A translation of Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal
July, 1994

Volume 66

Volume 66, Number 1, January, 1994
Volume 66, Number 2, February, 1994
Volume 66, Number 3, March, 1994
Volume 66, Number 4, April, 1994
Volume 66, Number 5, May, 1994
Volume 66, Number 6, June, 1994
Number 1


Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in the Channels of Plate-Type Heat Exchangers with Corrugated Plates - L. P. Pertsev and L. M. Ul'ev ... 1 JEPTER74920199419 JEPTER7492019 On the Optimization of Heat and Mass Transfer in Fine-Porosity Capillary Sctructures of Contour Heat Pipes - A. A. Belyaev , Yu. A. Buevich , and V. M. Kiseev ... 14 JEPTER74920199419 JEPTER7492019 Effect of Different Parameters on the Fragmentation of a Viscoelastic Liquid Column Ejected from a Circular Channel by a Compressed Gas - A. A. Avdienko ... 21 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Detection of Interphase Instability from Luminescence of Reaction Products - V. V. Bobrovskii and V. R. Shevchenko ... 26 JEPTER74920199411 JEPTER7492011 On the Mechanism of Pressure Pulsation in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed - A. P. Baskakov , A. V. Mudrichenko , and N. F. Filippovskii ... 30 JEPTER74920199411 JEPTER7492011 Similarity of the Transfer Processes in Inhomogeneous Fluidized Beds - Yu. S. Teplitskii ... 34 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Microparticle Separation on a Perforated Electrode in a Nonuniform Electric Field - S. I. Zhebelev ... 42 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Rheological Factor in the Thermal Problem of SHF Hyperthermia Treatment. 3. Heterogeneous Biological Tissue - Z. P. Shul'man and A. A. Makhanyok ... 45 JEPTER74920199415 JEPTER7492015 Effect of the Optical Quality and Gain Characteristics of the Active Medium of a HF-Excitation Electric-Discharge Amplifier on Radiation Parameters in the Zone of Application - I. A. Alekseev , N. V. Zabuzov , V. V. Lobachev , and Yu. I. Shevchenko ... 51 JEPTER74920199414 JEPTER7492014 Effect of Thermal Processes on the Accuracy of Precision Fiber-Optic Inertial Sensors - V. E. Dzhashitov ... 55 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 An Algorithm and Analytical Method for Calculating Thermally Induced Aberrations of Mirrors - N. O. Baikova and S. I. Khankov ... 62 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Radiative-Conductive Heat Transfer in a Cylindrical Monocrystal Grown by the Vertically Oriented Crystallization Method - L. A. Goryainov and S. G. Ivanov ... 69 JEPTER74920199414 JEPTER7492014 Modeling of Silicon Diffusion in Gallium Arsenide. 2. Diffusion Equation - O. I. Velichko , A. A. Egorov , and S. K. Fedoruk ... 75 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 A Method for Determination of Parameters of Wet Solids in the Drying Process - M. Stefanovic and D. Voronets ... 79 JEPTER7492019949 JEPTER749209 Hydrodynamics of Rising Bubbles and Drops (Review) - P. K. Volkov ... 85 JEPTER74920199411 JEPTER7492011

