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Volume 77

Volume 77, Number 1 (January-February, 2004)
Volume 77, Number 2 (March-April, 2004)
Volume 77, Number 3 (May-June, 2004)
Volume 77, Number 4 (July-August, 2004)
Volume 77, Number 5 (September-October, 2004)
Volume 77, Number 6 (November-December, 2004)

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Scientific-engineering and theoretical developments (Rus in KOI8-R) in the field of heat and mass transfer
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Volume 77, Number 1

January-February, 2004


Interaction of Dioxyzirconium Ceramics with the Sacrificial 
Material of the European Reactor Trap - V. N. Mineev, F. A. Akopov, 
and A. S. Vlasov ... 1        3

Description of the Shape Memory Effect of Radiation-Modified 
Polymers under Thermomechanical Action - D. A. Chernous, S. V. Shil'ko, 
and Yu. M. Pleskachevskii ... 6        7

Calculations of the Passage of Gamma-Quanta through 
a Polymer Radiation-Protective Composite - V. I. Pavlenko, 
V. M. Lipkanskii, and R. N. Yastrebinskii ... 11      12

Determination of the Parameters of a Flow of Particles 
Colliding with an Obstacle - O. A. Dybov,
G. S. Romanov, and S. M. Usherenko ... 15      15

A Model of Interaction of a Vibroacoustic System 
with a Rigid Base - M. G. Kiselev, V. A. Nifagin, and A. V. Drozdov ... 22      20

Thermodynamic Analysis of the Behavior of Microimpurities 
of Toxic Metals in Coal Combustion Products - G. Ya. Gerasimov ... 32      28

Influence of Heat and Mass Transfer on Wood Impregnation 
Kinetics - M. A. Brich and V. P. Kozhin ... 38      33

Shrinkage and Strength of Capillary-Porous Colloidal 
Materials - N. I. Gamayunov and S. N. Gamayunov ... 45      39

Study into Correlation between the Ultrasonic Capillary 
Effect and Sonoluminescence - N. V. Dezhkunov and T. G. Leighton ... 53      45

Use of Asymptotic Methods in the Temperature Problem 
on Filtration of Gassed Oil in a Pool - A. I. Filippov and S. A. Filippov ... 62      52

Chaotic Homogeneous Porous Media. 4. Heat Exchange in a Cell - A. P. Mozhaev ... 84      69

A Contribution to the Theory of Porosity of Fine-Grained 
Sediments - J. G. Dueck, D. Purevjav, and D. Yu. Kilimnik ... 93      77

Heat Exchange in a Tube Filled with Granular Bed 
- Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 103      86

Features of the Motion of a Circulating Bed in a 
Large-Volume Spherical Packing - G. I. Kovenskii ... 111      93

Motive Force in a Complex Model of Mass Transfer 
- V. N. Pavlechko ... 115      96

Analysis of the Efficiency in Certain Mass-Exchange 
Models with Different Equilibrium Dependences - V. N. Pavlechko ... 121    101

Prediction of the Parameters of the Supermolecular 
Structure of Network Polymers within the Framework of Fractal Models 
- A. I. Burya, G. V. Kozlov, and G. E. Zaikov ... 126    105

Resonance Oscillations of a Gas in an Open-End Pipe 
in the Turbulent Regime - R. G. Galiullin, L. A. Tkachenko, S. E. Filipov, 
and E. R. Galiullina ... 132    109

Use of Asymptotic Methods for Calculation of a Turbulent 
Boundary Layer - V. V. Mikhailov ... 138    114

Numerical Modeling of Laminar Separation Flow and 
Heat Exchange in Tube Banks with the Use of Multiblock Computational 
Techniques - S. A. Isaev, P. A. Baranov, and N. A. Kudryavtsev ... 148    122

Calculation of Chamber-Type Pulsers - A. I. 
Nakorchevskii, M. P. Martynenko, and B. I. Basok ... 156    129

Deformation of the Surface of a Conducting Liquid 
under the Action of a Pulse of a Strong Field
- I. N. Aliev and A. R. Mil'vidskii ... 161    133

