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of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
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Volume 73

Volume 73, Number 1 (January-February, 2000)
Volume 73, Number 2 (March-April, 2000)
Volume 73, Number 3 (May-June, 2000)
Volume 73, Number 4 (July-August, 2000)
Volume 73, Number 5 (September-October, 2000)
Volume 73, Number 6 (November-December, 2000)

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Scientific-engineering and theoretical developments (Rus in KOI8-R) in the field of heat and mass transfer
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Number 1


Foreword ... 1 3 Will There or Will There not be a Hypersonic Airplane? - Yu. V. Polezhaev ... 3 5 Mathematical Models of Radiative-Conductive Heat Exchange in Heat-Shield Materials of Shuttle Space Transportation Systems - S. V. Reznik ... 9 11 Radiation Characteristics of Heat Protective Materials of the Buran Orbital Spacecraft - V. S. Dozhdikov and V. A. Petrov ... 25 26 Two-Component Radiation-Gasdynamic Model of a Turbulent Fireball - S. T. Surzhikov ... 29 31 Classification and Database of Thermophysical Characteristics of Heat Protective Materials - K. B. Isaev, V. V. Kartuzov, and A. K. Lapteva ... 36 39 Theoretical Modeling of Systems of Combined Thermal Protection - A. P. Kuryachii ... 41 44 Theoretical Principles of Design of Multilayer Swelling Heat Protection with Assigned Properties - G. N. Isakov ... 49 52 Heat and Mass Transfer in the Destruction of Thermal Protective Materials with a Different Content of a Polymer Binder in a High-Enthalpy Gas Flow - V. I. Zinchenko, V. V. Nesmelov, and G. F. Kostin ... 59 61 Complex Model of Interaction of Composites with Radiation and a Gas Flow - V. L. Strakhov, A. A. Filipenko, A. V. Ostrik, A. B. Mitkevich, Vl. O. Kaledin, and M. N. Slitkov ... 65 67 Thermal Protection Based on Crystalline Hydrates - A. K. Alekseev and M. P. Shuvalov ... 73 75 Use of Solar Furnaces under Orbital-Flight Conditions - E. M. Ovsyannikov ... 78 80 Trajectories of an Unguided Probe with a Damping Cable - S. A. Shargarovskii and A. N. Temnov ... 83 86 Algorithmic and Program Software for Combinatorial Simulation of the Thermal Regime of Space Objects - V. S. Khokhulin ... 87 90 Combined Method for Calculating Temperature Fields in the Structure of Aircraft - V. M. Yudin ... 98 101 Calculation of Radiative-Conductive Heat Transfer in a System Closed by a Semitransparent Envelope - V. N. Eliseev ... 105 107 Mathematical Simulation of Heat Exchange in a Nonhermetic Instrumental Compartment of a Spacecraft - V. A. Burakov, E. N. Korchagin, V. P. Kozhukhov, A. S. Tkachenko, and I. V. Schcherbakov ... 112 113 Analytical Methods of Investigation of the Thermal State of a Region with a Moving Boundary under the Conditions of Nonstationary Heat Transfer to the External Medium - A. V. Attetkov and I. K. Volkov ... 124 125 Use of Integral Boundary-Layer Theory for Solving Conjugate Problems of Heat Transfer in Channels of High-Power Plants - B. B. Petrikevich, S. D. Panin, and A. V. Astrakhov ... 131 131 Mathematical Modeling of Thermomechanical Processes in Aircraft Structures - V. S. Zarubin and G. N. Kuvyrkin ... 138 138 Problems of Numerical Modeling of the Temperature and Stress Fields in the Structures of SFRE Nozzle Blocks - N. N. Golovin and G. N. Kuvyrkin ... 145 145 Selectivity Functions and a Two-Contour Algorithm as a Tool Used in the Problems of Synthesis of Multilayer Constructions - A. Yu. Bushuev and V. V. Gorskii ... 155 155 Anomalous Aerodynamic Heating of a Dead-End Cavity in an Oncoming Flow - V. I. Kuznetsov and D. D. Shpakovskii ... 160 160 Oscillations of a Rotary Fluid Flowing out of a Closed Vessel - V. V. Orlov and A. N. Temnov ... 165 165 Nonstationary Radiation-Gasdynamic Model of a Laser-Plasma Accelerator - S. T. Surzhikov ... 175 174 Interaction of Shock and Detonation Waves in Gas Media with Dispersed Materials and Solid Barriers - E. V. Borisov, O. G. Martynov, V. N. Mironov, and E. F. Nogotov ... 181 180 Allowance for Mutual Effect of "Hot Spots" in Solution of Problems of Site Thermal Explosion - A. V. Kotovich and G. A. Nesenenko ... 189 189 Parametric Analysis of Site Modes of Thermal Explosions by a "Geometrical-Optical" Asymptotic Method - A. V. Kotovich and G. A. Nesenenko ... 193 193 Conditions for Producting the Liquid Phase of Carbon - A. V. Kostanovskii and L. A. Zhilyakov ... 198 198 Germanium-Film Resistance Microthermometers Intended for Operation within the Temperature Range of 0.03-300 K - V. F. Mitin, N. S. Boltovets, V. V. Kholevchuk, and R. V. Konakova ... 202 202