Number 2


Control of Radiation Heat Transfer through a Composite Window Featuring ER Fluid: a Conceptual Investigation - C. Zhang and J. R. Lloyd ... 115 JEPTER74920199414 JEPTER7492014 Laboratory Modeling of the Enhancement of Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in Chimney-Type Evaporative Cooling Towers - L. Kh. Garmize , G. V. Dashkov , A. D. Solodukhin , and S. P. Fisenko ... 126 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Dynamics of Heat Precursors in a Medium Containing Channels with Elevated Thermal Diffusivity - V. I. Bergel'son and D. V. Pomazkin ... 133 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Mechanism Responsible for the Cooling of Air Heated by a Strong Shock Wave - I. M. Kozlov , S. L. Min'ko , G. S. Romanov , and D. E. Skoromnik ... 137 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Mathematical Modeling of Aerodynamics and Physicochemical Processes in the Freeboard Zone of a Circulating Fluidized Bed Furnace. 2. Interaction of Particles (Pseudoturbulence) - B. B. Rokhman and A. A. Shraiber ... 141 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Experimental Evaluation of the Distribution Function of Droplets in a Viscoelastic Liquid Spray - A. A. Avdienko ... 149 JEPTER74920199411 JEPTER7492011 Thermal Efficiency of Manifold-Heat-Pipe Heat Exchangers - S. V. Konev and Van Tsinlian ... 153 JEPTER749201994 JEPTER74920 Action of a Rectangular Pulse of a Neodymium Laser on Porous Metal Targets - V. K. Goncharov , V. I. Kontsevoi , M. V. Puzyrev , and A. S. Smetannikov ... 159 JEPTER7492019944 JEPTER749204 Thermal Conductivity and Kinetics of Polymerization of an Acrylate Polymer Coating - A. P. Drin' , V. V. Efanova , and N. I. Shut ... 164 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Thermophysical Properties of Electrical Insulation after Multiple Cooling and Irradiation at Temperatures of 4.2 - 400 K - S. A. Tanaeva and L. E. Evseeva ... 172 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Control of Energy Consumption on Ventilation of Cooling Devices of the Shaft Type - L. V. Golubeva ... 176 JEPTER7492019946 JEPTER749206 Numerical Modeling of Nonisothermal Moisture Transfer in Biological Colloidal Porous Materials - C. Strumillo , N. N. Grinchik , P. S. Kuts , P. V. Akulich , and I. Zbicinski ... 181 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Mathematical Modeling of the Dynamics of Nonequilibrium Crystallization from a Supersaturated Solution - L. Yu. Artyukh , A. T. Luk'yanov , and S. E. Nysanbaeva ... 191 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation in a Hydroelasticity Problem - A. N. Volobuev and A. P. Tolstonogov ... 199 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Temperature Field in a Heat-Sensitive Multilayer Half-Space - Yu. M. Kolyano , V. A. Volos , E. G. Ivanik , and V. I. Gavrysh ... 203 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Solution of Grinberg and Chekmareva's First Integral Equation Using an Asymptotic Series in a Small Parameter that is Present - L. E. Rikenglaz ... 212 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Method of Approximating Series for Numerical Integration of Systems of Differential Equations - A. Yu. Dronik ... 215 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Change in the Structural State of Titanium in Electrical Heating in Liquid Nitrogen - V. N. Nikiforenko , I. S. Braude , O. P. Salita , and V. G. Khomenko ... 221 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208

Number 3


Specific Features of Wake Flow behind a Two-Dimensional Body with a Cavity on its Rear Edge - V. L. Zhdanov and H. Eckelmann ... 225 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Numerical Simulation of Gasdynamic Processes in the Case of Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions - I. M. Kozlov , G. S. Romanov , and A. E. Suvorov ... 229 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Conditions for the Occurrence of Elastic Turbulence in Polymer Solution Flows through Porous Media - M. G. Tsiklauri ... 233 JEPTER74920199416 JEPTER7492016 Propagation of Elastic Waves through a Discontinuity in a Medium - Yu. A. Buyevich , L. Yu. Iskakova , V. V. Mansurov , and V. B. Pisetskii ... 240 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Applicability of a One-Dimensional Conjugate Scheme for Solving Nonstationary Convection Problems - V. A. Slesarev and A. A. Panteleev ... 246 JEPTER7492019946 JEPTER749206 Singular Solutions of the Stationary Linearized Navier-Stokes Problem for Micropolar Viscous Liquids - M. D. Martynenko and Murad Dimian ... 251 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Enthalpy Approach to the Investigation of the Combustion Process. 1. Energy Equation for Systems with Chemical Reactions and its Corollaries the Combustion Process - L. Ya. Kashporov , V. A. Rabinovich , and Yu. E. Sheludyak ... 257 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Enthalpy Approach to the Investigation of the Combustion Process. II. Results of Thermal Analysis of Some Combustible Systems - L. Ya. Kashporov , V. A. Rabinovich , and Yu. E. Sheludyak ... 266 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Solid-Phase Reactions in Powder Mixtures - A Divided-Couple Model - S. V. Kornienko and A. M. Gusak ... 275 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Evolution of a System of Nuclei in a Supercooled Binary Melt - A. V. Alyabieva and V. V. Mansurov ... 279 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Nonanalytical Unified Equation of State of Freezant R23 - V. F. Lysenkov , A. D. Kozlov , P. V. Popov , and M. V. Yakovleva ... 286 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Calculation of Thermal Conductivities of Ternary Gas Mixtures - V. A. Kurbatov and S. P. Fisenko ... 295 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Influence of Thermal Expansion on the Conductivity of Polymer Conducting Composites - A. Kh. Zainutdinov , A. A. Kasymov , R. A. Alimov , and M. A. Magrupov ... 299 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Improvement of the Characteristics of a Plasma Torch at Low Gas Flow Rate - A. Marotta ... 302 JEPTER7492019945 JEPTER749205 Heating of Metallized Particles by High-Intensity Laser Radiation - L. G. Astaf'eva and A. P. Prishivalko ... 304 JEPTER7492019944 JEPTER749204 Capacitive Structures Based on "Muscovite" Mica - S. V. Gavrilyuk , I. I. Grigorchak , and Z. D. Kovalyuk ... 309 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Generalized Percolation Theory for the Analysis of the Structure and Properties of Porous and Composite Materials - Yu. N. Kryuchkov ... 312 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Simulation of the Process of Scaling of Tube Heat Exchangers - L. S. Baran and Yu. S. Razladin ... 316 JEPTER74920199419 JEPTER7492019 Optimum Heating of Metal in Chamber Furnaces with Minimum Oxidation - V. B. Kovalevskii and Kho Zhuitian' ... 320 JEPTER74920199422 JEPTER7492022 Thermal Regime of Brazing Carbides - S. V. Vashchenko , A. Ya. Kamenev , L. A. Klimova , I. S. Kulikov , and L. G. Lukashevich ... 325 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Fundamental Solution of Net Heat Conduction Equation - L. L. Rotkop ... 330 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203

