Head of Department

Grinchuk Pavel
сorresponding member of NASB, Dr.Sc.

Phone: (+375 17) 284-13-46
e-mail: gps@hmti.ac.by


  • Development of drying technologies and technique of materials (wood, food products, drugs, etc.)
  • Study of mechanical and rheological properties of viscoelastic media;
    technologies of their practical application, including those for high-precision finishing of surfaces of optical components
  • Development of modern designs of industrial furnace equipment for metal heating and thermal treatment
  • Study of processes of heat and mass transfer at first-kind phase changes and development of efficient heat transfer devices based on them, including heat pipes and heat pumps
  • Development of methods for heat and mass transfer enhancement in industrial and evaporative power cooling equipment with the intent to enhance its thermal performance
  • Diagnostics of the thermal state of industrial, building, biological objects, engineering devices
  • Study of the thermophysical properties of materials over a wide range of temperatures and environmental impacts
  • Automation of thermal regimes of operation of different-purpose technological devices
  • Investigation of production processes of technical carbon


Radiation-Convective Heat Exchange Lab
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Thermophysical Measurements Lab
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Rheophysics and Macrokinetics Lab
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Porous Media Lab
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