Number 2


Experimental Investigation of the Special Features of Heat Transfer through Glass Packets -O. G. Martynenko, N. I. Lemesh, L. N. Novichenok, and L. A. Senchuk ... 205 209 Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer in Cooling Systems with Intersecting Channels. 3. Effect of the Angle of Flow and the Number of Stages - Yu. I. Shanin, O. I. Shanin, and V. A. Afanas'ev ... 209 214 Heat Transfer and Hydraylic Resistance in Channel Cooling Systems with a Discontinuous Wall - Yu. I. Shanin, O. I. Shanin, and V. A. Afanas'ev ... 220 224 Effect of Prolonged Stay of the Heat-Transfer Surface in Water on the Critical Heat Flux under Steady and Stepwise Heat-Release Conditions - S. G. Obukhov ... 227 232 Analytical Theory of Regenerative Heat Transfer and Study of Its Thermodynamic Efficiency - B. N. Okunev and M. S. Safonov ... 232 237 Heat Transfer in Pool Boiling of Propane under the Conditions of Different Saturation Pressures - A. S. Zhuravlev ... 238 244 Analysis of the Processes of Heat Transfer with Periodic Intensity with Allowance for Temperature Fluctuations in the Heat Carrier - Yu. B. Zudin ... 243 250 Determination of the Characteristics of Droplets Generated in a Jet Printer - Yu. B. Zudin ... 248 255 Boiling of a Liquid on Surfaces with Porous Coatings - V. M. Polyaev and B. V. Kichatov ... 253 260 Stochastic Modeling of the Development of the Taylor Instability in Liquid Filtration in a Porous Medium - M. D. Noskov and A. V. Rylin ... 259 267 Regularities and Special Features of Filtration of Microbubble Gas-Liquid Solutions in Porous Media - A. O. Bogopol'skii, A. N. Ivanov, and A. A. Fatkullin ... 266 274 Energy Characteristics of Mass Transfer in Porous Solids - V. V. Beloborodov ... 274 283 An Approximate Method of Evaluating the Temperature Field of a Sample in Thermal Vacuum Measurement of the Moisture Content of Loose Materials - V. I. Malarev ... 279 288 Stabilization of the Speed of Pumping-out the Chamber in the Dynamic Thermovacuum Method of Hydrometry of Loose Materials - V. I. Malarev, R. M. Proskuryakov, and O. M. Bol'shunova ... 285 293 Hydrodynamics of a Spouting Bed with an Active Near-Wall Zone - P. V. Akulich ... 288 296 Gasdynamic Stimulation of Combustion of Lean Fuel Mixtures. 1. Experimental Study - O V. Achasov, T. Kageyama, S. A. Labuda, T. Taillefet, and F. Fisson ... 293 302 Gasdynamic Stimulation of Combustion of Lean Fuel Mixtures. 2. Evaluation of Thermodynamic Parameters and the Magnitude of Heat Losses - O. V. Achasov, T. Kageyama, S. A. Labuda, T. Taillefet, and F. Fisson ... 299 309 Oscillatory and Monotonic Instability at the Boundary of the Transition "Molecular Diffusion-Concentration Convection" in Ternary Gas Mixtures - V. N. Kosov, V. D. Seleznev, and Yu. I. Zhavrin ... 303 313 Theory of the Near-Probe Layer in Electronegative Gases - S. A. Gutsev ... 311 321 Comparative Analysis of Turbulence Models - E. P. Sukhovich ... 