Number 4


Statistical Description of a Turbulent Gas Suspension Flow of Large Particles Colliding with Channel Walls - I. V. Drevich ... 335 JEPTER74920199416 JEPTER7492016 Approximate Determination of the Magnitude of the Critical Size in the Problem of the Evolution of an Impact - S. V. Petrovskii ... 346 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Movement Stability Analysis of a Pipe String in a Thixotropic Fluid - I. Sh. Akhatov , M. M. Khasanov , and I. G. Khusainov ... 353 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Properties of the Liquid on Cavitation at Solid Surfaces - G. I. Kuvshinov , G. Ernetti , A. Francescutto , P. Cuti , and P. P. Prokhorenko ... 360 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Boundary Conditions for the Slippage of a Binary Mixture of Gases and Their Application in the Dynamics of Aerosols. 1. Flow of a Mixture of Gases Along a Solid Plane Wall - Yu. I. Yalamov , A. A. Yushkanov , and S. A. Savkov ... 367 JEPTER7492019942 JEPTER749202 A Model of Multicomponent Grouting and Suffosion Filtration - B. Khuzhaerov ... 373 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Optimization of the Method of Pulsed Thermal Defectometry of Extended Defects - V. G. Sevast'yanenko , D. A. Rusakevich , A. A. Rusak , and M. T. Kolesnikova ... 380 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Influence of the Polarization Azimuth of Incident Radiation on Space-Polarization Characteristics of the Flux Reflected by Composite Materials - V. A. Dlugunovich , E. A. Kruplevich , and V. N. Snopko ... 388 JEPTER74920199414 JEPTER7492014 Dynamics of Sublimation and Initial Erosion Plasma Formation under the Action of Quasicontinuous Laser Radiation on Metals - L. Ya. Min'ko , U. I. Masonov , G. S. Romanov , Yu. A. Stankevich , and A. N.Chumakov ... 393 JEPTER7492019945 JEPTER749205 Destruction of Moist Porous Materials by Thermal Shock-Induced Rapid Internal Evaporation - E. Yu. Shangareeva ... 398 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in a Metal Hydride Layer without Simplification of Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium - A. V. Kuznetsov ... 403 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Model of Gas Diffusion through Solid and Porous Membranes of Finite Thickness - A. V. Melkikh and V. D. Seleznev ... 412 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Effect of Diffusion on the Crystallization of Binary Systems - A. Yu. Dovzhenko and P. V. Zhirkov ... 420 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Reconstruction of Diffusion Coefficients in the Problem of Carbonitriding - V. B. Glasko and I. E. Stepanova ... 425 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Modeling of Silicon Diffusion in Gallium Arsenide. 3. Numerical Method for Solving the Diffusion Equation - O. I. Velichko , A. A. Egorov , and S. K. Fedoruk ... 428 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Experimental Studies of the Heat Capacity of Liquid Octene-1 in the Temperature Range 283 - 368 K - T. R. Atrashenok , N. A. Nesterov , and A. D. Peshchenko ... 434 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Heat Conduction Equation for Systems with an Inhomogeneous Internal Structure - S. L. Sobolev ... 436 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Thermal Conductivity of a Composite Material Reinforced by Regularly Distributed Spheriodal Particles - V. I. Kushch ... 441 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018