Features of the Diffusiophoresis of Aerosol Droplets 
with Allowance for the Influence of the Evaporation (Sticking) 
Coefficient and Internal Flows - G. Yu. Yalamov ... 163    135

Calculation of a Temperature Error by the Conjugate 
Equation - A. K. Alekseev ... 171    141

Control of an Error of a Finite-Difference Solution 
of the Heat-Conduction Equation by the Conjugate Equation 
- A. K. Alekseev ... 177    146

Experimental Study of the Velocity of Sound in Liquid 
n-Tetradecane at Temperatures from 303.15 to 433.15 K and Pressures 
to 100 MPa - T. S. Khasanshin, O. G. Poddubskii, and
A. P. Shchemelev ... 185    152

Investigation of the Specific Heat at Constant Pressure 
of Mutual Solutions of Methyl and Isopropyl Alcohols at Different 
Temperatures and Pressures - Ya. M. Naziev and M. M. Bashirov ... 189    155

Influence of the Composition and Temperature of Concentrated 
Magnetic Fluids on Their Electrophysical Properties for Different Frequencies 
of the Electric Field - V. I. Zubko, A. I. Lesnikovich, 
and D. V. Zubko ... 193    158

Low-Frequency Eddy Currents and Dissipative Processes 
under the Conditions of Magnetic Abrasive Treatment 
- D. F. Ustinovich, V. R. Sobol', and O. N. Mazurenko ... 199    163

Calculation of Temperatures and Temperature Stresses 
in a Steel Cylindrical Billet with an Internal Heat Source 
- Yu. S. Postol'nik, V. I. Timoshpol'skii, D. N. Andrianov, and
G. A. Shcherbinskaya ... 204    167

The Nonaxisymmetric Contact Thermoelastic Problem 
for a Half-Space with a Motionless Rigid Spherical Inclusion - 
A. G. Nikolaev and S. S. Kurennov ... 209    171

Eulerian Instability of Charged Fixed Plates - 
I. N. Aliev and I. A. Naumov ... 216    177

Geometric Shapes of Membrane Shells Stiffened with 
an Elastic Ring - T. M. Martynenko ... 219    179

Propagation of the Weak-Discontinuity Surface in 
Oriented Glass-Reinforced Plastics with Allowance for the Relaxation 
of Thermal Disturbances - M. D. Martynenko, D. G. Medvedev, 
and S. M. Bosyakov ... 222    181

Growing of Tubes with a Small Inner Diameter from 
the Melt by the Stepanov Method - V. A. Borodin, A. V. Zhdanov, 
and M. V. Yudin ... 226    184

Investigations of the Intensification of Water Boiling 
in a Vertical Tube - N. P. Saevich, D. G. Kalishuk, 
and A. I. Ershov ... 235    191

Identification of the Parameters of a Nested Cylindrical 
Heat Source under Stationary Self-Heating of a Raw Material Mass of 
the Same Form - V. P. Ol'shanskii ... 242    197

