A translation of Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal
January, 1995

Volume 67

Volume 67, Number 1-2, July-August, 1994
Volume 67, Number 3-4, September-October, 1994
Volume 67, Number 5-6, November-December, 1994
Number 1-2


Taylor-Gortler Laminar Instability near a Concave Surface - A. A. Khalatov and A. A. Avramenko ... 679 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Thermogravitational Convection in a Square Cell Involving a Phase Transition - P. T. Zubkov and K. M. Fedorov ... 679 JEPTER7492019947 JEPTER749207 Estimation of the Time for Pressure Growth in a Tank with a Cryogenic Liquid in Zero Gravity - V. A. Nevrovskii ... 690 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 @CONTENTS_TEXT = Dependence of the Heat Transfer Coefficient on the Vibration Amplitude and Frequency of a Vertical Thin Heater - E. I. Nesis , A. F. Shatalov , and N. P. Karmatskii ... 696 JEPTER7492019946 JEPTER749206 Nature of Acoustic Emission During Phase Transformations and Adequacy of the Stefan Condition - I. I. Sakharov ... 699 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Heat Transfer in a Nuclear Rocket Engine - G. V. Konyukhov and A. I. Petrov ... 703 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Mathematical Modeling of the Aerodynamics and Physicochemical Processes in the Free Board Zone of a Circulating Fluidized Bed Furnace. IV. Heat and Mass Transfer and Combustion - B. B. Rokhman and A. A. Shraiber ... 707 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Effect of a Peripheral Gas Supply on the Hydrodynamics of a Spouting Bed - P. V. Akulich ... 713 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Local Mass Transfer along the Height of a Cylinder Submerged in a Fluidized Bed - A. V. Ostrovskaya and V. N. Korolev ... 717 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Mathematical Modeling of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in the Drying of Solid Particles in a Bed - A. I. Nakorchevskii , A. N. Vylegzhanin , and I. V. Gaskevich ... 721 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 A Mechanism of Formation of Gas-Liquid Systems - N. N. Beskaravainyi , V. G. Kovalev , and M. B. Rigina ... 727 JEPTER74920199411 JEPTER7492011 A Quadrature of the Two-Dimensional Equations of the Hydrodynamics of an Incompressible Ideal Liquid and a Model of the Flow around Convex Symmetric Bodies with Suction or Injection - V. E. Firstov ... 732 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Initiation of Detonation in Reflection of a Shock Wave from a Concave Curvilinear Surface - O. V. Achasov , S. A. Labuda , O. G. Penyaz'kov , P. M. Pushkin , and A. I. Tarasov ... 739 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Fractal and Information Characteristics of the Stressed State of a Massif and Their Effect on the Process of Fracture Formation - L. L. Mishnaevskii (Jr.) ... 745 JEPTER74920199420 JEPTER7492020 Diffusion of Barium Vapor in Helium - K. M. Arefiev , N. V. Balashova , and M. A. Fuseva ... 749 JEPTER7492019942 JEPTER749202 Spectrum of the Electron-Phonon Interactions of Zinc Single Crystals Induced by a Basal-Dislocation Network - V. N. Nikiforenko ... 752 JEPTER74920199420 JEPTER7492020 Comparative Investigation of the Heat-Transferring Ability of Heat Pipes with Lengthwise Uniform and Variable Porous Capillary Structures - A. G. Kostornov , N. E. Skrynskaya , and M. I. Cherkasov ... 757 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Emitting Radiator Based on Low-Temperature Heat Pipes - L. L. Vasil'ev and L. E. Kanonchik ... 764 JEPTER74920199419 JEPTER7492019 Retrograde Condensation in the Case of Steady Radial Filtration - O. Yu. Dinariev ... 769 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Nonstationary Concentration Polarization in Laminar Ultrafiltration in a Plane Channel - V. I. Baikov and A. V. Bil'dyukevich ... 773 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Thermal State of a Plasma in a Compressed Layer - I. A. Anoshko , V. S. Ermachenko , and L. E. Sandrigailo ... 777 JEPTER7492019945 JEPTER749205 Low-Temperature Plasma Exposed to External Acoustic Disturbances - V. A. Pinchuk ... 781 JEPTER7492019945 JEPTER749205 Theory of the Current to a Plane Wall Probe in the Regime of a Continuous Medium - V. A. Kotel'nikov and A. V. Shan'kov ... 783 JEPTER7492019945 JEPTER749205 Inverse Boundary-Value Problem of a Drying Process - A. S. Trofimov , V. V. Kryzhnii , and E. P. Kryzhnyaya ... 791 JEPTER7492019949 JEPTER749209 Heat and Mass Transfer in Abnormal Metal Plasticity - G. M. Klyuchnikov and I. G. Klyuchnikov ... 795 JEPTER74920199420 JEPTER7492020 Calculation of Fields in Laminated Structures and Computation of Integral Parameters - M. A. Aramyan ... 800 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Thermodynamic Instabilities in Machining Processes. 1. General Solution of a Mathematical Model - M. L. Kheifets ... 810 JEPTER74920199421 JEPTER7492021 Thermodynamic Instabilities in Machining Processes. II. Numerical Investigation of Stability - M. L. Kheifets ... 815 JEPTER74920199421 JEPTER7492021 Effect of a Coating on the Electrical and Thermal Resistance of a Plane Single Contact for a Two-Layer Half-Space - M. A. Korotkov , O. V. Sutyagin , and E. A. Demenkov ... 823 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Theory of Singularities in Heat Transfer Problems: Relaxation-Type Solutions - I. B. Krasnyuk ... 831 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Number 3-4