Number 5


Experimental Investigation of Supersonic Flow about an Obstacle with Power Delivery into the Undisturbed Flow - V. Yu. Borzov , V. M. Mikhailov , I. V. Rybka , N. P. Savishchenko , and A. S. Yur'ev ... 449 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Experimental Investigation of a Flow Developing in a Circular Tube at Various Levels of Turbulence. 2. Analysis of Experimental Results - A. V. Medvedev , S. Ya. Raisikh , and E.D. Sergievskii ... 455 JEPTER74920199416 JEPTER7492016 Modeling of Vortex Structures on the Lateral Surface of a Cylinder in a Longitudinal Flow - B. A. Kolovandin , I. I. Kovalev , and A. V. Bykov ... 461 JEPTER74920199416 JEPTER7492016 Use of Computer Tomography for Determining the Transverse Temperature and Concentration Profiles in a Jet of Combustion Products - Yu. V. Belyaev , E. I. Vitkin , O. B. Zhdanovich , and S. L. Shuralev ... 468 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Propagation and Emission of a Nonstationary Heat Wave in Air - I. M. Kozlov , S. L. Min'ko , and G. S. Romanov ... 473 JEPTER74920199414 JEPTER7492014 Numerical Modeling of Light-Induced Convection and Thermooptical Interaction of a Vertical Radiation Beam with Liquids - N. Ye. Galich and V. A. Petrushchenkov ... 481 JEPTER7492019947 JEPTER749207 Laminar Torch Mode of Aerodynamic Choking of a Flat Channel - I. V. Voloshin , B. I. Bondarenko , Ya. A. Voloshina , and A. V. Kolesnichenko ... 490 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Formation of Thin Coatings by Centrifuging with the Aim of Determining an Efficient Regime - G. V. Abramov , V. K. Bityukov , and G. V. Popov ... 496 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Similarity of Desublimation Processes - A. G. Podol'skii , V. N. Kukharenko , and A. G. Kolgatin ... 503 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Justification of Rheotechnological Methods of Control of Colmatage - M. M. Khasanov and E. U. Mamadzhanov ... 508 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Mass Transfer in Filtration Processes of Water Containing Corrosive Components - M. G. Khramchenkov ... 515 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Interaction of Laser Radiation with Metals Entering into the Compositiion of Iron-Based Alloys - V. K. Goncharov , V. L. Kontsovoi , and M. V. Puzyrev ... 520 JEPTER7492019944 JEPTER749204 Characteristics of a High-Enthalpy Electric-Arc Heater for Air at Atmospheric Pressure - V. L. Sergeev ... 524 JEPTER7492019944 JEPTER749204 Calculation of the Density of Active Nuncleation Sites in the Boiling of Liquids on Metal-Fibrous Capillary-Porous Structures - Yu. V. Fridrikhson , V. Yu. Kravets , and M. G. Semena ... 534 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Boundary Conditions of Slip of a Binary Gaseous Mixture and Their Application in the Dynamics of Aerosols. 2. Gas Flow Along a Slightly Curved Surface. Theory of Diffusion Phoresis of Moderately Large Nonvolatile Aerosol Particles - Yu. I. Yalamov , A. A. Yushkanov , and S. A. Savkov ... 541 JEPTER7492019942 JEPTER749202 Thermal Expansion of Semiconductor Materials - E. A. Marchenkov and V. P. Shipul' ... 547 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Three-Dimensional Linearized Steady-State Problems for Micropolar Viscous Liquid Media - M. D. Martynenko and Murad Dimian ... 552 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Nonclassical Heat Conduction Problem for Crystal Bodies with Coatings Heated by Radiation with Account for the Curvature of the Coating - Yu. M. Kolyano and M. E. Khomyakevich ... 557 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Determination of Nonstationary Surface Distortions of an Axisymmetrically Heated Half-Space by the Green's Function Method - A. A. Evtushenko and O. M. Ukhanskaya ... 563 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203

