Head of the Laboratory

Borodulya Valentin
Corresponding Member NAS Belarus, Dr Tech. Sci., Professor

Phone: +375-17-284-24-80
Е-mail: dsl@hmti.ac.by, bor@itmo.by

The Laboratory was organized in 1957 by the BSSR honored worker in science and technology, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sergey Stepanovich Zabrodsky.

Main Scientific Work

  • Development of fundamental problems of heat and mass transfer in dispersed systems, in particular in fluidized and fixed beds, at phase and chemical changes; 
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation and optimization of combustion of different nature and composition fuels in fixed and fluidized bed furnaces, in circulating fluidized bed furnaces, in cyclone- layered furnaces; 
  • Development of the fundamentals of synthesis of promising materials in the fluidized bed; 
  • Modeling and optimization of fast fluidized-bed biomass pyrolysis for liquid and gas fuel production.

Practical Developments

  • Fluidized-bed furnaces and gas generators for local fuel combustion;
  • Polycrystal silicon technology in the fluidized-bed reactor due to seed-particle sedimentation from the gas phase;
  • Technology of silicon carbide from silicon dioxide in the electrothermal fluidized-bed reactor;
  • Technology of high-productive synthesis of carbon nanotubes from gas hydrocarbons in the catalytic fluidized-bed reactor;
  • Biomass catalytic process technology in the fluidized-bed reactor for production of a pyrolysis gas with the high hydrogen content; 
  • Equipment for efficient incineration of biological rural waste.

Solids mixing in a circulating fluidized bed


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Fluidized bed combustion is the universal technology of fossil fuels and various types of wastes


Материалы международного научного семинара НАТО:
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Solids nixing in a circulating fluitized bed


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Experimental equipment