Volume 77, Number 2

A translation of Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal

March-April, 2004


Calculation of the Temperature Fields of Solid Bodies of Base Geometry with Arbitrary Boundary Conditions - Yu. S. Postol'nik, V. I. Timoshpol'skii, and D. N. Andrianov ... 247 3 Filtration of a High-Viscosity Oil in an Electromagnetic Field - M. A. Fatykhov ... 260 13 Role of Capillary Forces in Filtration of a Gas-Condensate Mixture near a Well - O. Yu. Dinariev and N. V. Evseev ... 266 17 Nonlinear Effects in Water-Vapor Extraction from a Geothermal Reservoir - C. N. Richardson and G. G. Tsypkin ... 275 24 Visualization of the Process of Water Extraction from Transparent Model Samples in Convective and Acoustic Drying - Yu. G. Korobeinikov, A. P. Petrov, and A. V. Fedorov ... 283 31 Possibility of Acoustic Control of Excited Turbulent Jets - E. V. Vlasov, A. S. Ginevskii, R. K. Karavosov, and T. M. Makarenko ... 289 36 Three Concepts of Pressure Distribution in the Field of an Acoustic Emitter in Systems of Control of Gas-Liquid Flows - A. I. Brazhnikov ... 293 40 Distribution of Impact Momenta over a Surface Treated with a Water-Drop Jet - Kh. Luis, V. P. Stavrov, V. V. Stavrov, U. Zyudmerzen, K. Sheer, and A. Shenk ... 300 45 Scattering and Heat Exchange of Disperse Impurity Particles in Turbulent Nonisothermal Gas and Low-Temperature Plasma Jets - K. N. Volkov and G. F. Gorshkov ... 307 51 Analysis of Turbulence Models and Investigation of the Structure of the Flow in a Hydrocyclone - O. V. Matvienko ... 316 58 Statistical Coefficients in the Equation for the Joint Probability Density of a Scalar and Its Gradient - V. A. Babenko, Yu. V. Zhukova, V. A. Sosinovich, and J. Hierro ... 324 65 Drag and Rotational Properties of Cascades of Circular Cylinders at Small and Moderate Reynolds Numbers - A. B. Mazo and I. V. Morenko ... 338 75 Burnout at Large Subcoolings and Near-Critical Pressures of Toluene - F. I. Kalbaliev, D. P. Mamedova, and M. Z. Iskenderov ... 344 80 Inertial-Capillary Surface Waves and Their Influence on Crystal Growth in Zero Gravity - A. I. Feonychev ... 348 83 Pulse High-Speed Action of a Hot Gas Flow on a Wall of Chromium-Nickel Steel - D. P. Aleksandrov, I. M. Gorkavchuk, and V. F. Zakharenkov ... 360 93 Influence of Impregnation on the Thermal Properties of Heat-Insulating Fibrous Materials - L. E. Evseeva and S. A. Tanaeva ... 368 99 Wear Resistance of Coatings from Self-Fluxing Alloys after Laser Doping under Dry Friction Conditions - O. G. Devoino, M. A. Kardapolova, S. Laber, E. A. Feldstein, and O. V. D'yachenko ... 372 102 Erosion of a Copper Cathode in a Nonstationary Arc Spot. I. Experimental Investigation - A. M. Esipchuk, A. Marotta, and L. I. Sharakhovskii ... 377 106 Erosion of a Copper Cathode in a Nonstationary Arc Spot. II. Determination of the Energy Parameters of the Arc Spot by the Thermophysical Method - L. I. Sharakhovskii, A. M. Esipchuk, and A. Marotta ... 384 112 Erosion of a Copper Cathode in a Nonstationary Arc Spot. III. Generalization of Experimental Results and Modeling of the Influence of Velocity on Erosion - A. Marotta, L. I. Sharakhovskii, and A. M. Esipchuk ... 392 118 Investigation of Thermal Processes in Gas-Thermal Spraying of Metal-Ceramic Coatings - A. V. Alifanov, V. M. Golub, and V. V. Alekhnovich ... 399 124 New Rheological Model for Analyzing the Aggregatability and Deformability of Erythrocytes in a Number of Hematological Pathologies - I. V. Yamaikina, Z. P. Shul'man, L. I. Ershova, Z. M. Likhovetskaya, and N. A. Gorbunova ... 407 130 On the Problem of Magnetic Wave Propagation and Absorption with Regard for Relaxation Processes - N. N. Grinchik and E. F. Nogotov ... 412 134 Numerical Modeling of the Diffusion-Limited Kinetics of Formation of a Thin Film from a Polymer Solution. 1. Constant Coefficient of Diffusion - S. B. Kashevskii ... 421 141 Thermodiffusion in a Hydrogen-Nitrogen Gas System - A. N. Berezhnoi ... 430 148 Nonstationary Heat and Mass Transfer in Molecular Gases - S. A. Savkov and A. A. Yushkanov ... 436 153 Solution of Nonstationary Problems of Heat Conduction for Curvilinear Regions by Direct Construction of Eigenfunctions - A. D. Chernyshov ... 445 160 Review Heat Transfer in Condensation of Vapor Moving Inside Vertical Tubes - I. I. Gogonin ... 454 167 Volume 77, Number 3 A translation of Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal May-June, 2004


