Head of Department

Borodulya Valentin
Corresponding Member NAS Belarus, Dr Tech. Sci., Professor

Phone: +375-17-284-24-80
Е-mail: dsl@hmti.ac.by, bor@itmo.by


  • Hydrodynamics and heat/mass transfer in heterogeneous systems and pulsating flows
  • Study of the distinctive features of cavitation in flows in rotor-pulsation devices
  • Technologies and technique of pyrolysis, gasification, combustion and processing of fuel and waste
  • Production and use of nano-structured materials, modeling of nanosystems by the molecular dynamics methods
  • Enhancement of heat and mass transfer in two-phase flows with regard to phase and chemical changes in evaporative cooling devices of thermal and atomic power plants
  • Filtration combustion: heat and mass transfer processes, chemical reactions and hydrodynamics, new applications (production of activated coal from the wood industry waste, cleaning of air, water and soil from organic pollutants)
  • Modeling of fire spreading (in particular, peat fires) with a view to resolve the tasks of fire and explosion safety


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