318 328 "Optical Turbulence" in Laser Radiation Problems - I. B. Krasnyuk ... 330 340 Numerical and Physical Modeling of a Low-Velocity Air Flow in a Channel with a Circular Vortex Cell - S. A. Isaev, S. V. Guvernyuk, M. A. Zubin, and Yu. S. Prigorodov ... 337 346 Special Features of Hypersonic Flow over Blunt Bodies with Excitation of Internal Degrees of Freedom in the Gas - G. A. Tarnavskii and S. I. Shpak ... 345 354 Motion and Force Equilibrium of a Local Process (a Soliton) in a Continuous Fluid Medium - L. G. Kaplan ... 349 358 Resonance Oscillations of a Gas in a Shut-End Tube in the Region of Transition to Shock Waves - R. G. Galiullin, R. G. Zaripov, E. R. Galiullina, and R. I. Davydov ... 362 370 Experimental Investigation of the Effect of the Gasdynamics of the Discharge Chamber on the Power Characteristics of Vortex Plasmatrons with an Interelectrode Insert - N. A. Kostin ... 368 376 Free Convection with a Nonlinear Dependence of Density on Temperature: Plane Problems - V. N. Korovkin and A. P. Andrievskii ... 373 381 Thermal Processes in Semimoment Asymmetric Hydrodynamics and the Method of Characteristics - M. D. Martynenko and S. M. Bosyakov ... 380 387 Velocity of Motion of Bodies with Tossing on a Vibrating Surface - N. A. Dokukova and M. D. Martynenko ... 384 390 Equation for Stochastic Thermal Fields - I. A. Solov'ev ... 390 396 Evaluation of the Radiation Contribution in Short-Duration Measurements of Thermal Conductivity by a Nonstationary Method of Hot Filament - G. G. Spirin, E. A. Strekalova, and D. V. Vasilevskii ... 396 401 Critical Curves in Mixtures of Carbon Dioxide with Ethane and Ethylene Based on a Generalized Fluctuation Form of the van der Waals Equation of State - V. B. Rogankov and E. D. Terzi ... 403 407 Elasticity Moduli and Polytropic Indices in Processes of Change of States of Real Gases and Liquids - V. P. Dobrodeev, N. A. Mochalova, and A. V. Dobrodeev ... 410 414 Technology of Controlled Hardening of Dies - M. S. Zheludkevich ... 415 418 Mathematical Simulation of the Temperature Field in Hardening Gears by Induction Heating under a Layer of Water - P. S. Gurchenko and M. L. German ... 420 423 Computer Thermal Model for Hardening Grinding - V. D. Efremov, M. S. Zheludkevich, and M. L. German ... 428 430 Dimension of the Local-Plasticity Zone as a Correlation Length of the Structure of Polymers under Inelastic Deformation - G. V. Kozlov, V. V. Afaunov, and Yu. S. Lipatov ... 436 439 Dosimetric Properties of Tungsten-Containing Complexes of Carboxymethyl Cellulose - V. V. Komar' ... 440 443 Thermal Regimes of Anisotropic-Thermoelement Thermal Converters - I. M. Pilat, B. G. Shabashkevich, S. I. Pirozhenko, A. D. Shevchenko, and A. M. Galich ... 444 447 A New Possibility of Building up Thin Diamond Films in Precipitation of Carbon from the Gaseous Phase - L. O. Meleshko ... 451 454 Volume 73, Number 3


Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Magnetically Fluidized Beds Consisting of a Mixture of Magnetic and Nonmagnetic Materials - V. L. Ganzha and S. C. Saxena ... 455 471 Modification of the Adsorption Properties of the Dispersed Phase of Magnetorheological Liquids - S. R. Gorodkin, V. N. Makatun, S. V. Matveichuk, and Z. A. Novikova ... 460 476 Study of the Operation of a Gas-Liquid Atomizer with a Porous Mixing Element - V. M. Polyaev, V. M. Zhdanov, and B. V. Kichatov ... 465 482 Unsteady Wave Flows of a Gas Suspension with Account for Phase Changes - P. V. Akulich, P. S. Kuts, and E. F. Nogotov ... 470 487 Investigation of a Pulsating-Combustion Chamber - P. V. Akulich, P. S. Kuts, V. K. Samsonyuk, V. S. Severyanin, and V. D. Slizhuk ... 477 493 Modeling of Transfer of Particles of Different Size by a Two-Phase Filtration Flow - D. P. Nikan'shin and A. I. Nikiforov ... 481 497 Mathematical Modeling of Mass Transfer and Removal of Droplet-Film Moisture in Inertia-Gravity Separators of Moist Vapor - A. V. Lagerev ... 486 501 Wall-Thickness Effect on the Thermohydraulic Stability of a Homogeneous Two-Phase Flow - Yu. B. Zudin ... 496 510 Comparison of the Efficiencies of Rectification Trays in Countercurrent Motion of Phases with Allowance for Liquid Mixing - V. N. Pavlechko ... 500 514 Problem Concerning the Injection of a Solvent into a Porous Medium Subjected to "Sclerosis" - V. Sh. Shagapov and G. Ya. Khusainova ... 507 520 Mathematical Modeling of a Cylinder with a Sorbent and Natural Gas - V. A. Babenko and L. E. Kanonchik ... 516 529 Weak Evaporation (Condensation) with an Arbitrary Evaporation Coefficient in Gases with a Constant Frequency of Molecular Collisions - A. V. Latyshev and A. A. Yushkanov ... 528 542 Heat and Mass Transfer under the Conditions of the External Problem for Processes Occurring with a Decrease in the Pressure of the Medium - V. A. Lashkov, R. G. Safin, V. P. Andrianov, and S. G. Kondrasheva ... 536 550 Evaluation of the Potential Hazard of Secondary Radioactive Contamination of Underground Water by Sewage Works - V. V. Skurat, N. M. Shiryaeva, A. V. Basharin, A. A. Vishnevskaya, and I. I. Ivanovskii ... 544 557 Nonstationary Model of Heat and Mass Transfer in Electrochemical Systems - V. G. Anisimovich, N. N. Grinchik, V. A. Zhuk, S. I. Sakovets, A. A. Khmyl', and V. A. Tsurko ... 548 561 Passage of an Electromagnetic Pulse through a Layer of Homogeneous Plasma (Exact Solution) - A. A. Khrushchinskii and D. Yu. Churmakov ... 554 567 Numerical Modeling of a Gas-Discharge CO2 Laser with Diffusion Cooling - R. S. Galeev and A. A. Fedosov ... 563 575 Reduction of Aluminum Oxide in a Nonequilibrium Hydrogen Plasma - V. A. Lyubochko, V. V. Malikov, O. G. Parfenov, and N. V. Belousova ... 568 580 Derivation and Numerical Solution of a Closed Equation for the Specific Ioscalar-Surface Area in a Turbulent Reactive Flow - V. A. Sosinovich, V. A. Babenko, and Yu. V. Zhukova ... 573 585 Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Viscosity on Separated Flow Past an Automobile Profile in the Presence of a Mobile Screen - S. A. Isaev ... 589 600 Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Rotary Rear Cylinders on a Nonstationary Wake behind an Elongated Body - P. A. Baranov, S. A. Isaev, and A. E. Usachev ... 595 606 Turbulent Free-Convective Jets: Numerical Solution of Model Equations of Transfer - V. N. Korovkin and A. P. Andrievskii ... 602 614 Three-Dimensional Mathematical Modeling of the Initial Stage of a Fire within a Building - S. V. Puzach ... 609 621 Optimization of the Processes of Treatment of Materials with Supplementation of the Definition of Unknown Random Initial Characteristics - M. B. Gitman, P. V. Trusov, and S. A. Fedoseev ... 615 627 Nonstationary Temperature Fields in an Isotropic Half-Space under Mixed Boundary Conditions Characteristic of Technologies of Laser Therapy in Medicine - V. P. Kozlov and P. A. Mandrik ... 625 637 Mathematical Simulation of the Process of Cooling and Freezing of Bodies with Variable Thermophysical Characteristics - A. G. Ionov, V. A. Naumov, and V. N. Erlikhman ... 634 645 Steady Cooling Effect of an Anisotropic Thermoelectric Refrigerator - V. G. Okhrem and E. A. Okhrem ... 639 650 Averaging of the Heat-Transfer Coefficient in the Processes of Heat Exchange with Periodic Intensity - Yu. B. Zudin ... 643 654 Use of Controlled Heat Transfer in Thermal Hardening of Wedge-Shaped Workpieces - M. S. Zheludkevich ... 648 659 Surfaces of Weak Discontinuity for Cubically Anisotropic Solid Bodies - S. M. Bosyakov and O. N. Sklyar ... 651 662 Volume 73, Number 4