Modeling and Identification of the Processes of Heat Exchange in Porous Materials of Thermal Protection - S. V. Reznik, W. P. P. Fisher, D. Martines, L. Ya. Paderin, N. V. Pavlyukevich, D. Petit, and P. V. Prosuntsov ... 471 3 Computational-Experimental Approach to Prediction of Mass-Transfer Processes in Metallic Coatings of Gas-Turbine Blades and Their Service Life - P. G. Krukovskii, K. A. Tadlya, A. I. Rybnikov, N. V. Mozhaiskaya, I. I. Kryukov, and V. Kolarik ... 478 9 Experimental Investigation of Pyrocarbon Formations in Ablated Layers of Reinforced Plastics - V. V. Pasichnyi and V. N. Bulanov ... 486 16 The Constant of Thermal Destruction and Its Role in the Processes of Heating and Entrainment of Mass of a Material - G. A. Frolov ... 489 19 Main Relations between the Constants in Models of Heating and Thermal Destruction of the Surface of a Material - G. A. Frolov and V. L. Baranov ... 521 47 Investigation of the Emissive Characteristics of Translucent Fabrics and Films - L. Ya. Paderin ... 533 56 Investigation of Light Guides for Transfer of Solar Radiation from the Focal Volume of a Sunlight Collector to a Technological Zone - V. V. Pasichnyi and G. F. Gornostaev ... 538 60 Investigation of the Mechanism of Radiation Propagation at Side Illumination of a Light Guide - G. F. Gornostaev, G. A. Frolov, and M. V. Trikula ... 543 64 Influence of Oxidizing Media on the Properties of Carbon-Based Fibrous Materials with Protective Coatings - T. M. Ul'yanova and N. P. Krut'ko ... 549 69 Complex of Programs for Imitative Simulation of Acceleration, Heating, and Melting of Particles in Gas-Dynamic Channels of Technological Devices - V. I. Timoshenko, I. S. Belotserkovets, V. P. Galinskii, and V. V. Zagniy ... 553 72 Similarity Criteria for Dusting of Plastic Materials - B. A. Uryukov, Yu. I. Evdokimenko, V. M. Kisel', and G. V. Tkachenko ... 559 77 Influence of the Random Structure of an Initial Material on the Processes of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis in Thin Films - P. S. Grinchuk, O. S. Rabinovich, and N. V. Pavlyukevich ... 565 82 Analysis of Heat Stresses of the Parts of the Cylinder-Piston Group with Heat-Protective Coatings in an Internal-Combustion Engine - N. M. Chigrinova, O. O. Kuznechik, and V. V. Chigrinov ... 578 93 On the Problem of Deposition of Wear- and Heat-Resistant Coatings on Machine Parts - M. S. Tret'yak and V. V. Chuprasov ... 590 103 Mathematical Modeling of the Heat Exchange of the Payload Module of Nonhermetic Geostationary Spacecraft - V. A. Burakov, V. V. Elizarov, V. P. Kozhukhov, E. N. Korchagin, A. S. Tkachenko, and I. V. Shcherbakova ... 595 108 High-Temperature Radiative-Convective Heat Exchange on the Surface of Glass-Reinforced Plastics - G. Ya. Mamontov ... 606 117 Characteristics of the Porous Structure of Carbonized Glass-Reinforced Plastics - G. Ya. Mamontov ... 614 124 Thermal State of the Elements of Active and Combined Thermal Protection in Gasdynamic Tests - I. K. Zharova ... 620 129 Modeling of the Process of Electric-Discharge Sintering of Metal Powders - K. E. Belyavin, D. V. Min'ko, and O. O. Kuznechik ... 628 136 On Superdeep Penetration of a Multiparticle Flux and Damage of Electronic Elements Positioned behind an Obstacle - A. I. Belous, O. A. Dybov, G. S. Romanov, S. M. Usherenko, and S. V. Shvedov ... 638 144 Estimation of the Energy Expended for Superdeep Penetration - S. M. Usherenko, O. I. Koval', and Yu. S. Usherenko ... 641 147 Obtaining Carbon Nanoparticles with the Use of Electric-Arc Discharge between Coaxial Electrodes - V. V. Chuprasov, M. S. Tret'yak, V. V. Toropov, S. A. Chizhik, and A. P. Solntsev ... 647 152 Influence of Flow Angularities in a Hypersonic Ramjet Diffuser on the Formation of the Shock-Wave Structure of the Real Gas Flow - G. A. Tarnavskii ... 651 155 Identification of Heat-Exchange Processes in a Supersonic Spatial Flow Past Aircraft - A. Ya. Kuzin ... 663 165 Modeling and Calculation of the Thermal Destruction of a Cylindrical Shell - O. Yu. Chigireva ... 673 174 Volume 77, Number 4 A translation of Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal July-August, 2004