Number 6


Propagation of a Shock Wave in a Locally Anisotropic Medium Containing Channels with Elevated Thermal Diffusivity - V. I. Bergel'son , I. V. Nemchinov , and D. V. Pomazkin ... 571 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Fluctuation Model of a Nonequilibrium Two-Phase Channel Flow - F. A. Krivoshei ... 578 JEPTER74920199411 JEPTER7492011 Pair Explosion in an Exponential Atmosphere - V. A. Andrushchenko ... 584 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Priority of Factors Contributing to Volume Vapor Formation in Laser Targets - V. K. Goncharov , V. I. Kontsevoi , and M. V. Puzyrev ... 588 JEPTER7492019944 JEPTER749204 Analysis of the Influence of Drop Diameters on the Intensity of Heat Transfer in Dropwise Condensation - A. S. Gavrish , V. G. Rifert , and A. I. Sardak ... 593 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Nonstationary Process of Heat Transfer in a Tube with Longitudinal Fins - A. M. Makarov , L. A. Lunyova , and N. I. Zalogina ... 598 JEPTER7492019946 JEPTER749206 Mathematical Modeling of the Aerodynamics and Physicochemical Processes in the Freeboard Zone of a Circulating Fluidized Bed Furnace. 3. Boundary Conditions. Some Numerical Results - B. B. Rokhman and A. A. Shraiber ... 607 JEPTER74920199412 JEPTER7492012 Perturbed Motion of a Viscous Fluid Layer on the Surface of a Rotating Cylinder - V. E. Epikhin , P. N. Konon , and V. Ya. Shkadov ... 615 JEPTER74920199417 JEPTER7492017 Hydrodynamic and Thermal Characteristics of Systems of Porous Cooling in the Presence of Small Periodic Perturbations - A. N. Golovanov ... 622 JEPTER74920199413 JEPTER7492013 Gasdynamic Control of Arc Motion - L. I. Sharakhovskii , A. S. Olenovich , L. P. Podenok , V. N. Borisyuk , and A. M. Esipchuk ... 628 JEPTER7492019945 JEPTER749205 Measurement of the Temperature of a Pulsating Electric Arc Discharge - A. Marotta ... 632 JEPTER7492019945 JEPTER749205 Improvement of the Method of Canonical Elements for Modeling Transfer Processes in Systems with Curvilinear Boundaries - N. I. Nikitenko ... 634 JEPTER7492019943 JEPTER749203 Specific Features of Motion of Rheopectic Fluids - M. M. Khasanov ... 638 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Modified Tate Equation for Calculating the Heat Conduction of Liquid Ethers - M. M. Safarov ... 644 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Simulation of the Diffusion of Silicon in Gallium Arsenide. 4. DPSU Program and Results of Numerical Calculations - O. I. Velichko , A. A. Egorov , and S. K. Fedoruk ... 648 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Theory of an Anisotropic Thermoelectric Refrigerator in a Magnetic Field - I. S. Buda and V. S. Lutsyak ... 651 JEPTER74920199419 JEPTER7492019 Computational Thermography: Numerical Modeling of the Thermal Regimes of Building Structures - V. I. Dragun , L. S. Domorod , M. I. Rabetskii , S. A. Filatov , and V. A. Pavlovtsev ... 655 JEPTER7492019941 JEPTER749201 Thermal Expansion of Silicon Carbide Materials - D. K. Palchaev , Zh. Kh. Murlieva , and Kh. S. Palchaeva ... 660 JEPTER74920199418 JEPTER7492018 Conditions for Forming Thermal Structures in a Metallic Conductor Heated by an Electric Current - V. I. Ikryannikov ... 663 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Conditions for Existence of Exact Solutions of the Problem of a Fusing Wedge - O. P. Reztsov and A. D. Chernyshov ... 670 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208 Modeling of Phase Transitions of the First Kind by the Methods of Integral Equations in the Case of a Stationary Moving Surface Source - S. A. Nekrasov ... 674 JEPTER7492019948 JEPTER749208