. Solodukhin, and S. P. Fisenko ... 1086 64 Turbulent Flow in the Near-Wall Region as Anisotropic-Fluid Flow - V. A. Babkin ... 1092 69 Calculation of a Two-Phase Dynamic Laminar Boundary Layer and a Thermal Laminar Boundary Layer on a Plate - A. P. Vasil'ev ... 1099 74 Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Heat Exchange in Ignition for Reactive Channel Walls by the Flow of a High-Temperature Viscous Gas - V. M. Ushakov and O. V. Matvienko ... 1107 81 Capillary Waves on the Surface of a Thin Layer of a Charged Conducting Liquid - I. N. Aliev, A. R. Mil'vidskii, and I. A. Naumov ... 1113 86 Transformation of the Magnetostatic-Field Spatial Harmonic in a Magnetic Fluid Layer - A. N. Vislovich and A. B. Sukhotskii ... 1116 88 Investigation of the Electroconvective Flow of a Weakly Conducting Liquid with Unipolar Injection Conductivity by the Finite-Element Method - I. A. Ermolaev and A. I. Zhbanov ... 1125 96 Heat Transfer for Vertical Surfaces with Discrete Fins in the Case of Free Convection - V. G. Gorobets ... 1130 100 Stochastic-Deterministic Modeling of the Development of Hydrodynamic Instability in Nonisothermal Filtration - M. D. Noskov, A. D. Istomin, and A. G. Kesler ... 1139 108 Calculation of Nonstationary Flow Around a Circular Cylinder Within the Framework of Multiblock Computational Technologies - S. A. Isaev, A. G. Sudakov, A. E. Usachov, and V. B. Kharchenko ... 1147 115 Verification of the Multiblock Computational Technology in Calculating Laminar and Turbulent Flow Around a Spherical Hole on a Channel Wall - S. A. Isaev, I. A. Pyshnyi, A. E. Usachov, and V. B. Kharchenko ... 1155 122 Thermal Diagnostics of Friction in Cylindrical Couplings. II. Computational Experiments and Generalization - N. P. Starostin and A. S. Kondakov ... 1159 125 Some Regularities of Heat and Mass Transfer in the Case of Fire Within a Building - S. V. Puzach and V. M. Kazennov ... 1165 130 High-Frequency Method of Removal of Paraffin Plugs in the Equipment of Oil Wells and Oil Pipelines - V. A. Balakirev, G. V. Sotnikov, Yu. V. Tkach, and T. Yu. Yatsenko ... 1174 138 Heat Transfer in a Plane Three-Layer System with a Heat-Conducting Not-Through Enclosure - A. N. Khutornoi, N. A. Tsvetkov, and S. I. Skachkov ... 1184 146 Accounting for Energy Accommodation in Calculating the Heat Flux from a Spherical Particle in a Diatomic Gas - S. A. Savkov and A. A. Yushkanov ... 1188 149 Solution of Certain Problems in the Thermal Diffusion of Binary Gases - M. M. Mamedov and N. M. Mamedov ... 1196 155 Analysis of the Safety of the Burial Grounds of Decontamination Waste of Chernobyl Origin in the Territory of Belarus - V. V. Skurat, N. M. Shiryaeva, N. K. Myshkina, A. A. Gvozdev, G. Z. Serebryanyi, and N. B. Golikova ... 1200 158 Investigation and Elaboration of Methods of Multicolor Optical Thermometry - L. F. Zhukov and A. V. Bogdan ... 1207 165 Technology of Sputtering High-Reflection Coatings on Abs-Plastic Articles - R. T. Galyautdinov, N. F. Kashapov, and G. S. Luchkin ... 1213 170 Coefficient of Ion Erosion of the Vacuum Arc of Metals and Alloys - G. V. Markov ... 1219 174 Calculation of the Temperature Field of a Printed-Circuit Board with Account for Convective and Radiative Heat Exchange on the Board Surface - V. P. Alekseev, G. V. Kuznetsov, and S. V. Shloma ... 1223 177 Semiconductor Fatigue-Damage Indicator - M. K. Karabaev, K. E. Onarkulov, M. M. Akhmedov, and D. A. Yusupova ... 1227 180 Electrophysical Characteristics of a Posistor Block - S. R. Syrtsov, V. N. Shut, D. A. Il'yushchenko, and E. L. Gavrilenko ... 1229 182 Review Application of MHD Effects in Electrolytes for Modeling Vortex Processes in Natural Phenomena and in Solving Engineering-Physical Problems - N. F. Bondarenko, E. Z. Gak, and M. Z. Gak ... 1234 186 Volume 75, Number 6 November-December, 2002


