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Decision made to cancel the BySPM-2020 conference!

The BySPM-2020 Organizing Committee regrets to inform that due to the current epidemiological situation in the world and uncertain prospects for the timing of the resumption of mass events, it was decided to cancel the XIV International Conference “Methodological Aspects of Scanning Probe Microscopy” (BySPM-2020) in 2020.

The conference is planned to be held in 2021 (second half of October). The date of the conference in 2021 and other information we will inform everyone in November-December this year.

Best regards, BySPM-2020 Organizing Committee.


      Since 1996, the conference had the title “Belorussian Seminar on Scanning Probe Microscopy” (BySPM). From 2006, it was renamed to “Methodological Aspects of Scanning Probe Microscopy.” In 2010, it was decided to elevate the meeting status to "conference". The aim of BySPM is to provide place for discussion of recent achievements in SPM methods, and their use for scientific and applied tasks.


A.V.Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of NAS of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus
V.A.Bely Metal-Polymer Research Institute of NAS of Belarus, Gomel, Belarus
Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus
Institute for Chemistry of New Materials of NAS of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus
"Microtestmachines" Corp., Gomel, Belarus

Program Committee

Chizhik S.A., Chair, Academician of NAS of Belarus, A.V.Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of NAS of Belarus, Belarus,
Sviridyonok A. I., Co-Chair, Academician of NAS of Belarus, Grodno Branch «Research Center of Resources-Saving Problems» of A.V.Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarus,
Agabekov V. E., Co-Chair, Academician of NAS of Belarus, Institute for Chemistry of New Materials of NAS of Belarus, Belarus,
Pilipenko V.A., Corresponding Member of NAS of Belarus, «INTEGRAL» JSC, Belarus,
Grigoriev А.Ya., Doctor of Sciences, V.A.Bely Metal-Polymer Research Institute of NAS of Belarus, Belarus,
Mironov V. L., Doctor of Sciences, Institute for Physics of Microstructures RAS, Russia,
Magonov S.N., PhD, NT-MDT Development Inc., USA,
Tolstikhina A.L., Doctor of Sciences, Institute of Crystallography RAS, Russia,
Sukhanova T.E., Doctor of Sciences, S.V. Lebedev Institute of Synthetic Rubber, Russia,
Aizikovich S.M., Doctor of Sciences, Don State Technical University, Russia,
Suslov A. A., PhD, "Microtestmachines" Corp., Gomel, Belarus.

Organizing committee contacts

A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of NAS of Belarus
P. Brovki st.,15, Minsk, 220072, Belarus
Phone.: + 375 17 284 10 60
Fax: + 375 17 292 25 13

E-mail: – on conference issues
              – for registration fee payment

Contact persons:
Vasilina Lapitskaya - Secretary of the Conference
Tatyana Kuznetsova - Deputy Head of Nano-Processes and Technologies Lab


1. International session "Modern successes and achievements in the SPM field" (in English).
2. Physics and mechanics of micro- and nanostructures.
3. Characteristics of nanostructural materials.
4. Coatings, films, modified layers and tribosurfaces
5. Research of biological cells and tissues. Application of the SPM methods in chemistry and medicine.
6. Creation of new devices, methods and models using SPM data.

    The conference program will include plenary lectures (40 min), section reports (15 min) and electronic poster presentation* (5 min). There is a possibility to publish the contributed paper without attending the conference. The official languages of the conference are Russian and English. Simultaneous interpretation is not available. Slide presentations and electronic poster presentation should be in English.

    *An electronic poster should be presented in the form of a multimedia presentation with 3 slides, including a slide with the title of the report


PDF File. Download

Key dates

before 18 May 2020 – An application for the participation in the Conference
before 1 June 2020 – Provision of the full text of the report, drawn up according to the requirements of the organizing committee
before 1 July 2020 – Payment of organizational fee as the ‘publication-only’ fee (without attending the conference)
before 14 August 2020 – Payment of conference fee


    To register your participation, please fill the attached form and send it to e-mail: .

Registration form. Download.

    You can register right now under the link:

Conference proceedings

    Provided reports will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be given to the participants after the registration. The text of the report should be send to the Organizing Committee e-mail no later than June 1, 2020 (the number of the conference topical section must be required).

    The preferred paper length is about 4 A4 pages introduced in .doc or .docx format. The text of the report should be typed in accordance with the attached rules and template.
Example and rules. Download.

Publications in journals

    Selected reports, designed according to templates will be published as articles of 5-6 Pages in several journals: “Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics”, “Friction and Wear” and “Polymer Materials and Technologies”. More details about the publication in the second information notice.

Conference fee

    The conference fee is EUR 200.00. The fee can be paid by the bank transfer (please contact the Organizing Committee for the payment details). The reduced fee for students and post-graduate students is EUR 100.00. The fee includes the preparation of the conference proceedings publication, part of organization costs and banquet. The ‘publication-only’ fee (without attending the conference) is EUR 50.00. The representatives of companies that produce (or distribute) nanotechnology equipment can make a presentation about their products, in that case the conference fee will be EUR 500.00. The term of the payment is August 14, 2020.
For questions of registration fee payment, please contact by e-mail: .
Responsible persons:
-   Volha Khamenka
-   Anastasiya Khabarava


     Organizing Committee members are not booking of the hotels. The Organizing Committee proposes to choose one of the following hotels for those who wants to book the accommodation in Minsk by themselves:
      - all Minsk hotels -
      - Minsk hotels and houses -

      Participants who want to live in the hotel near the place of the conference can book one of the following places by themselves:
      -   the hotel “Akademicheskaya” (Surganova st., 7),
      -   the hotel “40 Years of Victory” (Аzgura st, 3),