HEAT CONDUCTION AND HEAT EXCHANGE IN TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES Engineering Methods of Calculation of Different Regimes of Heating of Thermally Massive Objects in Metallurgical Heat Technologies under Countercurrent Conditions. 1. State of the Problem. Convective Heating - Yu. S. Postol'nik, V. I. Timoshpol'skii, D. N. Andrianov, and P. E. Ratnikov ... 679 3 Dynamics of Ground Heat Storage and Choice of Rational Solutions - A. I. Nakorchevskii ... 688 10 Investigation of Thermal Resonance in Solution of a Two-Dimensional Singularly Perturbed Boundary-Value Problem of Nonstationary Heat Conduction with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions of the Stefan-Boltzmann Type - A. V. Kotovich and G. A. Nesenenko ... 700 20 Evaluation of the Error of the Method of Superpositions of One-Dimensional Solutions in Nonstationary Heat-Conduction Problems - A. D. Chernyshov, A. A. Dan'shin, and N. A. Chernyshov ... 707 27 Influence of Thermal Treatment on Inhomogeneous Plastic Deformation of Rolled Amorphous Strips of Iron-Based Alloys - M. N. Vereshchagin, V. G. Shepelevich, and O. M. Ostrikov ... 712 31 HEAT EXCHANGE IN RHEOLOGICAL AND DISPERSIVE MEDIA General Analysis of Linear Nematic Elasticity - A. I. Leonov and V. S. Volkov ... 717 36 Optoviscosimetry of a Liquid Film by the Method of a Dispersed Magnetic Sublayer - S. B. Kashevskii and I. V. Prokhorov ... 727 46 Effect of a Rotating Magnetic Field on Convection Stability and Crystal Growth in Zero Gravity and on the Ground - A. I. Feonychev and N. V. Bondareva ... 731 50 Dissolution of a Polydisperse System of Particles Shaped Like a Parallelepiped in a Nonflowing System - A. I. Moshinskii ... 743 62 Propagation of Deformation Waves in a Compliant Coating - V. M. Kulik ... 753 71 Heat Exchange in Condensation of R227 Coolant on Inclined Tubes Placed in a Granular Bed - P. T. Petrik, P. V. Dadonov, I. V. Dvorovenko, and A. R. Bogomolov ... 758 76 EFFECT OF HIGH-CONCENTRATION ENERGY FLUXES MATERIALS Structure of Diamondlike Carbon Films Synthesized by the Method of Laser Evaporation of Graphite in a Vacuum - I. A. Azarko, V. K. Goncharov, V. B. Odzhaev, S. A. Petrov, and M. V. Puzyrev ... 762 79 Nanostructure Formation on a Film Surface Vacuum-Deposited from Laser-Erosion Plasma - V. K. Goncharov, S. A. Petrov, and M. V. Puzyrev ... 766 83 Formation of 2H-Modification Graphite in Films Deposited with the Use of Nanosecond Laser Pulses - V. K. Goncharov, S. A. Petrov, and M. V. Puzyrev ... 769 86 Influence of a Flux of High-Velocity Microparticles on the Parameters of Integrated Circuits Placed behind a Thick-Walled Obstacle - A. I. Belous, O. A. Dybov, G. S. Romanov, T. V. Petlitskaya, and G. I. Usov ... 