Heat Transfer of HTSC-Ceramic Cooled by Liquid Hydrogen - I. M. Kolod'ko , N. M. Levchenko , S. V. Nozdrin , K. V. Rusinov , and E. G. Tyurina ... 837 JEPTER7492019946 JEPTER749206 Molecular Bond in Superconductivity - L. A. Rott ... 842 JEPTER7492019942 JEPTER749202 Free Convective Flow on a Vertical Plate with a Constant Heat Flux in the Presence of One or More Steps - V. S. Burak , S. V. Volkov , O. G. Martynenko , P. P. Khramtsov , and I. A. Shikh ... 848 JEPTER7492019947 JEPTER749207 Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow in the Lap of a Paper-Making Machine with a Separating Plate - V. E. Karyakin and Yu. E. Karyakin ... 854 JEPTER74920199416 JEPTER7492016 Heat and Mass Transfer in a Solidifying Binary Melt under Mixed Convection with Account for Turbulence - V. V. Belousov , F. V. Nedopekin , and I. L. Povkh ... 859 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Distinctive Features of the Model of the Drift of Phases Used in Computational Dynamic Reactor Programs - V. B. Khabenskii , Yu. A. Migrov , and O. V. Tokar' ... 866 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Self-Similar Solutions in the Problem of Diffusion of a Vortex in a Temperature Field - A. A. Repin ... 876 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Conservative Eulerian Method for Numerical Investigation of the Hydrodynamics of Liquids with a Free Surface - S. E. Samokhvalov ... 884 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Concentrational Polarization in Ultrafiltration in a Plane Channel - V. I. Baikov , A. V. Bil'dyukevich , N. N. Luchko , and T. V. Sidorovich ... 891 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Numerical Modeling of Capillary Hysteresis - D. V. Gil' and O. V. Dikhtievskii ... 896 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Modeling the Heat Transfer Process in an Infiltrated Granular Bed with Regard for the Temperature Difference of the Phases - Yu. S. Teplitskii and I. I. Markevich ... 899 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Influence of Collisional Dissipation on Internal Pulsations in a Fluidized Bed - Sh. K. Kapbasov ... 906 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Kinetics of Distillation with Vapor (Gas) in a Layer - V. V. Beloborodov and M. L. Konovalov ... 911 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Operation of Thermosyphons at Small Angles of Inclination to the Horizontal - G. R. Kudritskii ... 914 JEPTER74920199419 JEPTER7492019 Analysis of a Radiative Heat Exchanger for Systems for Thermal Control of Space Vehicles - L. L. Vasil'ev , L. E. Kanonchik , and V. A. Babenko ... 917 JEPTER74920199419 JEPTER7492019 Calculation of the Operation of a Metallohydride Refrigerator and Optimization of the Switching Time for Heat Fluxes - A. V. Kuznetsov ... 922 JEPTER74920199419 JEPTER7492019 Heat Flux Measurement by the Temperature Field of a Heated Surface. 1. Uniform Flux - V. P. Aksenov , Yu. V. Isaev , and E. V. Zakharova ... 930 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Measurement of Vibrational Temperatures in the Working Chamber of a Technological Electric-Discharge CO2 Laser - O. V. Achasov , P. Kukiello , S. A. Labuda , E. I. Lavinskaya , and G. Slivinskii ... 936 JEPTER7492019945 JEPTER749205 Simulation of the Structure and Calculation of the Thermal Conductivity of Napped Composites - S. N. Berezko , Yu. P. Zarichnyak , P. A. Korenev , and A. N. Sokolov ... 941 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Kinetic Model of the Action of a Rarefied Cold-Ion Plasma Flow on a Spherical Metal Particle - A. G. Gnedovets , A. V. Gusarov , and A. A. Uglov ... 949 JEPTER7492019942 JEPTER749202 Effect of the Self-Electric Field of HEB on Energy Release in Targets - A. I. Pobitko and L. I. Sal'nikov ... 956 JEPTER7492019944 JEPTER749204 Vacuum Heating of Spherical Allumina Particles - G. P. Ledneva ... 960 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Numerical Modeling of Heat Transfer in a Bunch of Crystallizing Moving Fibers - V. I. Eliseev , Yu. P. Sovit , and L. A. Fleer ... 965 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Solution of the Conjugate Problem of the Gas Flow in the Pulling of Fluoride Fiber Light Guides - M. V. Gorbunov ... 