Multifactor Experiments under Superdeep-Penetration Conditions - S. M. Usherenko, L. G. Korshunov, and O. I. Koval' ... 1249 3 Effect of Superdeep Penetration (Punching of Obstacles) and Its Influence on the Operation of Electronic Elements - S. M. Usherenko, G. S. Romanov, O. A. Dybov, A. I. Belous, and S. V. Shvedov ... 1254 7 Production of Coatings from Powder Materials with the Use of a Short Argon Arc. 1. Experimental Study of Plasma Heating of Macroparticles - V. D. Shimanovich, I. P. Smyaglikov, and A. I. Zolotovskii ... 1256 8 Dynamics of the Disturbances of a Weakly Ionized Plasma under Conditions of the Chambers of Thermal Energy Converters - E. N. Perevoznikov, V. A. Pinchuk, and Yu. I. Shveiko ... 1264 14 Stationary Temperature of an Anode Heated in Aqueous Electrolytes - P. N. Belkin and A. B. Belikhov ... 1271 19 Multicritical Optimization of the Operation and Design Parameters of Electric-Arc Plasmatrons of Linear Circuits - O. V. Zhilinskii, T. V. Laktyushina, and A. N. Laktyushin ... 1278 25 Increasing the Efficiency of Laser Heat Treatment of a Lathe Tool with Allowance for the Influence of the Cutting Regimes - S. I. Yares'ko ... 1283 29 A Contribution to the Problem of Correct Description of Electromagnetic Waves in Layered Media with Magnetic Properties - N. N. Grinchik and E. F. Nogotov ... 1292 36 Mathematical Model for Calculating the Heat-Protection Properties of the Composite Coating "Ceramic Microspheres-Binder" - M. L. German and P. S. Grinchuk ... 1301 43 Thermal Conductivity of Methanol-N Octanol Binary Solutions at Different Temperatures and Pressures - M. M. Bashirov ... 1314 54 Evaluation of the Thermophysical Characteristics of a Bubbling-Type Reactor on Transformation of Silicon Tetrafluoride into Monosilane - N. V. Stepanenko, V. P. Vasilevich, and V. A. Nemtsev ... 1319 58 Electrostatic Method for Determining the Predisposition of Soil to Deflation - V. N. Lazutin, I. B. Uskov, L. V. Kozyreva, and O. S. Pogorelova ... 1323 61 Pressure Transducer Based on Tensosensitive Films of Bismuth-Antimony Telluride - Kh. T. Igamberdiev, K. E. Onarkulov, R. T. Rasulov, and D. A. Yusupova ... 1329 66 Mathematical Modeling of Evaporative Cooling of Water in a Mechanical-Draft Tower - A. A. Brin', A. I. Petruchik, and S. P. Fisenko ... 1332 68 Canonical-Element Method for Modeling Hydrodynamics and Heat and Mass Exchange in Arbitrarily Shaped Regions - N. I. Nikitenko, Yu. N. Kol'chik, and N. N. Sorokovaya ... 1339 74 Free-Convective Heat Transfer from Cylindrical Surfaces with Transverse Sectional Finning - V. G. Gorobets ... 1348 81 Motion of a Viscous Incompressible Fluid in a Pipe in a Rotating Coordinate System - V. D. Tyutyuma ... 1357 89 Numerical Simulation of Nonstationary Turbulent Flow around an Automobile Profile near a Mobile Screen - S. A. Isaev, N. A. Kudryavtsev, A. E. Usachev, and V. B. Kharchenko ... 1363 94 Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Viscosity on Turbulent Flow around a Thick Airfoil with Vortex Cells - S. A. Isaev, Yu. S. Prigorodov, A. G. Sudakov, and D. P. Frolov ... 1370 100 Influence of the Curvature of an Airfoil on the Structure of Transonic Flow - A. V. Ivanova ... 1374 104 Gas Flow in a Plane Channel with Oscillating Walls - A. L. Tukmakov ... 1379 109 Heat Exchange in a Laminar Bubble Flow on the Initial Portion of a Plane Channel - A. P. Vasiliev ... 1387 116 Influence of the Vibrations of a Vessel on Heat Exchange at the Bottom - N. V. Selivanov and A. K. Il'in ... 1400 127 Influence of a Variable Fluid Viscosity on Heat Exchange in Laminar Convection - N. V. Selivanov ... 1407 133 Role of the Diffusion Mechanism of Mass-Transfer Processes in Conic Capillaries Submerged in a Liquid - N. P. Migun, A. I. Shnip, and L. E. Reut ... 1412 137 Model of Film Flow in a Dead-End Conic Capillary - N. P. Migun and A. I. Shnip ... 1422 145 Theoretical Models of Surface Heat Treatment of Products in Solar Furnaces. 1. Uniform Radiant-Energy Flux - V. V. Pasichnyi and B. A. Uryukov ... 1429 151 Theoretical Models of Surface Heat Treatment of Products in Solar Furnaces. 2. Nonuniform Radiant-Energy Flux - B. A. Uryukov and V. V. Pasichnyi ... 1437 158 Numerical Simulation of Heat-and-Mass Transfer and Structural Transformations in Disperse Materials - V. A. Sychevskii ... 1445 164 Influence of the Mobility of a Boundary on the Temperature Field of a Half-Space under Unstable Conditions of Heat Exchange with the Environment - A. V. Attetkov, P. A. Vlasov, and I. K. Volkov ... 1454 172 Analytical Calculation of Solidification of a Melt in a Mold - V. V. Dremov and F. V. Nedopekin ... 1463 179 Maximum Temperature of a Fire Sheet (Screen) with Tubes Welded on the Outside - A. P. Baskakov and E. V. Il'ina ... 1471 185 INDEX Author Index, Volume 75, 2002 ... 1481 Tables of Contents, Volume 75, 2002 ... 1485