773 89 Influence of Laser Treatment on the Kinetics of Compaction of Coatings of the Fe-Cr-B-Si System - N. N. Dorozhkin, M. A. Kardapolova, O. V. D'yachenko, T. M. Abramovich, S. A. Donskikh, and Yu. A. Simonov ... 776 92 Radial Distribution of the Position of the Arc in a Plasmatron - V. L. Dzyuba and G. S. Kalyuzhnyi ... 780 96 High-Temperature Ignition of Hydrogen and Air at High Pressures Downstream of the Reflected Shock Wave - V. V. Martynenko, O. G. Penyaz'kov, K. A. Ragotner, and S. I. Shabunya ... 785 100 Determination of the Characteristics of Electric-Arc Hydrogen Plasma - L. N. Panasenko ... 794 108 PROCESSES OF TRANSFER IN POROUS MEDIA Development of the Porous Substrates of Ceramic Membrane Filters - P. A. Vityaz', V. M. Shelekhina, O. A. Prokhorov, L. P. Pilinevich, and A. V. Petrakov ... 797 111 Membrane Processes of Separation of Solutions in a Pulsating Flow - V. I. Baikov and P. K. Znovets ... 802 115 Influence of Moisture Transfer on Heat Transfer under the Action of an Inhomogeneous Electric Field in Conical Capillaries - N. V. Polishchuk, I. M. Panchenko, and M. S. Panchenko ... 808 121 Heat Conduction and Diffusion Equation of Steam in Snow Cover - I. M. Zhekamukhova ... 816 128 THERMODYNAMIC AND KINETIC THEORY OF TRANSFER PROCESSES Modeling in Polysectioned Thermodynamic Systems - D. B. Volov ... 821 132 Molecular-Statistical Description of Nonuniformly Deformed Specimens. 3. Calculation of the Diagram of Extension and Compression of a One-Dimensional Statistical Model of Deformation of a Molecular Crystal - A. V. Zharkevich ... 834 144 Change in the Molecular Structure of Water in Constant Contact with Coarsely Dispersed, Naturally Occurring Mineral Flint - P. P. Olodovskii ... 841 150 MISCELLANEA Numerical Simulation of the Propagation of a Solitary Wave over Underwater Barriers - N. A. Kudryashov, G. S. Romanov, and M. A. Chmykhov ... 848 156 Testing of the Fluent Package in Calculation of Supersonic Flow in a Step Channel - S. A. Isaev and D. A. Lysenko ... 857 164 Analysis of Wave Motions in One Crystallographic Plane of a Cubically Anisotropic Medium - S. M. Bosyakov and O. N. Sklyar ... 861 168 Noncontact Ultrasonic Checking of the Surface Density of a Layer of a Solid Medium - A. I. Brazhnikov and N. I. Brazhnikov ... 866 172 Construction and Optimization of a Multifactor Experiment in the Presence of Constraints - G. N. Reizina ... 872 177 Volume 77, Number 5 A translation of Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal September-October, 2004