Efficiency of Recirculation in Mass-Transfer Processes -V. V. Zakharenko and E. O. Amadi ... 655 667 Model of Tritium Dispersion by Ground Water - A. V. Golubev, S. V. Mavrin, and A. V. Sten'gach ... 661 673 Model of Colmatage-Suffosion Filtration of Disperse Systems in a Porous Medium - B. Kh. Khuzhaerov ... 668 680 Extraction of Water from a Capillary Specimen in an Acoustic Field - V. N. Glaznev, Yu. G. Korobeinikov, and N. V. Terpugov ... 674 686 Transfer Processes in Porous Catalysts in a Microwave-Radiation Field - H. Y. Kim, H. C. Kim, V. V. Levdanskii, J. Smolic, and P. Moravec ... 676 688 Mathematical Modeling of Displacement of Oil by Water under a Cyclic Action on the Cracked-Porous Stratum - V. M. Konyukhov, A. V. Kosterin, and A. N. Chekalin ... 683 695 Experimental Study of Friction Stress on the Wall of a Cylindrical Tube in an Oscillating Turbulent Flow of a Liquid - E. D. Barbashov, B. F. Glikman, and A. A. Kazakov ... 692 704 Response of a Pliable Coating to Turbulent Pressure Pulsations - V. M. Kulik, S. L. Morozova, and S. V. Panov ... 699 712 Numerical Analysis of the Influence of the Angle of Attack on a Turbulent Flow of an Incompressible Fluid past a Profile of Large Thickness with Vortex Cells - P. A. Baranov, S. A. Isaev, Yu. S. Prigorodov, and A. G. Sudakov ... 705 719 Flow of a Liquid about a Nonuniformly Heated Droplet with Arbitrary Temperature Differences in Its Vicinity - N. V. Malai ... 713 728 Special Features of Propagation of Hydrogen in a Building - S. V. Puzach ... 725 739 Reduction of a Class on Inverse Heat-Conduction Problems to Direct Initial/Boundary-Value Problems - V. T. Borukhov, P. N. Vabishchevich, and V. I. Korzyuk ... 730 744 Sturm-Liouville Problem for a Differential Equation of Second Order with Discontinuous Coefficients - B. V. Averin, D. I. Kolotilkin, and V. A. Kudinov ... 735 748 Systems of Coordinate Functions in Heat-Conduction Problems for Multilayer Bodies - V. A. Kudinov, R. Zh. Gabdushev, V. A. Obukhov, and V. V. Nekrylov ... 741 754 Calculation of the Unsteady Thermal State of a Slab Heated by a Moving Source - S. V. Osovets, E. V. Toropov, A. V. Prokhorov, and V. L. Kirillov ... 745 757 Variety of the Representation of the Nonstationary Temperature of Fuel Elements Depending on the Form of the Distribution of the Heat Sources - P. V. Tsoi ... 749 761 Motion of a Curvilinear Net on Normal Localized Impact - A. S. Kovenya and M. D. Martynenko ... 762 773 Growth Rate of a Vapor Bubble in an Underheated Liquid - Yu. B. Zudin ... 768 778 Sedimentation Constant of Magnetorheological Liquids - S. R. Gorodkin, V. I. Kordonskii, E. V. Medvedeva, and Z. A. Novikova ... 771 781 Flow of a Heavy Viscoplastic Fluid in a Gap between Rotating Rollers - V. M. Shapovalov and I. V. Stepanov ... 776 787 Rheological Properties of the whole Blood of Rheumatological Patients - S. V. Vilanskaya, V. A. Mansurov, and N. P. Mit'kovskaya ... 782 792 An Axisymmetric Explosure Accelerator with a Conical Recess Filled with Powder - O. V. Roman, S. K. Andilevko, and O. A. Dybov ... 787 797 Skew Plane Shock Wave at the Interface between Two Polytropic Gases. A Heavy-Light Gas System - S. K. Andilevko ... 792 802 Effect of Increased Compacting Pressures on the Physicomechanical Characteristics of Metal-Filled Polyvinyl Chloride - Yu. B. Mukha, B. S. Kolupaev, and B. I. Mukha ... 797 807 Structural Synthesis in Design of Technological Complexes for Highly Efficient Treatment - L. M. Akulovich, L. M. Kozhuro, M. L. Kheifets, and E. Z. Zeveleva ... 802 813 Effect of a Nonuniform Magnetic Field on the Time of Longitudinal Relaxation T1 of a Flowing Liquid -V. V. Davydov ... 807 819 Kinetics of Formation of Charge Clusters in Flow-Conductivity Liquids - Yu. M. Rychkov and A. E. Vasilevich ... 811 823 Cluster Structure of the Near-Electrode Layer in Liquid Dielectrics - Yu. M. Rychkov, S. A. Zaikova, and A. E. Vasilevich ... 815 827 Nonlinear Effects in Media Heated by Electromagnetic Radiation - I. L. Khabibullin ... 820 832 Mathematical Model of Quasistationary Conditions of Mass Transfer in an Electrodialysis Cell - M. N. Khanmamedov ... 827 839 Evolution of Aerosols in Large Pressurized Spaces - V. V. Smirnov, A. D. Uvarov, A. V. Savchenko, and S. N. Zaitsev ... 832 844 Problems of the Radiation Theory of Heat and Mass Transfer in Solid and Liquid Media - N. I. Nikitenko ... 840 851 A Quantum Basis for the Relativistic Doppler Effect for Light - Daniel L. Alkon ... 849 860 Some Special Features of the Le Chatelier-Braun Principle - E. I. Nesis and Yu. N. Skibin ... 859 871 Analysis of the Process of Onset and Growth of a Liquid Phase in Contact of Dissimilar Crystals - A. A. Akhkubekov ... 863 875