970 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Determination of the Relaxation Time of a Heat Flux - I. B. Krasnyuk and T. T. Riskiev ... 975 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Low-Temperature Thermomagnetic Phenomena in Metals under Joule Heating Conditions - V. R. Sobol' , O. N. Mazurenko , and V. K. Solonovich ... 985 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Friction of Solids with the Formation of a Melt Layer - A. A. Shugai ... 991 JEPTER74920199421 JEPTER7492021 Numbers 5-6 Effect of Local Energy Supply to a Hypersonic Flow on the Drag of Bodies with Different Nose Bluntness - V. Yu. Borzov , I. V. Rybka , and A. S. Yur'ev ... 997 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Model of a Nonstationary Isotropic Turbulent Flow of a Liquid with Polymer Additives - V. A. Sosinovich and V. A. Babenko ... 1003 JEPTER74920199416 JEPTER7492016 Calculation of a Three-Dimensional Flow of a Viscous Incompressible Liquid in the Neighborhood of a Shallow Well on a Flat Surface - S. A. Isaev , V. B. Kharchenko , and Ya. P. Chudnovskii ... 1013 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Semiempirical Model of Impact Interaction of a Disperse Impurity Particle with a Surface in a Gas Suspension Flow - Yu. M. Tsirkunov , S. V. Panfilov , and M. B. Klychnikov ... 1018 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Power Spectrumm of Tangential Stress on a Wall in a Turbulent Flow - A. V. Chinak ... 1026 JEPTER74920199416 JEPTER7492016 Role of End Flows in the Internal Aerodynamics of Vortex Plasmatrons - N. A. Kostin , A. S. Olenovich , L. P. Podenok , and L. I. Sharakhovskii ... 1031 JEPTER7492019945 JEPTER749205 Influence of Rheological Properties of a Lubricant on Power Consumption and Heat Transfer in a Hydrostatic Lubricating Layer - V. O. Yablonskii , N. V. Tyabin , and V. M. Yashchuk ... 1038 JEPTER74920199415 JEPTER7492015 Investigation of Heat Transfer in a Plane Channel with Discrete Heat Supply with Account for the Axial Thermal Conductivity of the Wall - A. N. Zharov and A. V. Sharkov ... 1042 JEPTER7492019946 JEPTER749206 A Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Mobility of Loose Materials - L. I. Karnaushenko and S. N. Pavlovskii ... 1054 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Ignition of a Fuel-Air Mixture with a High-Speed Plasma Jet - V. V. Afanas'ev , A. K. Kuz'min , S. A. Abrukov , V. N. Podymov , and S. V. Il'in ... 1059 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Heat Exchange Between a Fluidized Bed and Small-Sized Bodies - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 1062 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Modeling of Diffusion of Magnesium in Gallium Arsenide. 1. Thermal Diffusion of Mg in AlxGa1-xAs - V. A. Labunov , O. I. Velichko , and S. K. Fedoruk ... 1067 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Theoretical Foundations of a Method of Precipitation of Inorganic Salts in Water under the Influence of a Dispersed Solid (Silica) - P. P. Olodovskii ... 1071 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Study and Numerical Solution of a Generalized Mathematical Model of Isothermal Adsorption - Yu. A. Komissarov , V. N. Vetokhin , V. A. Tsenev , and E. L. Gordeeva ... 1079 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Experimental Study and Calculation of Heat and Mass Transfer in Moist Bodies - G. Kanevce , M. Uroshevich , M. Stefanovic , and D. Voronets ... 1088 JEPTER7492019949 JEPTER749209 Hygroscopic Properties of Biological Materials and the Binding Energy of Moisture - C. Strumilo , P. S. Kuts , P. V. Akulich , and W. Kaminski ... 1093 JEPTER7492019949 JEPTER749209 Stresses in a Layer of a High-Concentration Disperse System under Drying Conditions - A. V. Kosterin and V. A. Minenkov ... 1098 JEPTER7492019949 JEPTER749209 Temperature Measurements Using a Birefringent Sensor - V. L. Kolpashchikov , O. G. Martynenko , and M. I. Shribak ... 1106 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Reconstruction of Nonstationary Temperatures from the Results of Measurements on a Heat-Insulated Wall Surface - A. S. Trofimov and V. V. Kryzhnii ... 1113 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation in a Polar Dielectric Layer - P. M. Kasimov ... 1118 JEPTER74920199414 JEPTER7492014 Thermal Problems in Modeling of Welding by a Fixed Fusing Electrode - A. B. Mazo and A. G. Egorov ... 1122 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 A Certain Modification of the Fourier Hypothesis - I. B. Krasnyuk and B. L. Revzin ... 1129 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Motion of a Spherical Heat Source in a Melting Medium - L. Ya. Kosachevskii ... 1135 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208