HYDRODYNAMICS AND HEAT EXCHANGE IN DISPERSED FLOWS Equalization of the Concentration of a Scalar Impurity in a Flow-Type Chamber - Yu. M. Dmitrenko, R. Zahoransky, and S. P. Fisenko ... 875 3 Stochastic Modeling of Impurity Motion and Scattering in the Mechanics of Turbulent Gas-Dispersed Flows - K. N. Volkov ... 883 10 Influence of Turbulence on the Deposition of Particles from a Gas-Dispersed Flow on the Wall - K. N. Volkov ... 894 20 Features of Heat Transfer in the Granulation of Sulfur - N. V. Selivanov and P. V. Yakovlev ... 904 29 Energy Dissipation in a Solid Dispersion System of Single-Domain Ferromagnetic Particles under the Action of a Variable Linearly Polarized Field - B. É. Kashevskii and I. V. Prokhorov ... 911 35 Polymolecular Films on the Surface of Aerosol Particles - V. V. Levdanskii, J. Smolik, and P. Moravec ... 917 41 Investigation of Centrifugal Impact Milling of Materials - A. É. Levdanskii ... 923 46 HEAT TRANSFER ON CONDENSATION AND EVAPORATION Modeling of Gas Cooling and Condensation in a Piston Expansion Machine - K. M. Aref'ev, O. V. Belyaeva, A. Zh. Greben'kov, T. A. Zayats, and A. A. Mikhalevich ... 930 52 Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Natural Convection on the Process of Condensation of Atmospheric Pollutant Compounds on the Surface of Near-Ground Plants - G. V. Kuznetsov and L. V. Sitnikova ... 939 60 Sublimation Drying of Peat - N. I. Gamayunov and S. N. Gamayunov ... 947 67 Transfer of Heat and Moisture in Freezing of Grounds - N. I. Gamayunov and S. N. Gamayunov ... 953 72 HYDROGASDYNAMICS IN TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES Study of Interaction of Disturbances in an Internal Flow - V. G. Zasetskii, R. K. Karavosov, A. G. Prozorov, and L. I. Sokolinskii ... 965 82 Hydrodynamics of Flow in an Elastic Pipeline - A. N. Volobuev and A. P. Tolstonogov ... 972 88 Limited-Projection Laser Tomography of Combined Gasdynamic Flows - E. A. Lavinskaya, S. Martemianov, J.-B. Saulnier, and N. A. Fomin ... 979 94 Application of the Eigenfrequency of a Convective Cell to Determination of the Frequency Characteristics of Oscillatory Thermal Gravitational and Thermocapillary Convection in Closed Volumes - A. I. Feonychev ... 990 105 Theory of Membrane Separation of Binary Gas Mixtures - V. I. Baikov, I. Yu. Kostareva, and N. V. Primak ... 999 113 Surface Factor in Incompressible Liquid Film Flow - P. A. Perlov and A. V. Sokolinskii ... 1005 118 Laminar Flow Past a Circular Cylinder under the Effect of Nonstationary Jet Efflux to the Near-Wake Region - V. L. Zhdanov, S. A. Isaev, and T. A. Baranova ... 1013 125 Structural Instability of Transonic Flow over an Airfoil - A. G. Kuz'min and A. V. Ivanova ... 1022 134 DETERMINATION OF THERMOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES Method of Nondestructive Determination of Thermophysical Properties of Solid Materials - N. P. Zhukov ... 1027 139 Change in the Rheological Properties of High-Paraffin Petroleums under the Action of Vibrojet Magnetic Activation - Yu. V. Loskutova, I. V. Prozorova, N. V. Yudina, S. V. Rikkonen, and V. A. Daneker ... 1034 146 Anomalous Reflection of a Longitudinal Ultrasonic Wave from a Strongly Dissipative Medium - D. A. Kostyuk and Yu. A. Kuzavko ... 1040 151 A Meter of the Time of Capillary Soaking - S. E. Zharskii, I. O. Orobei, D. A. Grinyuk, I. F. Kuz'mitskii, and V. N. Martsul' ... 1049 160 Investigation of the Influence of Thermal Loading and the Content of Molybdenum Disilicide on the Electrical Resistance of Ceramic Material for Production of Glow Plugs - E. S. Golubtsova ... 1055 165 Control of Electric and Thermal Properties of Composites with Whiskers - G. I. Isakov ... 1062 17 Volume 77, Number 6 A translation of Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal November-December, 2004