Number 5


A. V. Luikov's Scientific Legacy (on the 90th Anniversary of His Birth) ... 869 883 Thermal Conductivity of a Silica Gel + Calcium Chloride System: the Effect of Adsorbed Water - Yu. Yu. Tanashev and Yu. I. Aristov ... 876 893 Method of Paired Integral Equations with L-Parameter in Problems on Nonstationary Heat Conduction with Mixed Boundary Conditions for an Infinite Plate - P. A. Mandrik ... 884 902 Polynomial Solutions in Problems of Controlling the Heating of Solids - I. B. Sorogovets , E. I. Goncharov , and V. B. Artem'ev ... 889 907 Solution of the First and Second Boundary-Value Problems of Nonstationary Heat Conduction for a Triangular Region - A. D. Chernyshov and O. P. Reztsov ... 894 911 Numerical and Physical Modeling of the Thermal Regime in a Metro Track Tunnel with Fire in a Moving Train Carriage - P. A. Baranov , A. D. Golikov , S. A. Isaev , and A. Yu. Snegirev ... 901 918 Calculation of the Dimensions and Dynamics of the Formation of Local Explosion-Hazardous Zones in Propagation and Combustion of Hydrogen within a Building - S. V. Puzach ... 905 922 Simulation of Rheometric Flow of a Newtonian Fluid by the Method of Finite Elements - I. A. Makarov ... 910 927 Investigation of the Dynamic Properties of the Cellular Structure of a Gas-Detonation Wave - O. V. Achasov and O. G. Penyaz'kov ... 915 932 Special Features of the Dynamics of Heating of Moving Media by Electromagnetic Radiation - I. L. Khabibullin and F. F. Nazmutdinov ... 921 939 Calculation of the Integral Optical Characteristics of a Sodium Plasma - S. S. Katsnel'son ... 927 945 Energy Balance in the Discharge Circuit of an Electric-Discharge Laser - B. A. Barikhin and Yu. I. Kryshalovich ... 935 953 Energy-Dynamic Modification of the Inhomogeneous Surface of Loose Bodies under the Effect of Seismics - I. N. Aliev , O. V. Gur'yanova , and G. V. Podguzov ... 942 961 Plasma-Thermal Processing and Incineration of Wastes in a Shaft Incinerator with a Combustible Filtering Material - V. A. Kalitko and A. L. Mosse ... 945 964 Electric-Field Strength in a Cascade Argon Arc - V. G. Karolinskii , M. I. Sazonov , E. I. Yurinok , and O. I. Yas'ko ... 953 973 Modeling of Suffosion of Water-Bearing Strata - A. I. Nikiforov ... 959 979 Numerical Modeling of Mechanical, Rheological, and Strength Properties of Disperse Systems - G. P. Brovka and V. A. Sychevskii ... 966 986 Simulation of Thermal and Moisture-Content Conditions on the Upper Layer of Peat Soils - G. P. Brovka , I. V. Dedyulya , and V. A. Sychevskii ... 977 999 Condition of Dynamic Similarity in Fluidized Beds - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 983 1006 Heat and Mass Transfer in Chemically Reacting Media with Decrease in Partial Pressures of Vapor - V. A. Lashkov , R. G. Safin , and S. G. Kondrasheva ... 989 1012 Characteristics for Generalized Thermomechanical Fields in Viscous Fluid Media - S. M. Bosyakov ... 