HEAT CONDUCTION AND HEAT EXCHANGE IN TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES Engineering Methods of Calculation of Different Regimes of Heating of Thermally Massive Objects in Metallurgical Heat Technologies under Countercurrent Conditions. 2. Radiative and Radiative-Convective Countercurrent Heating - Yu. S. Postol'nik, V. I. Timoshpol'skii, D. N. Andrianov, and I. A. Trusova ... 1069 3 A Quasi-Stationary Temperature Field in the Shaft of an Operating Well - K. A. Filippov ... 1080 13 Temperature Distribution in a Space Containing Heated Spherical Inclusions Periodically Arranged along a Straight Line - I. I. Argatov ... 1088 20 Simulation of Heat and Aerodynamic Processes in Regenerators of Continuous and Periodic Operation. I. Nonlinear Mathematical Model and Numerical Algorithm - V. P. Kovalevskii ... 1096 26 Simulation of Heat and Aerodynamic Processes in Regenerators of Continuous and Periodic Operation. II. Investigation of the Parameters of a Gas-Turbine Plant Regenerator Operating in Dynamic and Quasi stationary Regimes - V. P. Kovalevskii ... 1110 38 Spatial Position of a Conventional Shear Plane in Treatment by Cutting - V. V. Smirnov and F. F. Spiridonov ... 1119 46 HYDRODYNAMICS AND HEAT EXCHANGE IN DISPERSED FLOWS Mixing of Particles in Apparatuses with a Circulating Fluidized Bed - Yu. S. Teplitskii, V. I. Kovenskii, E. F. Nogotov, and V. A. Borodulya ... 1121 48 Investigation of the Properties of a Magnetofluidized Bed and Development of a New Gas Purification Technology Based on Them for Simultaneous Removal - A. F. Dolidovich ... 1134 59 Influence of Internal Heat Release on the Thermophoresis of a Solid Spheroidally Shaped Aerosol Particle - N. V. Malai and A. A. Pleskanev ... 1150 74 Evaluation of Malignant Anthrax Spore Dispersion in High-Rise Buildings - V. P. Reshetin and D. Regens ... 1155 79 Interrelation between Moving Forces in Some Models and Forms of Flow Organization - V. N. Pavlechko ... 1167 90 Investigation of the Regularities of Phase Transitions in Multicomponent Polymer Blends - I. A. Tsebrenko, L. S. Dzyubenko, and A. P. Nikolaeva ... 1175 97 PROCESSES OF TRANSFER IN POROUS MEDIA Mathematical Modeling of High-Frequency Electromagnetic Heating of the Bottom-Hole Area of Horizontal Oil Wells - L. A. Kovaleva, N. M. Nasyrov, and A. M. Khaidar ... 1184 105 Calculation of Temperature Fields in the Ground with Water-Ice Phase Transitions in the Temperature Spectrum - G. P. Brovka and S. N. Ivanov ... 1192 112 Filtration and Infiltration in a Zonally Inhomogeneous Porous Medium - B. A. Suleimanov and A. O. Efendieva ... 1201 120 Propagation of Elastic Vibrations in Snow - M. K. Zhekamukhov and L. M. Malkandueva ... 1205 124 An Acoustic Method of Determination of the Coefficient of Permeability and the Pore Velocity of Sound in Snow - M. K. Zhekamukhov and L. M. Malkandueva ... 1213 131 HYDRODYNAMICS AND HEAT EXCHANGE IN TURBULENT FLOWS Determination of the Site of Generation of Additional Turbulence on the Wall Part of a Flow for Variable Thermophysical Properties of the Fluid - R. F. Kelbaliev ... 1224 141 Influence of Turbulence on the Thermal Radiation Transfer in Diffusion Hydrogen Flames - A. I. Bril' ... 1230 146 Analysis of Vortex Heat Transfer in a Transverse Flow past a Trench on a Plane Using Multiblock Computation Technologies and Different Semi-Empirical Models of Turbulence - S. A. Isaev, P. A. Baranov, N. A. Kudryavtsev, and A. E. Usachov ... 1236 152 Numerical Modeling of a Plane Hydrodynamic Problem for a Viscoelastic Lubricant. The Case of Short Relaxation Times - O. Yu. Dinariev and N. V. Evseev ... 1247 162 Laboratory Investigations of the Composition and Determination of the Coefficients of Emission of the Products of Burning of Forest Materials - A. A. Dolgov ... 1253 168 Author Index, Volume 77, 2004 ... 1261 Tables of Contents, Volume 77, 2004 ... 1265