998 1021 Surfaces of Discontinuity for a Cubically Anisotropic Body in the Micropolar Thermoelasticity Theory - M. D. Martynenko and S. M. Bosyakov ... 1004 1027 Description of a Set of Solutions of a Dissipation Inequality for Third-Order Relaxation Systems - V. T. Borukhov and D. M. Zelenyak ... 1010 1033 Stressed-Strained State of a Hollow Cylinder in Thermal Diffusion of Carbon into Its Wall - S. M. Shlyakhov and A. V. Minov ... 1019 1042 Motion of Particles through the Interface of Different-Density Metal Specimens under the Conditions of Superdeep Penetration - S. K. Andilevko , O. V. Roman , and S. S. Karpenko ... 1027 1050 Parameters of Superdeep Penetration of a Copper Powder into Steel - O. V. Roman , S. K. Andilevko , S. S. Karpenko, and G. P. Okatova ... 1033 1056 Mechanism of Initiation of Acoustic Emission in Crystallization and Melting of a Substance. I. - M. K. Zhekamukhov and Kh. B. Shokarov ... 1040 1064 Mechanism of Initiation of Acoustic Emission in Crystallization and Melting of a Substance. II. - M. K. Zhekamukhov and Kh. B. Shokarov ... 1049 1073 Designing of Technological Complexes of Highly Efficient Electromagnetic and Thermomechanical Treatment - L. M. Akulovich , L. M. Kozhuro , M. L. Kheifets , and E. Z. Zeveleva ... 1057 1080 Aging of Pliable Coatings - V. M. Kulik ... 1065 1088 Experimental Investigation of the Propagation of Heat Waves of Energy Conversion in Blown-through Porous Media - G. A. Fateev , M. A. Silenkov , and Kyu-jong Kim ... 1069 1093 Magnetic Field Effects on Mixed Convection between Rotating Coaxial Disks - M. F. Dimian and A. H. Essawy ... 1082 1109

Number 6


Heat Exchange and Hydrodynamics of Two-Phase Media 
under Conditions of Forced Motion in Porous Structures - 
Yu. A. Zeigarnik and V. M. Polyaev ... 1093     1125

Electrostatic Method of Determining the Exterior 
Specific Surface of Soils - V. N. Lazutin and V. G. Onishchenko ... 1102     1135

Evaluation of the Rate of Change of Transfer Potentials 
in Porous Solid Bodies - V. V. Beloborodov ... 1108     1142

Thermal Processes in Capillary-Porous Bodies with Internal and External Heat 
Sources - N. G. Kokodii and V. I. Kholodov ... 1111     1145

Some Aspects of Treatment of Plastic Powders by Skew Shock Waves 
- S. K. Andilevko ... 1118     1152

Angle of Total Refraction in the Interaction of a Plane Skew Shock Wave 
with the Interface of Two Media - S. K. Andilevko ... 1132     1167

Numerical Calculation of the Turbulent Flow of a Gas Suspension in a Tube
- A. V. Starchenko , A. M. Bubenchikov , and E. S. Burlutskii ... 1135     1170

Heat Transfer in Plug Flow of a Fibrous Suspension in a Tube - V. A. Babkin ... 1146     1181

Process of Cooling of a High-Temperature Two-Phase Flow - V. I. Volkov and
M. A. Utemesov ... 1152     1187

Thermal Calculation of the Furnace Chamber of a Fire-Tube 
Boiler with a Dead-End Furnace - M. L. German , V. A. Borodulya , 
and E. F. Nogotov ... 1156     1191

Radiative Properties of Light-Transparent Metallized Coatings - V. I. Bol'shakov ,
Ya. G. Zhivilo , L. G. Kudrova , and S. V. Novikov ... 1166     1202

Thermal Radiation on Liquid Metals - K. B. Panfilovich 
and V. V. Sagadeev ... 1170     1207

Temperature Dependence of the Delay in Pulse Radiation 
of an Injection Laser - K. N. Korostik ... 1176     1213

Conduction and Radiation of a Xenon Plasma in Electric-Discharge 
Pumping Sources - B. A. Barikhin and Yu. I. Kryshalovich ... 1182     1220

Operating Efficiency of an Electric-Discharge Source of Erosion Plasma 
from a Dielectric Material - V. B. Avramenko ... 1191     1229

Homogeneity of the Electric-Discharge Plasma in a 
Coaxial Flash Lamp - B. A. Barikhin and Yu. I. Kryshalovich ... 1195     1234

Magnetic-Field Effect on Heat Transfer within a Cathode 
Arc Spot - A. M. Esipchuk , A. Marotta , and L. I. Sharakhovskii ... 1205     1245

Velocity of Electric-Arc Motion between Coaxial Electrodes 
in a Magnetic Field - A. M. Esipchuk , L. I. Sharakhovskii , 
and A. Marotta ... 1214     1255

Unsteady Energy Transfer by Soliton-Like Waves in 
a Solid Body after Exposure to a Laser Pulse - E. M. Kudryavtsev , 
V. I. Emel'yanov, and M. Autric ... 1220     1261

Enhancement of a Magnetic Field in a Perfectly Conducting 
Medium on Penetration of a High-Velocity Jet into It - S. V. Fedorov , 
A. V. Babkin , and S. V. Demidkov ... 1226     1268

Quasistationary Forms of Crystal Growth in Locally 
Nonequilibrium Diffusion of Impurity - P. K. Galenko 
and D. A. Danilov ... 1236     1278

Problem of the Appearance of Acoustic Waves in Dissolution 
of Substances - Kh. B. Shokarov ... 1247     1289

Theory of Thermophoresis of Moderately Large Drops 
of Concentrated Solutions in Binary Gaseous Mixtures - Yu. I. Yalamov , 
O. N. Zenkina , and M. F. Barinova ... 1254     1295

Thermophoresis of Large Volatile One-Component Drops 
- Yu. I. Yalamov and A. L. Lebedeva ... 1265     1306

Molecular-Statistical Description of Nonuniformly Deformed Specimens. 
1. Formulation of the Problem and Method for Solving It - I. I. Narkevich 
and A. V. Zharkevich ... 1272     1313

Selection of the Temperature Regime of Metal Heating 
by an Oxidation Minimum Based on the Method of Main Optimization 
- V. I. Timoshpol'skii , V. B. Kovalevskii , V. M. Ol'shanskii , 
S. M. Kozlov , and I. A. Trusova ... 1278     1320

Thermal Processes in Nonsymmetric Heating of Ingots 
and Billets before Rolling - V. I. Timoshpol'skii , I. A. Trusova , 
and S. M. Kozlov ... 1282     1324

Continuous Subduction of a Lithospheric Platform 
near an Oceanic Trench - S. V. Solov'ev and V. K. Bulgakov ... 1287     1329

Study of the Temperature Fields in Oil and Gas Strata 
with Water Injection Based on the Perturbation Method - A. I. Filippov , 
O. I. Korkeshko , and P. A. Chiganov ... 1298     1340

Improvement of the Convergence of Fourier-Hankel Series in Solving 
Two-Dimensional Heat-Conduction Problem - Yu. A. Kirsanov ... 1310     1352

Approximate Methods for Solving Problems of Nonstationary Heat Conduction in
Inhomogeneous Media - T. V. Vasil'eva , Yu. I. Dudarev , A. P. Kashin , 
and M. Z. Maksimov ... 1317     1358

An Approximate Method of Calculating the Heat Transfer 
Coefficient in Metal Bars - M. L. Cancillo , J. J. Morales , M. C. Gallego , 
J. M. Vaquero , J. A. Garcia , A. Serrano , and V. L. Mateos ... 1323     1364


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